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Human Interest

Cancer Patient Connects With Aetna CEO On Twitter – Who Agrees To Cover Previously Denied Treatment Costs

What do you do when you can’t seem to break through the noise? These days (if you’re social media savvy), you turn to Twitter.

The platform allows every day voices to be heard by millions with an immediacy viral power that makes (smart) businesses snap to.

Case in point? This cancer patient who was denied coverage after reaching a lifetime limit for charges – and who got this decision reversed on Twitter.
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Would You Use The Batman Shooting To Pitch Your Business? This Dating Site Is. #WhatsYourPrice

This isn’t trending on Twitter, but it should be. is a dating site where you bid on people you want to date – and their latest pitch to attract participants cites a survey claiming that men who make more than 80k are more likely to take a bullet for their date . . . like the three men who lost their lives saving their girlfriends during the recent Auroro, Colorado shooting.

Yes, you read that right. And you can read their pitch here.
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Sexual Assault Victim Faces Charges For Naming Attackers In Tweet

Naming a sexual assault victim on Twitter is foul and should be penalized (and has happened before), but what should happen if it’s the victim naming her attackers?

A 17-year-old girl in Kentucky is about to find out. She admittedly defied a gag order and went public with her attackers’ names on Twitter.

And she now faces charges for doing so. But should she?
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Will It Take Another Suicide Before Parents Start Talking To Teens About Twitter?

In what appears to be a growing trend, high school students are making anonymous accounts on Twitter to harass and bully other students.

This latest instance comes from Worthington, Minnesota, where a student created a “gossip girl” style account and began posting personal tidbits about classmates.

If you’re a parent of a teen, you need to read this.
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Local Radio Host Gets Visit From Police Detective Over Tweet

What would you do if you sent a tweet taunting a competitor and the police showed up at your door telling you, very clearly, to ‘cut it out?’

Well, if you were Scott Moses, you’d try to turn the attempt at intimidation into something good for your local community. And you’d keep your sense of humor while doing it.

And please see the updates to the story, with information that came in after the piece was posted, in bold italics below.
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Can Twitter Help This Couple Adopt A Baby?

If you’re someone looking to adopt a child or know someone who is, take note, because this is a great idea.

And even if you’re not interested in adoption in any way, please check this out and share this couple’s adoption profile. Consider it your good deed of the day.
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State Of Now #140 Conference Happening . . . Now

Have you heard of the State of NOW’s #140conf? According to the website, it “exposes you to the power the Internet has to disrupt businesses, change lives and create serendipity.”

And it’s happening in New York right now.
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Help This Family #FindJamesNolan

James Nolan is missing.

The 21-year-old college student from Ireland had been visiting Poland with friends to watch Ireland compete in the Euro Championship Tournament, when he was separated from friends late Saturday night.

He didn’t call his Dad on Father’s Day and his parents are extremely worried. Help spread the word, won’t you?

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This Account Gives @Homophobes The Attention They Deserve

Similar to the account we shared with you last month that focuses on retweeting folks who are @alittleracist, there’s another gem on Twitter – and this one focuses on homophobes.

If you check out this account, prepare to be infuriated. Unless you’re a homophobe – then prepare to get eyes crossed angry.
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Teen Uses Twitter To Land NFL Star Prom Date

Sometimes tweeting for a celebrity date goes wrong, but other times? Well, you land an NFL star as your prom date and everything is hunky dory.

This post is about the latter scenario, thankfully.
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