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Twitter Wars: Someone You’ve Heard of is Attacked by Someone You Probably Haven’t

Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson knows how to stir things up on Twitter. He once tweeted, “Palin’s popularity falling in Iowa, but maintains lead to become supreme commander of Milfistan,” which resulted in a twit-pology, including the line “Apparently Charlie Sheen got control of my Twitter account.”

Well, he’s at it again.

Last night he tweeted, “The administration boasts about sending women to the front lines on the same day Democrats push the Violence Against Women Act.”

The response was quick and negative, mostly containing the word “idiot.”

But his next tweet set of an even bigger shit-storm. He wrote, “Feminism’s latest victory: the right to get your limbs blown off in war. Congratulations.”

Goldie Taylor, MSNBC contributor and self-described “social critic,” which just reeks of self-important bullshit, went off. She was very upset and tweeted, “Oh my goodness. Tucker Carlson, who never once considered enlisting, now chastising women who do… #MarinesDontWearBowties.” How she knows whether Tucker ever thought of enlisting, seems based on the bowtie or the cha cha he once performed on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Goldie wasn’t done. But she didn’t make much more sense than that. She retweeted someone asking if Tucker, since his thinking is so old fashioned, ever owned “a black?” Which she followed with, “That last RT is the delight of my life!” to the person who asked. I guess that is what a “social critic” does – charge racism at the drop of a hat.

What Tucker tweeted is sure to elicit hate, what Goldie followed up with was stupid. Carlson may later clarify what he was trying to say. But you can’t fix stupid.

Surely Goldie will get face-time on MSNBC to discuss Tucker’s tweets, which he may apologize for, so she will make money off of it (which may be why she bothered obsessing on it in the first place) because the thoughts of a “social critic” quick to cheer the race card over what Carlson tweets is more “newsworthy” to MSNBC than four dead Americans in Benghazi and the Obama administration’s unwillingness to be open and honest about it.

While both crossed the line, I can at least see where Tucker is coming from. Goldie, on the other hand, embracing a charge of racism so flippantly says more about her than anything Tucker said about women in combat.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Goldie Taylor never served in the military. She was an active duty Marine. We sincerely regret the error.

Please Drink Responsibly With Meghan McCain

There’s just something about Meghan McCain that makes people want to drink. Perhaps a more accurate word to use is “NEED.”

The MSNBC Contributor, Daily Beast columnist and daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) announced to the Twitterverse, “Random people always want to drink beer with me – and I with them.”

In the abstract… Read more

The (Mis)Education of WaPo’s Ezra Klein

I love a good fight, especially a good journalist fight. But no one likes to see Mike Tyson beat up a little kid. Well, except maybe me.

This morning The Daily Caller’s Mickey Kaus gives a Tyson-esque beat down of the WaPo Ezra Klein on electronic medical records.

Klein has been in the forefront of parroting the Democrat’s line that digitizing records would be a goldmine of savings to taxpayers, only they haven’t been. In a post today, Kaus deconstructs Klein’s history, concluding, “Hoaxer, self-hoaxer, or just confused? When they are through with Manti Te’o maybe the nation’s amateur detectives can turn to Klein.”

The piece points out of how the wunderkind might not be all that wunder-full. And, just as brutal, puts yet another nail in a coffin that would have had a watertight seal by now were it containing anyone other than the lead boy-bander.

Ask Piranhamous Anything: Emergency Edition

This question came in today from an anonymASS reader and seemed like an emergency, so I was asked to write a special edition of “Ask Piranhamous Anything.” Being the giver I am, I humbly agreed. It is, after all, an emergency.

The anonymASS reader writes: “Why is John Solomon, an award-winning journalist and man of integrity, treated like dirt while shitheads like Britebarf and that Matt moron from the Daily Caller are treated as human beings, which they aren’t.”

Couple of things here, anonymASS.  First, as has been demonstrated in posts on this site, Solomon, of The Washington Times, is a full-blown vinegar and water bag with a hose attached to it. He’s won awards, true, but some of history’s greatest monsters have been Time’s “Man of the Year,” and there are a million “awards” out there, so let’s not pretend that’s a major accomplishment. Honesty is much more important than Plexiglas doorstops with your name carved into it. He claimed no involvement in layoffs, but multiple sources at The Washington Times say he was involved. Now, I understand the desire to not want to be the jerk who laid people off, or even be involved in laying people off. But claiming not to be involved doesn’t make you not involved, especially when you are.

Second, I can understand wanting to avoid the stigma of working on the Hindenburg, but if you happily sign your checks from Hindenburg, INC., you should admit you work there when you do media. Solomon went on WTOP and only claimed to be working at the Washington Guardian. You’d think the Chief Digital Officer, or whatever title they’ve made up for him, would want to help promote his employer, but you’d be wrong.

Finally, Breitbarf? Really? Read more

Fox Hires New Legs, PJTV Also Hires A Pair

Fox News has hired itself two more potential occupants of the “leg chair” on Redeye – Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich and Jedidiah Bila, who is a “columnist” for a conservative alternative to the AARP called AMAC (the Association of Mature American Citizens).

Pavlich (pictured at right), in addition to her editorial duties at Townhall, is now a “contributor” to Fox News itself and had her “coming out” party on Hannity last night debating fellow contributor Tamara Holder, known for being a punching bag token liberal on FNC and a rumored mistress of the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Pavlich announced her new income stream on Twitter, saying, “I’ll be on with @seanhannity tonight at 9:20 est in my first appearance as an official @FoxNews contributor. Tune in :)

Bila (pictured above), the noted AMAC columnist (yeah, I’ve never heard of another either, but I thought I’d throw in “noted” to impress upon you just how irrelevant AMAC is) and FNC regular for what seems like years, also took to Twitter to announce she’s not only a FNC contributor, but also a Fox Business contributor because of her years in the business world. I’m just kidding, she was a teacher before somehow managing to become a person who has no experience in the things she’s being asked about on TV.

Read more

CNN’s Piers Morgan Grows ‘A Pair’

CNN’s Piers Morgan was eviscerated on his show last week by Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro. Ever since, Piers has been itching for a rematch. The former UK tabloid editor has been attempting to taunt Shapiro on Twitter since the two squared off in hopes of getting a second bite at the apple. For now, the apple is ready to be bitten tonight.

But will it really happen?

Read more

Cenk Uyger is the Most Popular Person in the World, Just Ask Him!

Cenk Uyger is the most popular person in media. Say who? Cenk Uyger, of course. And who would dare question Cenk Uyger?

For purposes of clarity, I should first explain who Cenk Uyger is. He used to have a show on MSNBC and was so popular he was replaced by Al Sharpton. I guess MSNBC didn’t want someone so popular on their network. He then went to Current TV (it’s a network on some cable systems), where, since their sale to Al Jazeera, Cenk’s fate remains in flux.

Fear not for Cenk and his “Young Turks” empire, someone as popular as he is will have no problem landing on his feet. So popular, in fact, that he has spent time lately telling the world just how wildly popular he is. Of course, this crusade doesn’t burden those who really are wildly popular because, well, they’re wildly popular and don’t feel the need to prove it.

That’s why it was so curious when Cenk recently blew a gasket about The Daily Caller’s intrepid blogger Jim Treacher on his wild popularity. Read more

Matt Lewis Vs. Ben Howe at the Monkey Bars After School

I love a good Twitter fight. Wednesday saw one, of sorts, between The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis and Redstate’s Ben Howe.

Apparently they don’t like each other. Or at least Howe doesn’t like Lewis, Lewis claims. What caused Lewis to write the post? This exchange between Howe and Tweeps named “John Ekdahl Jr.” and “ConArtCritic”.

While attacking Lewis, Howe said “God I hate that guy” and “I’ve never liked that guy. He’s high on his own intellect which is funny given how average it is” and, what finally set Lewis off, was this: “not to mention he has sex with animals.”

Mature, right?

Lewis, who can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, was rightly at the end of his rope. And, as often happens when you attack someone with an audience, he took to his soapbox and told his reads about it.

In the spirit of hitting back harder than you were hit, Lewis contacted the Heritage Foundation for comment (Howe has done contract work for them) on what they think of someone who does work for them accuses someone of bestiality. Heritage quickly distanced itself from Howe, pointing out how he’d done things it the past and doesn’t have a contract with them.

This set off a bunch of complaining about Lewis on Twitter by friends of Howe and people who just don’t like Lewis, none of which is important or relevant here (plus you’ve probably never heard of the people complaining anyway).

But Howe did tweet, “Not to be too nitpicky, but trolling usually requires you put the person’s name in the tweet. This is how you ‘troll’ them (bug them)’ in reference to the title of the Lewis piece. But what Ben fails to note is when someone is mentioned in an original tweet, as Lewis was in the tweet that led to the bestiality tweet, they can see all the replies to it by simply clicking on it.

More importantly, Howe seems to be justifying talking shit about someone behind their back. That may fly in high school, but not on the Internet. Read more

Ask Piranhamous Anything

Today we have another installment of: “Ask Piranhamous Anything.” And we do mean anything. Send your queries to This isn’t an advice column — Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple and insightful. 

1. You have to have dinner with Salon‘s Joan Walsh or The Daily Beast‘s Tina Brown. Who do you pick and why and where do you go?

Crap, do I have to? Joan Walsh is unbelievably awful, arrogant as the day is long and I’d imagine she’d constantly be telling the staff not only to rise up and take the place over from “The Man,” but would simultaneously complain about the service to the point they’d spit in the food. Tina Brown would spend her time quoting other people in the hope it would make everyone think she was just as smart while simultaneously complaining about the service and getting our food spat upon. And given their business track records and political philosophy, I’m getting stuck with the check either way, so which one doesn’t really matter. Frankly, I’d rather starve to death.

2. Will you watch Al Jazeera any more than you did Current TV?

You can’t multiply by zero. There are only three reasons I ever watched Current: 1) to make fun of The Young Turks, or Turds, or whatever the hell they’re called; 2) to see if Eliot Spitzer accidentally made a hooker reference without realizing the irony; and 3) because the batteries in my remote died at the exact moment I was passing that channel and I had to change them (which, as it turns out, was how they got most of their viewers outside of homes with at least one resident who wears a tinfoil hat). So no, I won’t watch Al Jazeera any more than I watched Current. I prefer my anti-Americanism to have higher production values so I’m sticking with MSNBC.

See the third question regarding email surveillance inside newsrooms… Read more

WaPo’s Milloy Believes in Bad Name Karma

WaPo‘s Courtland Milloy thinks the reason the Redskins lost Sunday is bad karma over their name. Yeah, I know, it’s incredibly stupid.

But still, if Milloy is determined to change the name of the team, I thought I’d help him out on his Holy PC Quest by suggesting a few. Read more