Do you plan to watch MTV‘s Video Music Awards on September 6? Well, wouldn’t it be more fun attending the event in person?

If you know your way around a #hashtag and can come up with the best entry, you could win a spot at the award show acting as a Twitterspondent!

Taco Bell is hosting the only VMA pre-party on September 5 and they’re searching for a Twitterspondent to cover both the pre-party and attend the awards.

To enter, tweet the reason why they should pick you using #FeedtheTweet and #Spon (cool kid talk for ‘correspondent’) and then spin around three times while eating a taco. We made that last part up.

Competition is fierce though, so really think about how you want to pitch yourself. Some tips? Claiming to “know their secret” has been done:


And threatening to kill yourself if someone doesn’t win probably isn’t the best way to go:

And insulting their food (though hilarious) is most definitely not going to result in a ‘win:’


Or maybe it will Рwho knows? Entries close tomorrow though, August 29 at 5pm PT Рso get your entries in soon!

(Correspondent image from Shutterstock)