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How To Self-Diagnose And Cure Your Twitter Addiction, In Pictures

New Year’s is the best time of year to check in with yourself for a little annual health appraisal.

Eyesight any worse? Exercising frequently? Avoiding those carbs?

Addicted to Twitter?

Weaning yourself off from Twitter, if your obsession with it is becoming unhealthy, is no small feat. But we’re here to help stage an intervention.

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Is Randi Zuckerberg A Twitter Bully?

You’ve likely seen it reported countless times by now: Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, screwed up the privacy settings on a family photo and it ended up on Twitter. And she got all shades of angry about it.

People are saying it isn’t news (though it so obviously is) or they’re having fun focusing on the hilarious irony of the slip-up and her reaction to it – but what about the poor woman who unintentionally shared this “private moment?”

Is Randi Zuckerberg a Twitter bully?

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‘Outing’ Someone On Twitter Can Be Dangerous – And Illegal

Anonymous outed some pedophiles earlier this year and were widely (and appropriately) lauded online for that bit of handiwork.

But in this latest ‘outing’ by Anonymous though, they apparently got it wrong, misidentifying a 71-year-old woman as the person behind a fake Connecticut school shooter account.

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Working At Twitter Is Like Using Twitter, Says New VP Of Design Mike Davidson

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Twitter?

Twitter’s new VP of Design, Mike Davidson, wrote a post on his blog reflecting back on his first month – and the insights are pretty interesting.

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Worst Idea Ever: Fortune 500 Cable Company Turning Off ALL Twitter And Social Media Support

Wow. There’s no intro to sum up what a bad business decision this is, but I’ll try.

Charter, the “4th largest cable operator in the U.S.” announced it is turning off all social media support for clients on Friday, December 14.

Sure, customer service is a lot of work, particularly online – but just because they turn off their accounts and stop responding, do the folks at @Charter really think customers won’t publicly mention them?

Do they not understand that the net of value of this move will be this: When Googled (on Binged), the results that come up forever after will scream the exact opposite of their “you matter to Charter” message?

How very, very misguided of them. And how eye-opening this should be for its customers.

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Five Annoying Ways People Use Hashtags In Tweets

Hashtags are great, aren’t they? They’re really great for organizing conversations and holding Twitter chats.

They can also be really, REALLY annoying.

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ESPN: College Basketball Players Disgruntled With Twitter As They Gain Notoriety

ESPN recently published a post about college basketball players’ increasing disgruntlement with Twitter, specifically that it’s “less fun” in college.

Why? Because the older the players get and the more they’re on the national radar, the higher the standards are for their public image, a large part of which is the content they’re presenting to the world via social media.

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Third Party Developer Fights Back; Wins Restraining Order Against Twitter

You knew it was coming – you knew someone big was going to get ticked at Twitter’s new API restrictions and take action, but did you ever expect it would take the form of a restraining order? Or that the developer would, at least temporarily, win?

PeopleBrowsr’s court action against Twitter today may seem suicidal (because it kind of is), but is that a bell tolling in the distance? Not for PeopleBrowsr or third party developers though – for Twitter.

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Tollway Delivers Real-Time Traffic Info Via Twitter, But Reminds Drivers It’s Illegal To Look While Driving

In a move that seems too ridiculous to be real, there is a tollway in America that is planning to share real-time traffic info with motorists via tweets.

Illinois residents take note!

And let’s hope this doesn’t spread to other states.

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Are You Trying Too Hard To Be Hilarious On Twitter?

If you’ve been on Twitter for any length of time, you may have become a bit . . . jaded . . . about the type of tweets that take over one’s Twitter stream on any given day.

So from one jaded tweeter to another: Join me in mocking others (not you, definitely!) with this post.

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