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Mary C. Long

Mary is co-editor for All Twitter and a contributing writer for Social Times. Find her on Twitter @MaryCLong

Donate Food To Oklahoma Tornado Victims With A Tweet

The poor folks in Oklahoma have lost so much over the past couple of days and we bet they’re on your mind.

If you’d like to help them, but didn’t know how, we have a pretty simple way. You can send them food, something they’re in desperate need of, and it’s as easy as sending a tweet.

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If You Hit And Run, You Probably Shouldn’t Tweet They Deserved It

Scratch that, if you hit and run, you shouldn’t tweet about it at ALL, but tweeting they deserved it is just all kinds of crazy.

And it seems this Twitter user is just that.

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‘Twitter Spritzer’ And Other Twittery Things You Forgot Existed

You’re all over Twitter every day and you know all about it, right? Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but (most likely) you don’t have “everything Twitter” at the tip of your tongue every second of the day, particularly if you’re a Twitter marketer and not an app developer.

Either way, we have a quick list for your reference. It’s full of Twittery things you either didn’t know about or heard of before and forgot they existed (like diphthongs). Take a scan so you don’t send out foolish tweets or say something silly the next time you’re “talking Twitter” with the masses.

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Twitter Experimenting With ‘Reconnect’ User Prompt

Much like the Twitter feature we told you about in February, prompting users to “welcome back” tweeps who left and then returned to Twitter, we have another user prompt to share with you: Reconnect.

You probably haven’t seen it, and who knows if you ever will (more on that below), but it’s fun to find out about things before they (potentially) hit mainstream isn’t it?

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Twitter And Yahoo: Friends Or Foes?

Yahoo recently announced it would be showing tweets in its real-time search results – and that’s awesome for everyone involved, Yahoo, Twitter, you, me – and should worry Google.

But maybe Twitter should actually be a bit worried too, because Yahoo obviously plans to be at the top of the technology pyramid and one of the companies it must step on in its climb to the top is its new friend, Twitter.

And this has been made crystal clear by Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr.

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Couple Suing Twitter To Have Handle Returned To Them

Love your Twitter handle? Well, let’s hope there isn’t a business out there with the same name that wants it – or you might be out of luck, Chuck.

A couple in Idaho had a Twitter handle for three years and lost it because a resort going by the same name wanted the handle.

It can’t be THAT easy to lose your Twitter name, can it? Apparently, yes. But they’re fighting to get it back.

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Twitter Business Tools, Tips And Tactics

Have you signed up for Twitter and that’s about as far as you got?

Or maybe you’re using it, but not seeing results and just doing know where to start?

If you join us for the AllTwitter Marketing Conference next month, you’ll not only learn where to start – you’ll leave a pro (especially if you pay close attention during the panel I’m moderating).

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Twitter Careers: New Jobs Posted At Twitter This Week

This continues our series highlighting new positions posted at Twitter each week. Check out past listings here.

This week, Twitter added 31 new jobs to its career page.

And here they are:

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You Can Help Share The Last Wish Of A Suffering Child On Twitter

This continues our Pay It Forward Friday series.

No one likes to see sick children, it’s depressing and makes us worry for our own little ones. But would you be willing to put that discomfort aside for a moment and help ease their suffering?

Hope so. Because all it takes is a tweet to help share a child’s last wish – and the smiles you’ll create in return are well worth this tiny bit of your time. Read more

Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again! Where’s Batman When You Need Him?

As the web cries out, yet again, after an attack by the Syrian Electronic Army, those of us fond of 80′s superhero shows feel like we’re watching an episode unfold. And it’s pretty fantastic.

Any minute now, the SuperFriends will come to the rescue.

Either that, or the hacks will just continue. It’s more fun to imagine the former. Ka-pow!

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