I posted this up on Twitter over the weekend but it’s so funny I need to share it with you on here. It’s related to Twitter only in content, but believe me, there’s a ton of value.

One thing that’s fairly common for all blogs when they reach a certain level of success and reach is that other blogs start to copy the content. Most of the time this is done by automated scripts that simply leach what you’ve said and republish it under the name of another site. Sometimes they get this right, sometimes they don’t – all too often, the script will make fairly important mistakes like leaving in the name of the author or blog, and silly stuff like that.

I wrote an article on Friday called “Would you pay for Twitter?” If you haven’t read it (and voted), I encourage you to do so, because when you read that and then see what’s to come, it’ll be a heck of a lot funnier.

This blog – Twitter API – decided to steal my piece. But something is wrong with the script that this site is using to process these thefts – very wrong. Twitter API, you see, seems to run stolen content through some kind of thesaurus software to change all the important words, I guess to make it look like it’s their own work. But it’s taken to a ludicrous level, and the results are hilarious. Again, read my article first, then check out their version below.

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