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Indian Government Asks Social Networks To Prescreen User Content Before It is Posted. All Of It.

The New York Times is reporting a rather archaic-sounding move by the Indian government: asking other big social media sites to prescreen all content that users post to remove anything “disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory…before it goes online.”
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Federal Social Media Index Lets You Be The Government’s Big Brother

The US government has checks and balances baked in, but who’s watching government agencies on the Wild West of social media?

Expert Labs has created a Federal Social Media Index, a dashboard that measures how 125 federal departments are using Twitter, so you can turn the tables and keep tabs on what they’re doing.
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70 Percent Of Brits Would Agree With Shutting Down Twitter During Civil Unrest

A new survey indicates that the majority of Brits would agree with their government or service providers shutting down social media during an outbreak of civil unrest in their country.
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Chile’s President Met With Influential Twitter Users To Discuss National Issues

If this isn’t a sign of the times, I don’t know what is. The President of Chile, Sebastian PiƱera, invited 15 top Twitter users to have lunch at the presidential palace last week, and discussed issues of national importance with these 140 character gurus.
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UK Government Will Not Ban Twitter During Future Riots

During talks with Twitter, Facebook and RIM today in response to the riots earlier this month, the UK government backed down on plans to block social networks should another riot occur.
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Blocking Twitter During Riots A Bad Idea, Study Proves

In the aftermath of the UK riots earlier this month, government officials had floated around the idea of blocking access to Twitter and other social media sites next time something similar occurred. The official reasoning was that this would prevent people from using Twitter to incite violence and plan the riots themselves.

An analysis of the tweets actually sent during the riot, however, would suggest that banning people from social networks is a terrible idea.
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Twitter Is “Willing To Listen” To The UK Gov’t About Post-Riot Censorship

Throughout the day on Thursday, the Twitter-verse was abuzz with the news that U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was considering censoring tweets in response to the looters using Twitter to communicate during the London riots.

Now, we’ve got Twitter’s official word on the matter.
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Two Kuwaiti Citizens To Stand Trial For Their Tweets

Two Kuwaiti men will be put on trial for negative tweets they made about ruling families in the region.
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Twitter To Be Used By Governments As Earthquake Detector

Geologists in the US and Australia are using Twitter as an earthquake and natural disaster detector, following tweets to pinpoint the areas affected first by these events.
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Reporters Without Borders Worried Ugandan Gov’t will Target Twitter Again

Despite international awareness and condemnation, the Ugandan government is still trying to shut down Twitter and Facebook to stem the protests currently going in within its borders. Reporters Without Borders has now stepped in, writing an open letter urging the Ugandan government “to respect freedom of expression and not obstruct online social networks and news media on the eve of new opposition demonstrations.”
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