So you finally decided to embrace Twitter. Congratulations, and welcome.

That’s the hard part solved – the getting here. A year or two back, when Twitter was far more of an unproven entity (both for brands and individuals), simply signing up was the real challenge for most users. Why would they want to use Twitter when they have Facebook? What’s in it for them? Isn’t Twitter just for egotists, self-publicists, celebrities and people talking about what they had for breakfast?

So, your friends persisted, or you read a fantastic blog post or an article in a magazine, and decided to give Twitter a chance. And once you’d figured things out and been taken wholeheartedly into that heaving Twitter bosom, you saw the light. You got it. You were smitten, you became hooked, and now you’re addicted.

Which created a bigger problem for everybody else: you.

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