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Twitter Traffic Falls -2.43% For November. Facebook -0.47%, LinkedIn -6.93%, Friendfeed -20.95%

This is a monthly series that looks at visitor data for all the major social networks as calculated by Compete is USA-biased, and certainly in the case of Twitter the visitor numbers are distorted by the openness of Twitter’s API and the numerous Twitter software clients, but on a like-for-like basis the numerics have value and warrant investigation. Please refer to previous installments in this series for a more detailed overview.

Unique visitors to fell for the third successive month, dropping 2.43% overall, to 22,481,568, according to More concerning for the network was a -7.24% dip in overall visits.

Twitter Traffic Falls -2.43% For November. Facebook -0.47%, LinkedIn -6.93%, Friendfeed -20.95%

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Overall, traffic to all social media fell, with Facebook losing -0.47% to 128,339,156 unique visitors for November, but gaining 3.51% to 2,601,399,595 visitors overall.

Twitter Traffic Falls -2.43% For November. Facebook -0.47%, LinkedIn -6.93%, Friendfeed -20.95%

Friendfeed fell sharply, down 20.95% to just 552,147 uniques, and has now lost almost half of its unique visitors since peaking at 1,044,326 in August. Overall visitors fell 26.62%.

LinkedIn, which has been the social media star the past five or six months, fell for the first time since May, losing 6.93% of unique visitors, and 11.53% overall.

MySpace dipped -2.64%, and -3.08% overall.

Plurk, which was once considered a rival to Twitter, saw just over two hundred thousand unique visitors for the month, and surely will not last much into 2010.

Twitter Traffic Dips -2.11% For October, Facebook +3.50%, Friendfeed -6.57%

Unique visitors to fell for the second consecutive month, dropping -2.11% to 23,042,455 visits, following a marginal fall in September.

Twitter Traffic Dips -2.11% For October, Facebook +3.50%, Friendfeed -6.57%

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Following a small dip in August, Facebook edged upwards for the second month in a row, adding 3.50 per cent of new visitors, to 128,940,004. Total visits was over 2.5 billion, up 9.72 per cent.

Twitter Traffic Dips -2.11% For October, Facebook +3.50%, Friendfeed -6.57%

Friendfeed continued to drop, losing 6.57 per cent following September’s 28.41 per cent decline, and has now lost some 33 per cent of its uniques since August. Overall visits fell 21.82 per cent, suggesting even veterans of the service are moving on.

MySpace slowed the sharp deterioration we’ve seen in the network since June, losing just 0.65 per cent of visitors, and boasting 49,903,567 uniques.

Plurk lost 3.84% of its unique visitors, and almost 20 per cent overall.

The biggest success story in social networking remains LinkedIn, which added another 3.29 per cent to its monthly visitor count to 15,545,678 uniques, following a 5.68 per cent gain in September. LinkedIn has now added almost 32.50 per cent of new visitors since May of this year.

Overall, October was something of a mixed bag for social media. is clearly struggling to attract new users, but perhaps the new tools that have been added to the site in recent weeks (lists and retweets) will turn around this scenario in November. Twitter hype has definitely not eased – if anything it is becoming an even more important part of mainstream media coverage – and one continues to assume that a big part of’s plateau is experienced users spending less time on the web site and more time using their favourite software clients, such as TweetDeck, Tweetie and Seesmic Desktop.

Twitter Traffic Down -0.17% For September, Facebook +1.93%, Friendfeed -28.41%

Last month we reported on the continuing plateau in social media growth across all networks, and according to data at, September was no exception.

Twitter saw a 0.17 per cent dip in growth for the previous month, registering 23,538,791 unique visitors, and 144,661,590 overall (-2.68%). This means Twitter has gained just over half a million unique visitors since June.

Twitter Traffic Down -0.17% For September, Facebook +1.93%, Friendfeed -28.41%

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Facebook edged up 1.93 per cent, to 124,579,479 uniques.

Twitter Traffic Down -0.17% For September, Facebook +1.93%, Friendfeed -28.41%

MySpace continues to decline rapidly, dropping another 9.66% (50,229,156), and has lost around 10 million unique visitors over the last three months.

Friendfeed fell a massive 28.41 per cent, with only 747,616 individuals visiting the site in September. Plurk also fell heavily, down 15.44 per cent, registering less than quarter of a million isolated visits.

The best performer once again was LinkedIn, which grew 5.68 per cent to 15,051,069 uniques. The network has seen almost 50 per cent growth since May of this year, adding almost four million visitors.

The reasons are unclear, but with one legitimate exception (LinkedIn), social media is clearly in the midst of something of a slump. It will be interesting to see if Twitter in particular can regenerate itself by the end of this year and approach anything like the growth we saw at the beginning of 2009.

Twitter Shows 16% Growth In June; Friendfeed, Plurk Stumble, Facebook Closes In On Google

After showing only marginal growth in May, Twitter resumed its impressive upward run with a 16.57 per cent gain in unique visits for June to 22,997,148, and over 150 million visits overall (up 12.05 per cent).

Twitter Unique Visits

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Facebook was also solid, rising 8.45 per cent to 122,559,672 uniques, and +9.02 per cent in overall visits, which are now closing in on two billion. Indeed, Facebook’s growth rate is staggering – it’s rapidly gaining ground on Google.

Facebook, Google Unique Visits

Once-rival MySpace also grew, up 7.19 per cent to 60,973,908 uniques.

Friendfeed lost a little ground in uniques (-0.26 per cent), but dropped 20.26 per cent in overall visits.

Plurk lost 11.48 per cent of uniques and 12.68 per cent of overall visitors.

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Twitter, Friendfeed Growth Stalls For May; LinkedIn drops, Facebook Climbs 8.5%

It couldn’t last forever. According to website traffic tracker, unique visitors to rose less than 1.5 per cent, from 19,443,286 to 19,728,619.


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Facebook, meanwhile, gained over 8.5 per cent, boasting 113,014,638 visits in May, and further widened the gap over once-rival MySpace, which also saw minimal growth.

Facebook, MySpace

Indeed, Facebook was the only social networking platform that gained any considerable ground. Friendfeed was up marginally, Plurk dipped a little, and Linkedin dropped over 3 per cent.

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