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Brands On Twitter Are Still Slow To Respond To Customers (But They Are Getting Better) [STUDY]

Brands On Twitter Are Still Slow To Respond To Customers (But They Are Getting Better) [STUDY]

Historically, brands using Twitter for support have been notoriously slow in responding to enquiries from customers. Largely this is a question of scale – for the top brands, the sheer volume of tweets they receive day-in, day-out can be overwhelming, but the very public nature of Twitter means that those occasions where customer messages are given short shrift or ignored entirely can be easily observed by others, including competitors.

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3 Tips For Effective Social Media Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

3 Tips For Effective Social Media Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over the last few years there’s been a huge shift towards using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for customer service, with one in three social media users preferring to contact companies via these channels than over the phone.

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Twitter ‘Spam’ Closes Shop

There’s lots of spam on Twitter – particularly when it comes to direct messages (DMs).

There was so much in fact, that Twitter had it’s own @spam account!

But not anymore. Twitter has shut it down. Maybe it felt it was just adding to the noise . . . like the spam it was trying to combat.

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New To Twitter? 25 Guidebooks, Resources And Tip Sheets That Turn Newbies Into Pros

We cover just about everything Twitter at, but one thing we do particularly well is provide advice, guides and tips as to how newcomers, veterans, businesses and brands can most effectively utilise their resources and maximise their returns on the network.

One of the most important lessons everybody needs to learn as quickly as possible on Twitter is how to manage your time most effectively. We know you’re busy. So, to help out, we’ve put together a one-page list of all the best and most popular Twitter guides we’ve ever published on AllTwitter, which should really expedite you on your way.

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15% Of Customers Aged 16-24 Choose Twitter, Facebook First For Support, Says Study [REPORT]

A new study has revealed the extent to which consumers, especially those in the younger demographic, are choosing social media for customer service ahead of more traditional methods, like email and telephone.

Sitel, a leading customer care outsourcing provider, surveyed more than 1,000 people across Britain aged between 16 to 64, and discovered the impact that social media has made on the consumer service industry.

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Old News Just In – Twitter's Technical Support Stinks

Regular readers may recall an article I wrote earlier this month about the domain, which after many years of belong to someone else appeared to have been acquired by Twitter.

Ahead of publishing this piece I reached out to Steve Crawford, the previous owner of, and Twitter themselves for clarification. I emailed various contacts at Twitter, Twitter’s PR team, and Twitter support.

Crawford was courteous enough to come back almost straight away.
Twitter never responded at all. Until now.

(click to enlarge)

Three weeks. Three weeks to respond to a request for help – and then they send an automated response.

Okay, you could argue that the support team aren’t probably best placed to answer my query, but I was careful to pick the best subject for my enquiry and all somebody had to do was forward it on. Yes, I know they’re probably as far away from inbox zero as you could possibly be – so why not quit doing a lousy job, and just hire more people?

This isn’t an isolated incident – users complain about Twitter’s lousy support network pretty much constantly. Almost two years ago, a poll I conducted revealed that 81% of readers rated Twitter’s support as somewhere between below average and terrible. I’d be amazed if that number has come down at all.

And we wonder why the platform has such a high drop-out rate for newcomers?

Twitter Revamps The Help Center, Promises "More Good Times" After One Million Help Tickets

Or so they say. Judge for yourself here.

One point of note:

Special thanks to Zendesk, with whom we celebrated our millionth ticket in a year’s time.

What @crystal actually means is that Twitter received one million help ticket requests over the past twelve months. Now, one, that’s not really something to boast about and, more importantly, two, how many of those tickets received nothing more than the usual automated reply of FAQs followed by a swift closure? Thirty per cent? Forty? Fifty? I wonder, I wonder…

PS. If you need help on Twitter, just ask.

POLL: How Do You Rate @Twitter’s Technical Support?

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I don’t want to lead people either way through my personal experiences, or those that have been brought to my attention. Please rate in the poll below your opinion on Twitter’s technical support.

This should be all-encompassing, and include any interactions you’ve had with @Twitter, @Spam and other Twitter support accounts, as well as your experiences at and how well the support team has dealt with any help tickets you have submitted.

Also, it would be great if you could then post any of these experiences (good and bad) in the comments area below. I’ll collect all the data and write a more detailed analysis of Twitter’s support in the future.


HOWTO: Submit A Help Ticket To Twitter

UPDATE (January 25, 2010): I’ve noticed @delbius using the shortened link to forward enquirers to Twitter’s ticket page. It re-routes through to the Zendesk-powered link as below, but it’s worth memorising for convenience and on the off-chance that the link within changes in the future.

UPDATE (October 20, 2009): The support ticket page is back up, and can be accessed from Twitter’s help area (as before, down the page) or directly here.


UPDATE: The link to issue a new ticket is still on the help page – it’s been moved about halfway down, encouraging the visitor to read all the text above it before submitting the ticket.

New Tickets - Updated

This makes some sense, and my hand goes straight up here that I made an error. But the link is so small and slight that it’s almost unnoticeable, and certainly for regular visitors to the help portals, the facility to issue a new help ticket does appear to be missing, used as we are to seeing it next to the ‘Check Your Existing Requests’ link, which is quite logical.

I accept that Twitter wants people to learn more about their help resources before submitting a ticket, but it made sense to do this on the new ticket page itself, and the link to this should still be on the menu bar in my opinion.


I’m not sure if this is a gaff on Twitter’s part, whether they’re currently upgrading the system or what – but the link that previously allowed users to submit a help ticket to Twitter via their support page has been removed.

What’s strange is you can still view ‘existing requests’.

Twitter Support

And you can still reach the submit page manually, via this link, which I found via Google.

Submit A Request To Twitter

Additionally, all the help resources are still working in the forums, such as known issues on the network.

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