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7 Common Hashtag Mistakes To Avoid

7 Common Hashtag Mistakes To Avoid

Despite the rumors that Twitter might be changing the way hashtags work, the little pound signs continue to be one of the core features of Twitter – and one of the most frustrating for businesses to implement.

Hashtags can improve the reach of your content, and get it in front of the right audience. They can help promote an event, sell a product or even augment a TV show. Here are seven common mistakes that businesses and individuals make when using hashtags – so you can tweet and tag with confidence.

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The Life Of The Hashtag Before Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Life Of The Hashtag Before Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

The hashtag as we know it was born in August 2007, when designer Chris Messina, the self-described “hash godfather,” asked his Twitter followers what they thought of using the pound sign to group conversations on Twitter.

Six years later, hashtags are completely integral to social media, having spread beyond Twitter to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and even farther (including real-world conversations). Hashtags add context, humor, organization and the potential for virality to your tweets.

But what was the life of the hashtag before Twitter made it famous?

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Twitter Now Suggests Hashtags As You Compose A Tweet

As noted by Livefyre’s Lead Social Strategist Nick Cicero, Twitter seems to be offering suggested hashtags as you compose a tweet.

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#Nameyourancestor: Scientists Turn To Twitter To Name Humanity’s Long-Lost Ancestor

This month, Twitter’s good for more than predicting Oscar fan favorites.

Using the hashtag #nameyourancestor, anyone on Twitter can contribute to the crowd-sourced effort to officially name humanity’s newfound furry little ancestor.

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Five Best Practices For Hashtags

Hashtags are the quickest and easiest way to search for and find out what Twitter users are currently talking about.

They’re also key to productive Twitter engagement – hashtags put your tweets in front of the people who are interested in them.

Check out this post for a short history of the hashtag.

But most importantly: how do you use them? And how do you use them well?

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Five Annoying Ways People Use Hashtags In Tweets

Hashtags are great, aren’t they? They’re really great for organizing conversations and holding Twitter chats.

They can also be really, REALLY annoying.

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A Short History Of The Hashtag

Perhaps the most important term in the Essential Twitter Dictionary we published last week is “hashtag.”

A hashtag, or “#”, denotes a keyword or topic on Twitter. It’s any string of characters without spaces.

Some of the most popular hashtags from the past few months are: #NFL, #Election2012, #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday.

Hashtags are the quickest and easiest way to search for and find out what Twitter users are currently talking about. They’re also key to productive Twitter engagement – hashtags put your tweets in front of the people who are interested in them.

But how did it all start?

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Comic Relief: Twitter Hashtags From Nancy Grace

One of the most confusing things for most newbie Twitter users is figuring out how to use hashtags. We have some hashtag guidance here if you need it.

And what those newbies need to know is this: Regardless of how badly you may have misused these handy little tweet accompaniments, you will feel better once you read this post and see that there is no person anywhere in the Twitterverse who slaughters hashtags as fantastically as Nancy Grace.

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Are Twitter #Hashtags Taking Over The World?

You’ve seen them in commercials. You’ve heard them on the radio. You’ve noticed them on printed in magazines and on signs. And now, you will begin to see them spray-painted on football fields!

We predict players will tag their helmets with individual hashtags next.
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When Bad Hashtags Happen To Good People (Or, Why Can’t We Opt Out Of Memes?)

Hashtags aren’t for everybody. Lots of people don’t like to participate in memes, and even those that do rarely want to take part in every single thing that’s currently trending on Twitter.

When Bad Hashtags Happen To Good People (Or, Why Can't We Opt Out Of Memes?)

The problem is that when a hashtag gets really popular it can overwhelm your stream, and quickly become irritating. Which makes Twitter irritating. This is especially infuriating when it’s something that’s popular just within your network – for example, a conference or television event in which you have no interest. And if you have to go away to solve a problem, then something is broken.

Luckily, there’s a simple and (admittedly) obvious solution: you should be able to click on a hashtag or meme and then in the second page be able to opt out of receiving any further tweets containing that hashtag (or keyword). You can do this using filters in Twitter apps like TweetDeck, but they’re temporary and the tweets are still delivered to your account (but not displayed).

I want to see this function built into the core. And if I so choose, I want any opt-outs I make to be permanent.

Much like the block and the inbuilt retweet function, this could of course be easily reversed, too. Because while there are some memes in which you’ll never have an interest, sometimes you just don’t have an interest right now.

And it really doesn’t seem fair that you have to suffer irregardless of how you feel.