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HOWTO: Send Old Style Retweets From #NewTwitter

#NewTwitter does a lot of things right (like a larger content area and an in-depth details panel), but one thing it arguably misses the mark on is the ever-present retweet. Retweets used to be a way to share someone else’s tweet and add your own thoughts to it, but with #NewTwitter, you are only given the option to basically “forward” a tweet to your followers – you can’t edit it in any way.

This has frustrated many long-time Twitter fans, and many of them have been hard at work coming up with workarounds. We’ve written before about how to create old-style, editable retweets in HootSuite, but not everyone uses HootSuite as their dashboard. Now, we’ve got our hands on a sleek and simple browser plugin that will let you publish old-style retweets right from #NewTwitter. Check it out below.
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5 Tips And Guides For Getting The Most Out Of #NewTwitter

As we reported this morning, anyone still using the old version of Twitter will be upgraded to #NewTwitter later this week. And that might mean a lot of people who have been staunchly refusing to make the switch manually scrambling to figure out the new layout, features, and tricks of #NewTwitter.

Here are five fantastic resources for getting the most out of #NewTwitter, so you can tweet with confidence from your new
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Old Twitter Is Dead, Long Live #NewTwitter

Back in June Twitter started issuing warnings that users still clinging to the old version of the platform – Old Twitter, if you will – were going to be automatically upgraded to New Twitter ‘very, very soon’.

Well, brace yourselves, as that time has now come – Twitter has announced that everybody will be upgraded to New Twitter this week.

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Time’s Up, Old Twitter Fans – You Will Automatically Be Upgraded To #NewTwitter “Very, Very Soon”

Back in September 2010 when Twitter first announced a drastic redesign of the homepage, many users of the service weren’t happy.

Twitter recognised that everybody wasn’t read to immediately switch over to ‘New Twitter’, and so they provided a temporary way roll back to the old version via the dropdown menu under your username on

Well, those days are number, as a new warning on the old-style tells users that any time now everybody is going to be upgraded to Twitter, and that it’s coming ‘very, very soon’.

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Twitter’s Server Problems Force it to Remove #NewTwitter, Trends

If you signed on to Twitter this morning and noticed that “Trends” was empty, don’t panic: it’s all part of the plan. Well, it doesn’t appear so much a “plan” as a frantic reaction to server problems that have caused multiple issues for nearly all Twitter users.
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POLL: 160 Million Users Now Have #newTwitter… But What Do YOU Think Of It?

New Twitter is now available to 100% of all users – or 160 million if you’re counting – says the official Twitter blog.

As of today, everyone who uses Twitter now has access to the new Twitter. Whether you’re just signing up today or you’ve been a user for years, this new experience is finally real for everyone – all 160 million of you – and in six languages to boot.

So while we still (and will always) have plenty of work to do, we’re pleased with the positive reaction so far. People are telling us that they love that we’ve kept the timeline simple while also providing a richer experience through the details pane. You can now dive deeper into a Tweet and see more details, like recent replies, the bios of other accounts mentioned in it, and photos and videos from media partners like Flickr, YouTube, USTREAM and yfrog.

I like it, and find myself going to at least twice as much as before. I’m not ready to abandon HootSuite, but it’s a definite improvement over the original design. It still needs some work, but I’m hopeful they’ll expedite improvements now they have a better interface to work with.

What about you?

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