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American Express Offers Deals For Using Twitter Hashtags

As we mentioned last week, Twitter hashtags appear to be taking over the world – and this is just another proof point. American Express, the credit card giant that partnered with Twitter last month to bring self-serv ads (promoted accounts and promoted tweets) to select businesses, is now skillfully using (and growing) its significant Twitter presence as its base for automating special offers for cardmembers via #hashtags.
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18% Of TV Viewers Recall Seeing A Twitter Hashtag During A Show [STUDY]

Social media is making its television debut in style. According to the latest study, 64 percent of US consumers recall seeing some sort of social media symbols – like a Twitter hashtag or a Facebook “like” – while watching TV. And half of these viewers went ahead and interacted with social media after seeing it on the tube.
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How Not To Get Your Hashtag Hijacked (Like McDonald’s Did) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you heard of hashtag hijacking? It’s not a fun experience, especially if you’ve spent thousands promoting a hashtag only to have it take over and its meaning changed from the one you originally intended.

McDonald’s is possibly the most visible company to have its hashtags hijacked, with giddy Twitter users twisting the intended meanings into ironic, sarcastic and sometimes spiteful tweets.
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The Life Of A Hashtag On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all seen hashtags pop up on the Trending Topics list, then fade away after people run out of jokes about their #worstdate. But what is the lifecycle of that hashtag? How did it become popular, and where did it go after?

The folks at have just launched a tool that allows anyone to create their own infographics about Twitter accounts and hashtags, and have put together one about the life of the #infographic hashtag to illustrate this fun new tool.
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Your Twitter Weekend Homework: Create your own Hashtag

One of the best ways to get over a fear of water is just to jump in with your eyes closed. And this trick works with Twitter, too. I know a lot of people don’t really understand hashtags, and think of them as some mysterious and scary nebulous “thing” that they’ll never really be able to use – so today I’m recommending you hold your breath, jump into the deep end, and create your own hashtag. I guarantee it’s not as scary as it seems.
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McDonald’s Twitter Ad Campaign Was A #McFail

They try, they really do. This was McDonald’s umpteenth time purchasing a Promoted Product on Twitter to try and cash in on some social media success. And – as before – the campaign was commandeered by sarcastic users who twisted the purpose of their Promoted Tweets.
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New to Twitter? Get in on #FollowFriday!

Every Friday, the Twitterverse comes together to share the best of the best on Twitter with each other – and anyone can get in on this conversation. #FollowFriday, or shortened to simply #FF, is a hashtag that has spawned one of the most popular trends in Twitter’s history. Ever had a follower or followee that you wanted to share with others? Use the #FollowFriday hashtag to hop on the karma train.
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What Were The Most Popular Trending Topics In 2011? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do the Egyptian protests, Charlie Sheen and the rapture have in common? They were hugely popular trending topics on Twitter, of course!

This infographic from Women’s Health Base takes a look at the most popular trending topics and events that happened on Twitter this past year, giving you insight into what 100 million Twitter users found noteworthy in 2011.
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Explore The Popularity And Lifespan Of Twitter’s Trending Topics [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Trending Topics sidebar is a great place for an at-a-glance look at what’s popular on Twitter right now, but it doesn’t give you any context. How long has that hashtag been popular? Which is the most popular one right now?

There’s a great interactive infographic available for you to answer all of these questions and more. Using What’s Up, you can explore how popular different hashtags have been, how long they were talked about, and compare days, weeks or months of trending topics. It’s a data-lover’s dream.
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HOWTO: Make Twitter Less Noisy

Twitter is a powerful tool for information curation and following the latest breaking stories – but it can get a bit noisy in there if you don’t know how to filter.

Here are a few tips and tricks to reduce the noise on your Twitter feed, so you can focus on the tweets that you care about most.
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