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70% Of UK Twitter Users Connect Primarily Via Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

70% Of UK Twitter Users Connect Primarily Via Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Four in five Twitter users in the United Kingdom access the platform via their mobile device, with 70 percent stating that it is their primary method of using the service, reveals new data from Twitter.

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One Fifth Of UK Consumers Now Use Twitter, Rising To One Quarter By 2017 [STATS]

One Fifth Of UK Consumers Now Use Twitter, Rising To One Quarter By 2017 [STATS]

Twitter has always had a special relationship with the good people of the United Kingdom, particularly with those who live in London or who work in the media, but the numbers have never really reflected across the country as a whole, certainly compared to its great rival, Facebook.

I’ve been an active user of Twitter since 2008 and for the first three or four years I could count the friends and even colleagues who used Twitter regularly on one hand. That situation has changed somewhat in the last year or two, with many of my associates now active on the service (although still significantly less than Facebook), and this advance is reflected in new data from eMarketer, who estimate that more than one fifth (21.1 percent) of consumers in the UK will use Twitter in 2014, rising to one quarter by 2017.

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Finally! Twitter’s Self-Service Ads Are Now Available To SMBs In UK, Ireland And Canada

Finally! Twitter's Self-Service Ads Are Now Available To SMBs In UK, Ireland And Canada

If you’re a marketer looking to use Twitter to promote your brand’s products and services in the UK, Ireland or Canada, I have some good news.

As of today, there is no longer a minimum spend requirement for Twitter advertising in these locations, as Twitter has (finally) rolled out its Self-Service ads platform outside of the United States.

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CEOs Offer Advice On Using Twitter [VIDEO]

The recent Twitter event #TweetsFromTheTop in the UK generated invaluable insights from CEOs about using Twitter for business.

In the video below, three CEOs – Darren Childs, CEO of UKTV; Andrew Miller, CEO of Guardian Media Group; Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers – and the Director of Twitter UK, Bruce Daisley, sound off about how to use Twitter.

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Twitter UK: 10 Million Active Users, Rising To 14 Million By 2017 [STATS]

Use of Twitter by internet users in the United Kingdom has risen by 1.3 million to almost 10 million people over the past twelve months, representing a net gain of more than 15 percent, suggests a new report from eMarketer.

Moreover, the study predicts that Twitter will continue to see growth in the UK, reaching 12.2 million users in 2015 and close to 14 million by 2017.

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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Resigns As Director Of Twitter U.K.

Twitter UK Presents #Flock, A Tweet-Powered Cuckoo Clock

Here’s a cool new project that demonstrates that when things happen on Twitter, they can power things happening in the real world.

Produced by the talented team at BERG design consultancy and powered by BERG Cloud, #Flock is a cuckoo clock powered entirely by tweets.

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The Number Of UK Twitter Users Has Doubled In The Past Two Years [STUDY]

The number of Twitter users in the United Kingdom has more than doubled in the past two years, with a February 2013 poll from Kinetic Worldwide revealing that close to one third (28 percent) of all UK internet users are now active on the micro-blogging social platform, up from just over one in ten (13 percent) in February 2011.

Almost half (47 percent) of 18-24 year-old internet users maintain a Twitter profile in the UK, with 35-44 year-olds (33 percent) also well represented.

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How Is Twitter Being Used In The UK? [STUDY]

Twitter is well-established in the United Kingdom with some 80 percent of the country’s 10 million Twitter users accessing the platform via a mobile device.

UK users are also avid users of Twitter whilst watching television, commuting, shopping and even whilst in bed, and a new study has unveiled further insights into just how ingrained the micro-blogging platform has become within the British consciousness.

Of particular interest for marketers, the report revealed that almost one in every twenty-five tweets sent in the UK mention brands – equating to an incredible 12,600 tweets per minute – which is perhaps the greatest indication yet of Twitter’s growing value to modern business.

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80% Of UK Twitter Users Connect Via A Mobile Device [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter was born mobile. Back in July 2006 when co-founder Jack Dorsey first envisioned and launched the service, Twitter was known as “twttr”, a name inspired by both Flickr and the five-character length of U.S. SMS short codes, and the site made heavy emphasis on the use of sending messages via text.

Fast-forward to the heady days of 2013, and Twitter is, well, everywhere, and a huge part of that growth has been because of the micro-blogging social network’s continuing presence in the mobile space. Indeed, some 80 percent of the 10 million Twitter users in the United Kingdom now access the platform via their mobile device, and two-thirds (67 percent) of these mobile users follow brands on Twitter.

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