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Twitter Etiquette

How To Post Tweets To Facebook Without Ticking People Off

Oh bother. Are you having trouble auto-posting your tweets to Facebook today? If so, you’re not alone.

But either way, we have an idea about what you can (and should) do when it comes to posting those tweets on Facebook. This is a cross-poster must read!

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French Court Orders Twitter To Reveal Identities Of Those Behind Anti-Semitic Tweets

We told you about Twitter’s refusal to identify users responsible for sending anti-Semitic tweets for the French government without a U.S. subpoena compelling them to do so.

Well, score one for the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) as they’ve convinced a French court to order Twitter to release this info. 

Why is it a big deal? Though being culturally unaware is all the rage, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share: It seems France has this “thing” about Holocaust denial and hate speech – it’s a crime. And these lovely (soon to be revealed) Twitterers are apparently guilty.

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Don’t Use Twitter Photos Without Permission Or You Might Get Sued

Have you ever taken a screenshot of a photo you saw on Twitter and reposted it somewhere as part of a blog post?

Well, you better think twice before doing THAT again because a judge just ruled that two news agencies should’ve asked permission before using an image tweeted by a photojournalist.

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Are You ‘Favoriting’ Too Many Tweets?

If you’re on Facebook, you probably get annoyed when your stream gets spammed with all the “likes” of your friends, so how do you feel about being alerted to everyone’s “favorites” on Twitter?

It’s a growing trend on the micro-blogging platform and one that has the potential to get out of control – fast.

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‘Outing’ Someone On Twitter Can Be Dangerous – And Illegal

Anonymous outed some pedophiles earlier this year and were widely (and appropriately) lauded online for that bit of handiwork.

But in this latest ‘outing’ by Anonymous though, they apparently got it wrong, misidentifying a 71-year-old woman as the person behind a fake Connecticut school shooter account.

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Company Emails Customer’s Boss After He Complains About Them On Twitter

Have you ever contacted a business on Twitter to complain about their product or service?

Many of us have because of the public nature of the tweet. The potential for a tweet to “go viral” and spread like wildfire around the Web and be seen by countless other potential customers encourages the business to not only respond positively, but to use the opportunity to go above and beyond.

Smart companies use these opportunities to create positive buzz. Not so smart companies contact your JOB and try to get you in trouble.

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Five Annoying Ways People Use Hashtags In Tweets

Hashtags are great, aren’t they? They’re really great for organizing conversations and holding Twitter chats.

They can also be really, REALLY annoying.

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Don’t Like What We Tweet? Please Spare Us Your Reasons And Just Click Unfollow

Unlike pets, relationships on Twitter can just be for Christmas. Or a weekend. Or even a couple of hours.

There’s not a single user on the network who counts everybody as a fan. There’s nobody even close to that. Lady Gaga, one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, has more than 30 million followers. That’s impressive, but it also means well over 100 million other Twitter users don’t care enough to be one of them.

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When Ignoring Your Critics On Twitter Is A Good Thing

They call you out on a missed period. They berate your once-in-a-lifetime misuse of “your” and “you’re”. They’re your biggest critics, and they’re on Twitter. But it doesn’t mean you have to play into their petty tweets.
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The One Thing You Can Do On Twitter That Will Drive All Your Followers Away

It might sound ironic, but the absolute worst thing you can do on Twitter if you’re looking for more followers is to ask for them. Begging for followers is a favorite pastime of scammers, spammers and many of the uninitiated, and it will drive your followers away faster than begging for money.
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