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10 Ways To NOT Get More Twitter Followers

Since Twitter launched in July 2006, everyone on and off the platform has pretty much been obsessed with a single number – the follower count.

Despite the fact that Twitter follower counts are a false metric – easily gamed or bought, and not indicative of a user’s actual influence – it would take a major paradigm shift to change the fact that the number of followers someone has on Twitter is the main gauge of Twitter influence right now.

Want insight on how to get more followers for yourself? Read on for 10 things to NOT do.

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Want More Followers On Twitter? Be Positive, Write Clearly And Retweet Well [STUDY]

How do you get more followers on Twitter?

For brands and individuals alike, it’s the age-old question. Like it or not, for many people size still matters on Twitter, and you’re far more likely to attract new followers if you’ve already got quite a few to your name.

So how do you convince others to get on board your Twitter-train (especially if you’re new)? Engage with influencers? Use certain hashtags? Tweet more? Tweet less?

Nope. The best thing to do is to be positive, say scientists.

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REVEALED: 10 Top Brands And Celebrities That Follow A LOT Of People On Twitter [STATS]

Back in the day (circa. 2009) mass-following other users on Twitter was an established and relatively painless way to gain lots of followers yourself. Many folks were strong believers in reciprocal following, and would often follow back (literally) anybody who followed them.

Indeed, this practice was often automated. And once this pattern became well-known, lots of folks used to exploit it.

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Why Promoting Your Account Is A Better Idea Than Buying Followers

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a bulk order of followers to beef up your Twitter presence, we have another alternative for your to consider: promoting your account.

Why consider this? Outside of being laughed out of the virtual room once your account’s “Fake Followers” are exposed, promoting your account won’t put your Twitter in jeopardy if you get caught.

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Here’s How To Help Your Follower Count Explode On Twitter

Yes, we know the number of followers you have doesn’t tell the full story and is actually pretty meaningless if they aren’t real followers engaging in “authentic” conversations with you/your brand and blah blah blah – BUT, we also know this number still matters to you. Deep down, it does.

So you’ll be delighted to learn that Twitter just released a case study showing how you can help your follower count explode. And the best part? It’s a pretty simple “to do.”

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How Many Of Your Twitter Followers Are Fake? [APP]

When you’re first starting out and trying to build your network on Twitter, seeing new people following you is both rewarding and exciting.

Keep doing the right things and those follower numbers will continue to rise. Pretty soon you’ve got hundreds, and maybe even thousands of people reading your tweets. But are they really? How many of your followers are real, and how many are bots? Or spammers? Or long-abandoned accounts?

Or, even worse… internet marketers?

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See Key Stats From Your Twitter Profile, Find Out Who To Follow, And More, With @Twtrland

A little over a year ago we wrote about twtrland, the Twitter analytics tool that provides a simple way to understand people by the content they share on twitter.

The site serves over 750,000 users every month and today launches with a complete revamp, introducing a whole new way for users to discover and connect with the people they should know, inside and outside of their current networks.

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30 Twitter Users Now Have More Than 10 Million Followers [STATS]

Back in May 2011, Lady Gaga became the first Twitter user to reach 10 million followers. Following our last update, six new users have gained entry into Twitter’s 10 million club – Instagram, Twitter en español, Adele, Snoop Dogg, Demetria Lovato and Miley Cyrus – which brings this still very exclusive membership to a total of thirty.

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How Many Followers Will You Have In A Week? A Month? Next Year? Find Out With Twitter Counter

The obsession with how many followers one does (or does not have) has died down a little bit since the early days of Twitter. Indeed, co-founder Evan Williams recently said that, in his opinion, followers was not Twitter’s dream metric – rather, it was how many people saw your tweet.

Still, across Twitter more than 1,000 users now have more than one million followers, and certainly when you’re new to the network these weighty tallies can be both glittering lures and constant reminders that, try as you might, you’ll probably never reach such heights.

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Counterpoint: Engagement On Twitter Isn’t Everything. But Advocacy Is.

It’s easy to forget that Twitter isn’t a one-size-fits-all communications channel. What works for one brand isn’t necessarily the right strategy for another. That observation may seem obvious but tends to get lost amidst the various case studies of success that frequently capture marketers’ attention.

Every brand is distinctive. Its digital and social media marketing strategy needs to be customized in a way that matches its unique marketing needs and customer peculiarities.

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