Despite all of the gurus who say that Twitter follower count doesn’t really mean anything, you can’t deny that you get a little thrill when you get an email notifying you of someone new who will be reading your daily 140-character witticisms. And Twitter wants to give you another reason to get a little giddy about what’s going on on the network: you’ll now get an email every time someone that you follow retweets you or favorites one of your tweets.

The official @Twitter account tweeted late Monday night about the new emails that users can expect to see:

This doesn’t mean you’ll be spammed with emails every time someone retweets you – it’s only when someone you follow retweets you, not one of the people following you. Likely a bit rarer of an event, in any case.

For instance, if you follow, say, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) on Twitter but he doesn’t follow you, you’ll get an email if he ever decides that something you say is retweet-worthy. A thrill, no doubt, for those of us who are celebrity-obsessed.

I have yet to see one of these elusive emails in my inbox (sniff), but I’m sure they’re quite exciting to receive. No word yet on whether this is an opt-out service, or something you’ll have to put up with if these type of notifications aren’t your thing.