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What’s The Deal With Twitter? @SeinfeldStories Creates Plausible Seinfeld Plots In Tweet Form

After reading some of the tweets on SeinfeldStories, I’d be surprised if each episode of Seinfeld wasn’t pitched in 140 character segments. This quirky Twitter account tweets 140-character Seinfeld plotlines a couple of times a day – and they’re hilarious. Check out a few of the gems below.
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President Obama To Tweet, Personally, From @BarackObama During Campaign

If you follow @BarackObama, you’ll get to hear from the President himself from time to time on the campaign trail and from Washington.
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White House Creates “Rapid Response” Twitter Account

The avatar in this article might not look like one from an official White House online presence, but it is. It’s the face of the new Director of Progressive Media & Online Response, Jesse Lee, who will be tweeting in an official capacity from @jesseclee44, in the hopes of providing rapid response for the Twitter community.
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50 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter

It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending an hour reading and writing tweets before you realize you just meant to log on to your email and respond to your boss. Twitter is an addictive social information machine, and we wouldn’t be surprised if “Twitter addiction” becomes a verifiable condition. Think you might have a Twitter obsession? Here are 50 signs you’re addicted to Twitter. If you nod in agreement to more than half of them, you might have a problem.
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Customer Service on Twitter Case Study: Bank of America

Companies are rushing to Twitter to increase their brand presence, but the really savvy ones are using it for more creative reasons. One of the best ways businesses are using Twitter is for customer service. They are engaging with customers who have questions, complaints and comments, all in 140-characters or less. However, customer service on Twitter is not as simple as setting up an account, planting a rep in front of a computer and reaping the rewards of a robust social media presence. We take a look at the Bank of America customer service Twitter account for our take on the pros and cons of customer service on Twitter.
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Most Profitable UK Companies Choose Twitter over Facebook, YouTube

Twitter is the social network of choice for some of the top companies in the UK. According to data gathered about the companies in the FTSE100 – the share index of the 100 most highly capitalized UK companies trading on the London Stock Exchange – they overwhelmingly turn to Twitter rather than any other network to build their brand presence.
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Study: It’s Better to Have no Twitter Account at all Than an Inactive One

A new study was released last month that examined the Twitter accounts of leading law firms in the UK, and the results tell a tale of only half an understanding of what Twitter is really all about. While the majority have a Twitter account, a surprising number of them have zero tweets.
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Tell Your Boss What You Really Think of Her on Twitter, Without any Repercussions

Ever wish you could say something on Twitter, but you had to bite your tongue because of a little thing call “reputation management”? Want to let someone know how you feel, but too afraid of the tweet storm that might follow? TwitterLeaks lets you tweet anonymously, getting all your frustration out without having to deal with sticky situations involving bosses, exes or coworkers.
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