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Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – How Social Media Users Can Help Save The Planet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that if all 140 million Twitter users shut down their computer for one hour, that would be the equivalent use of power to that of taking 9,128 cars off the road… for an entire year?

And if every one of Facebook’s 845 million users shortened their daily showers by a single minute, we’d save enough water to fill over one million olympic-sized swimming pools?

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Social Economics 101 – What Are All Those Tweets, Likes And Pins Actually Worth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s the value of a tweet or a Like? Does a check-in have any legitimate worth to a business? Can you put a price on a userbase – even in the early stages of a network’s development?

Social media is still in its infancy, and valuing not much more than 10 years of data isn’t perhaps as straightforward as it sounds. Using publicly-available information, Backupify looked at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Path and others to determine which of these companies, and their social media actions therein, have the greatest value.

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How Does Pinterest Compare To Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And Google+? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social pinning website Pinterest is certainly getting a lot of attention of late, but is this rising star simply flavour of the month, or a bonafide challenger to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+?

Or is it all an apples and oranges comparison?

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Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest – A Case Study In Social Media Demographics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that more than 66 percent of online adults are connected to one or more social media platforms?

The most dominant social networking sites, which naturally includes Facebook and Twitter, but also Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit (which should never be underestimated), have a collective audience of more than a billion active users, sucking up hours and hours of our time each and every month.

But who exactly is using these channels?

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Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – How Much Time Do We Spend On Social Media Sites? [INFOGRAPHIC]

While it’s certainly true that social media can be addictive, not all social networking sites are as ‘sticky’ as each other.

It probably won’t surprise you that Facebook is the stickiest social website of them all, with the users spending an average of 405 minutes on the site in January. This is well ahead of Tumblr and rising star Pinterest, which tie at 89 minutes each, with Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace rounding out the pack.

And the wooden spoon? That goes to Google+, which sees an average visit time of just 3 minutes per month from its users.

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Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – What Happens Every 60 Seconds In Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that every 60 seconds Twitter sees (on average) 175,000 new tweets?

Or that over that same time period, Pinterest receives 1,090 visitors, LinkedIn absorbs 7,610 searches and Flickr users upload 3,125 photos?

And if you think those numbers are impressive, how about this: each and every minute of the day, 700,000 messages are sent on Facebook, and an incredible two million videos are watched on YouTube.

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Users Spend More Time On Pinterest Than Twitter, LinkedIn And Google+ Combined [STATS]

Social pin-boarding site Pinterest is getting a ton of hype at the moment. It seems that every tech blog is waxing lyrical about Pinterest’s rapid ascent to 10 million uniques, the site’s broad appeal to female users and its traffic-driving power. Heck, even Mark Zuckerberg has signed up.

Lots and lots of hype. But is it deserved?

Well, here’s another pro-Pinterest stat: American users of the social network spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site, well ahead of Twitter (36 minutes), LinkedIn (17 minutes) and Google+ (6 minutes). In fact, Pinterest gets more monthly usage than all of these other platforms combined.

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The History Of Social Media (1978-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media? That’s all Twitter and Facebook, right? And didn’t it start in the last few years?

Not so. Despite appearances, the history of social media traces back as far as the late 1970s, when computer hobbyists Ward Christensen and Randy Suess invented the bulletin board system (BBS). The launch of the Mosaic web browser in 1993 gave birth to the world wide web, and from here we never looked back. From Geocities and Blogger in the late 90s, through to Friendster and MySpace in at the turn of the millennium, the path to present day social stalwarts Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the white-hot Pinterest, is littered with success and failure, innovation and disappointment.

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – The Who’s Who Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which social network is right for your business?

It’s an important question, as the different platforms can vary dramatically in size, user demographic and functionality. While the ‘catch all’ social channels such as Facebook and Twitter might seem the obvious choice for most businesses, the smaller, niche sites, such as rising star Pinterest, can offer additional benefits which could lead to a superior ROI for marketers, particularly when implemented alongside the more popular networks.

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