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Twitter Stores iPhone Users’ Full Contact List For 18 Months

Do you know who has access to your private information? If you’re an iPhone user, I bet Twitter has access to more of it than you’re aware of.

By clicking the “Find Friends” feature to scan your contact list for people already on Twitter, you’ve given Twitter access to your entire contact list, and allowed them to store it in their servers for a full 18 months.
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In The EU, Twitter Users Will Soon Have The “Right To Be Forgotten”

New privacy legislation proposed in the European Union will require Twitter, Facebook, Google and other mega internet companies to delete all user data if that user wishes it deleted – or else face hefty fines.
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WikiLeaks Associates Are (Still) Fighting To Protect Their Tweets From The Government

It’s been almost a year since the US government issued a subpoena for the tweets and other Twitter-related information from WikiLeaks and several of its associates, and the battle is still being fought in court.
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Is It A Good Idea For Governments To Make Real Names Mandatory On Twitter?

During yesterday’s meeting between representatives from Twitter, Facebook and RIM and the UK government, it was quickly decided (to many people’s relief) that blocking social media during a time of crisis would be a bad idea.

However, there apparently was talk of making it compulsory for Twitter users to use their real names when signing up for the service, instead of pseudonyms or partial names.

Is this something that could help quell future violence, or does it step too far across the line of privacy online?
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Twitter Will Not Shut Down Accounts Of London Rioters

Although Blackberry Messenger has been in the hot seat for being the medium of choice for London looters to communicate their next attack, Twitter was used extensively by the rioters as well. And, sticking to its position on the freedom of expression of its users from earlier this year, Twitter says it will not shut down the accounts of any of the rioters.
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Software Can Pinpoint Where You Live Based On Your Tweets, Even If You Don’t Disclose Your Location

You might think you’re being smart with your privacy by leaving the “location” field blank, but think again. New software has been developed that can discover your location based purely on the words you tweet.
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Twitter Invited To Give Evidence To UK Privacy Committee

In response to growing concerns that laws haven’t caught up to technology, UK members of parliament will be meeting to discuss injunctions and privacy issues this fall. And they’re hoping Twitter will join them.

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Twitter Will Notify Users Of Requests For Their Personal Info In Super-Injunction Lawsuit

A Twitter spokesperson has said that the company will attempt to contact its users before handing over their personal information to law enforcement accusing them of breaching the super-injunction gag order that’s swept the UK these past two weeks.
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How Private Are Your Private Messages?

Earlier this week Twitter announced on their blog and to the developer community a change to their API permissions system to give users greater control over what applications can access and do with each user’s account. This seemingly minor change has caused big ripples in the development community.
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What If Twitter Was Private By Default?

Twitter is a more open network than LinkedIn, Facebook, and most other social networks out there. New users are encouraged to start tweeting with the world (potentially) listening. But what if Twitter was closed – not open – by default?
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