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Doodle While You’re Bored? Now You Can Tweet Your Notebook Art With UbiSketch

We’ve all been there. The boring lecture or meeting, unable to leave, staring blankly at a piece of lined paper meant for notes… and in the blink of an eye, that lined paper takes on a life of its own with doodles of hearts, suns, lightening bolts and other squiggles.

UbiSketch, a “real-time sketch-based communication tool”, doesn’t want these pieces of notebook art to sit forgotten in a pile in the corner of your room. Instead, they’ve developed a system that “reads” your sketches, and allows you to post them directly to Twitter or Facebook.
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Twitter’s Photo Sharing Service Is Now Available To Everyone

Although it was officially launched in June, Twitter’s photo-sharing service – called Twitter Images – hasn’t been available to all users. Until today.

As the company likes to do, Twitter rolled out this new feature slowly, bringing photo sharing and uploading to users in batches. But today, according to reports from TechCrunch, all users can upload and share their photos right from
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