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Peter Ogburn

U.S. News & World Report Gets Familiar Face

Lucy Byrd, the new Communications and Public Relations Manager for U.S. News & World Report shouldn’t take too long to get accustomed to her new role. She was previously a media booker for them from 2008 to 2010. She then worked for The Atlantic and then moved South to Durham, N.C. to work for Duke University. She tells FBDC that she “got into the lovely, slow pace of the South, plus the biscuits.”

What has changed since the last time she worked at U.S. News? She says, “A lot has changed—When I left in 2010, the news weekly category was on life support, but over the past three years U.S. News successfully transitioned and is now emerging as a leader in digital publishing. It’s a different organization with a new set of challenges, which I’m excited to tackle.”

Beyond that, Byrd says her return to U.S. News is a little personal. Read more

Dumbass Pitches

Look at this dog! He’s chill as hell and about to chow down on some grubbage. But behind that mellow smile, that pooch may be in serious pain. One of the trends in veterinary medicine is giving your pets medicinal marijuana to help them with their ailments.

It sounds silly, but we actually got this Dumbass Pitch in our inbox. Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, Expert on Animal Behavior, Darlene Arden, is making herself available to talk about this “growing movement to give medical marijuana to pets in pain.” Don’t bogart that milkbone, bro.

What questions is this “expert” ready to discuss? Read more

Where in the World is Tim Pawlenty?

Remember Tim Pawlenty? Yeah, neither do I. Apparently, he ran for President or something. Luckily, for all of us who forgot about him, Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins is here to bring us up to speed on the failed candidate. Coppins caught up with Pawlenty in Aspen for the “Aspen Ideas Festival” recently and reports that he looked  ”tanned and prosperous.” Coincidentally, that may be the only time anyone has ever been described as looking “tanned and prosperous.”

There’s a lot to catch up on with T-Paw. He tells Coppins that he’s not running for President again. (Hey, I don’t blame him.) He doesn’t have to worry about looking like “the everyman” anymore. He can now sit as CEO of a a big trade association, probably watch over his hedge funds and build car elevators in his garage. (Hey, it could happen.)

In other words, Pawlenty can, as Lenny Bruce once said, “grow up and sell out.”  Read more

What’s Fournier Tweeting?

Road trip! Fournier-style! Last week, National Journal’s Ron Fournier tweeted “This is my daughter’s wedding day.” Congratch, Ron. It’s a big day. My children are too young to be married, so I’m basing that sentiment on the Steve Martin movies. This big event means that the Fournier family trucked it to Detroit Rock City. Naturally, Fournier tweeted his whole excursion. Well, I’ll give him a LITTLE credit. He didn’t tweet the actual wedding ceremony. What he’s doing is embarking on a bizarre travelogue of commentary and photos profiling the state of Michigan as he sees it. Naturally, he’s using the hashtag “#puremichigan” all along the way.

Ready for a tour of Fournier Fun? Yeah, neither am I, but let’s jump in anyway.  Read more

Journo Jukebox: The Sabrina Siddqui Edition

One of the newest features in the Fishbowl is our Journo Jukebox. It’s a chance for you to get to know some of the people who cover Washington a little better. The rules are simple. We ask a subject to turn on their iPod, put it on shuffle and tell us the first 5 songs that play. The game is played using the honor system, so if a deep-cut off an old 98 Degrees album comes up, you have to tell us.

For this installment, we asked HuffPost reporter Sabrina Siddiqui (aka Sabriqui) to play along. She warned us that she had a very eclectic taste in music.

Her 5 songs cover a range of musical styles. Read more

Despite Racial Controversy, Washington, D.C. Cooking Show Says Yes to Paula Deen

Over the last several weeks, Livingsocial has been hawking a deal to the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Washington, D.C. Their biggest draw? Celebrity chef and recovering racist, Paula Deen. They began promoting it on May 29th, before the revelations of her past racism came to light. (A screengrab of the original deal is pictured on the right.) Since the original promotion was offered, they have sent email promotions using her name 20 other times. However, as the story unfolded, Livingsocial stopped using Deen’s name in promoting the event. The last mention was on June 20th, but they are still offering the promotion to the cooking show. If you click through to view the deal on their website, there isn’t a single mention of her on there.

Clearly, Livingsocial is trying to distance themselves from Deen, but what about the actual Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show? They’ve issued a statement on Deen’s appearance at the event. Read more

What’s Matthew Boyle Tweeting?

Windbag Investigative journalist Matthew Boyle from Breitbart hasn’t had the best track record on reporting stories for the site since he jumped from The Daily Caller at the end of 2012. (Remember when he reported that Republicans were planning on kicking John Boehner to the curb as Speaker of the House?)

Despite his missteps, Boyle seems to have found his niche in the immigration issue. While conservatives can’t seem to make up their minds about who is leading the way, Boyle is taking no prisoners in harshly judging any conservative lawmakers who agree to any legislation that remotely resembles amnesty for undocumented immigrants in this country.

Boyle has spent a lot of time praising the work of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz has been vocal in fighting any “path to citizenship,” so Boyle has latched onto him.

The only problem is, Boyle isn’t totally sure what the hell Cruz is saying. Read more

Mike Allen’s Birthday Reunion

The “Politico Playbook” from Mike Allen is usually filled with insider information that Washington has grown to love. Birthdays, “Facts of Life,” behind-the-scenes political strategy and various other words of wisdom find their way into our inbox each day.

However, on Saturday, Mikey might have been dealing with a slow news day. He gave us a few legit news stories on immigration, but then it took a sharp turn into Bro-ville. He eased us into a story about an “epic” birthday party that his fraternity brothers threw him. Mike describes it this way: “25 Sigma Phil Epsilon brothers and wives converged on Sequoia, on the Georgetown waterfront, from Dallas, Columbus, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Syracuse, N.Y.C., Philly, Princeton, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Suffolk, Newport News, Richmond, Old Town, etc. The guys spanned five class years, and most hadn’t seen each other in 25 to 30 years.”

Allen, who can seem robotic at times, really cut loose and spilled some details on the bash, including old fraternity nicknames. Oh, this is going to be really good. Read more

What’s On Your iPod John Stanton?

We’re starting a new series here in the Fishbowl where we catch up with some of your favorite journos to find out what they listen to. The game is simple. Turn on your iPod, put it on shuffle, and tell us the First 5 songs that play. We’re going on the honor system, so if Taylor Swift song pops up, you HAVE to tell us. Ready to play?

Our first subject is a man whose musical tastes are well-known in D.C: Buzzfeed’s Washington Bureau Chief, John Stanton. Stanton’s twitter avi is the cover of the first album by Bad Brains, so you know we’ll get some interesting stuff from him.

Naturally Stanton delivered. Check out his shuffle. Read more

What’s Weingarten Writing?

Where in the world is WaPo’s Gene Weingarten? The “humorist” took a week off from his weekly column, so we have been given a “Best Of” from Gene. While, that might seem like an oxymoron, this week’s column is actually quite good.  Plus, it tackles one of our favorite topics: big butts.

The column originally ran in 2006 and it chronicles a curious trip that Gene took to New York to meet with a plastic surgeon. According to Gene, he saw an ad for buttock enlargements, so he lined up an interview with Dr. George Lefkovits, the man who makes big booty dreams come true. Sorry, I shouldn’t be so crass. The doctor told Gene that he tries to “augment and re-profile buttocks”

How does a doctor make the bottom bigger and how is Gene’s derriere doing? Read more