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Twitter Has Just Updated Your Profile Page. What Do You Think?

In an announcement made live this morning on the TODAY show, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo explained that some pretty big changes are coming to everyone’s Twitter profiles.

Namely, we all now have the option to upload a cover photo to our Twitter profiles that will display on, Twitter for Android, iPhone, and iPad.
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Creator Of Twitter For iPhone Leaves Company

iPhone 4 - Twitter Loren Brichter, the creator of first Tweetie and then Twitter for iPhone, has just left the company.
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CONFIRMED: Twitter To Be Built Into iOS 5

As was anticipated, Steve Jobs took to the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) today to announce Apple’s next generation of mobile operating system, iOS 5 – and that Twitter will be deeply integrated into the system. More details on just how deeply from the Twitter blog below.
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Anthony Anderson Gives Away iPad 2, Movie Credits and a Car to his Followers

Actor Anthony Anderson is giving away goodies to his new followers on Twitter. Perhaps best known for his roles in Hustle and Flow and as a recurring detective on Law & Order, Anderson is looking to boost his profile through a couple of big ticket giveaways. But while an incentive is a great way to grow your follower count quickly, I’d be wary of following in Anderson’s footsteps unless you can keep your new followers engaged after the prizes have been doled out.
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6 Third-Party iOS Twitter Apps Ready To Capitalize On The #Dickbar Debacle

On Tuesday night Twitter released an update to its official iOS app that addresses some bugs, but most notably changes the QuickBar (which had acquired the nickname the DickBar) so that it is pinned to the top of the screen and no longer floats. But third-party apps had been capitalizing on the #dickbar brouhaha, and it remains to be seen if the natives will be placated by the changes enough not to abandon the official app. What free third-party clients have the most to gain?
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Twitter Adds New Features To iPhone and iPad Apps

Twitter Thursday released a significant update to its official apps for the iPhone and iPad. A few changes incorporate recent upgrades Twitter had made to apps on other devices and one, a new swipe bar displaying trends and promoted trends, is exclusive to the iPhone.

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10 Twitter Reactions to “The Daily” iPad Newspaper Unveiling

Rupert Murdoch unveiled “The Daily” yesterday, a much-hyped, iPad-only daily newspaper. At $39.99 for a year’s subscription, some are calling its the death of the traditional newspaper – but Twitter, at least, has a more nuanced opinion. We’ve snapped 10 reactions to “The Daily” from Twitter, to give you a glimpse into what those using 140-characters-per-thought think of a newspaper that promises depth in reporting on a daily basis.
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PostUp Acquires Echofon, Expands Twitter App Suite

PostUp today announced its acquisition of Echofon, a suite of Twitter applications used by over 3 million people. These applications will be added to PostUp’s Twitter search application and Android application.
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Tweet, Win an iPad

Got some marketing-savvy in you? Think you can come up with a viral campaign in 140-characters or less? Want an iPad? We’re going to assume you answered “yes!” to at least one of those questions.

Simply Marketing is running a contest on Twitter, with the grand prize of an iPad going to the person who can generate the most Twitter buzz for their newest product, Twhistler.
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An iPad Won’t Make You Better At Twitter (Or Anything Else That Requires Work And Engagement)

Does this sound familiar?

  1. You buy a fancy new piece of computer technology, perhaps an iPad
  2. You hurry home with your new toy and, excited, search for, download and install all your favourite software that you used on your last (once equally-adored, now essentially abandoned) device. (If you bought an iPad, this almost certainly includes TweetDeck. And why not? It looks gorgeous.)
  3. You carry on using that software the exact same way you always did
  4. Repeat

Technology continues to improve all the time, often at a rate that’s hard to comprehend – think about what the average person had access to in the 60s or 70s, or even a decade ago, compared to today (certainly in the West and Asia). It’s mind-blowing.

The thing is, while it’s certainly true that the tools are always developing, many times we, as individuals, are content to stay the same. We don’t adjust with the tech. We maintain the same old habits, often to a level that’s self-destructive. And all the more exposed.

So many bloggers will come bursting out of the gates to upgrade to WordPress 3.0, raving about all the bells and whistles – and then carry on updating their blogs the exact same way they always did.

How many beautifully-crafted Facebook pages with tens, even hundreds of thousands of fans are almost entirely ignored by their creators a few months after the novelty has worn off? How many never do even a single wall post?

An iPad Won't Make You Better At Twitter (Or Anything Else That Requires Work And Engagement)

Here’s the thing: it’s dangerous (if normal) to assume that new tech means a new you. If nothing has changed except the equipment, then nothing has changed. Sure, the iPad might make using Twitter a more enjoyable experience (certainly on your commute), but it won’t make a lick of difference to the way that you use Twitter – or anything else – unless you make sure that you grow and improve, too.

And if you have to choose, it’s far better that you invest in yourself than new technology. (Cormac McCarthy wrote nearly all of his novels, screenplays and correspondence, from 1960 to the present, on this vintage Olivetti typewriter.)

That is, unless you’re content to be invisible, to not stand out from the pack. As Elbert Hubbard once observed, “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

A 3.0 web, and all the tech, wonder and opportunity that brings, needs a 3.0 you. Anything less is a waste.