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Hate Mail

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

We’ve recently had a wave of lefty readers label FishbowlDC as a conservative site. The reason? We covered Politico‘s obviously left-leaning ex-White House Correspondent and domestic violence expert Joe Williams. As with any correspondence we receive, we take it seriously and try to respond whenever possible.

AnonymASS writes in, “Anyone who worships Britebarf, like you, is a conservative website. Gavin used to cover real journalists, not the rightwing neanderthals you tout all the time.” The tipster is, of course, referring to Politico‘s Patrick Gavin, who formerly wrote FishbowlDC.

Dear ASS, Please keep this between us. You’ve discovered that we’re rabid, fire-breathing Republicans. Just Google us! But don’t read anything because your arguments are best supported sans facts. Meanwhile, back in reality, we believe in covering right and left wing media and everything in between. In your view, simply writing about them means “touting” or “worshiping.” To us, it’s coverage. In other words, Monday.

The Daily Caller Draws Journo Ire

On Friday The Daily Caller stirred up sticky emotions within the left wing media when they tweeted what some felt was poor taste. The topic: The 70-year-old Akron diner owner who died from a heart attack Friday just three hours after meeting President Obama. The body was likely still warm when The Daily Caller made the crack.

Were they trying to antagonize? Take a look.

Daily Caller: “Obama might have lost a vote in Ohio.” They linked to this, a story by Justin Green that was a mere 93 words and packed with basics and a quote from the Akron Beacon Journal.

HuffPost political reporter Sabrina Siddiqui: “Show some class.”

TPM‘s Brian Beutler: “And perhaps some side boob.”

Mother Jones‘ soon-to-be full-time Washington-based Social Media guru and National Security Correspondent Adam Weinstein remarked, “You don’t have to be a loyal opposition. You don’t even have to be respectful. But can you at least be humane? @DailyCaller”

And the DNC’s mouthy Social Media coordinator Greg Greene weighed in, saying, “They could do worse. They could send Neil Munro to cover the funeral.”

Fox News Journo Receives Hair Complaint

Fox News Correspondent Shannon Bream received a complaint about her hair over the weekend. She handled the insult well.

Reader Accuses Weingarten of Making Sh!# Up!

Far be it for us to accuse WaPo‘s award-winning Gene Weingarten of making things up when he writes his columns. Last week he wrote about imaginary conversations he had with his dog and a wayward mouse in his home. This week, as FBDC’s Peter Ogburn mentioned earlier today,  Weingarten pens a column about hitting the gym, and guess what? Some readers weren’t buying it.

Embarrassingly, the accusations reached such epic proportions that Weingarten felt the need to defend himself.

A sampling of reactions:

  • Anonymous: “Geez, do you think this was a serious article? Do you think that Gene really went to a gym? The only fact in this story is probably the color blindness test and the comment of that teacher. … Oh, and of course Tom is a butcher.”
  • “Gene tried riding a bicycle for exercise. but he kept yelling at himself to get off the sidewalk.”

Weingarten: “Just in case, and just for the record — yeah, I went to the gym, and have been going almost daily. If I had NOT gone to the gym, and written that I had, it would have been journalistic malpractice — yeah, even in a humor column. Truth is always funnier than fiction because, you know, it’s real, and real life is funny.”

Oh yes, Gene, we know.


AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

On Thursday we reported that The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko will be taking an undetermined leave of absence to deal with a medical condition involving a tumor. Martosko runs The Daily Caller newsroom. Not only did Martosko act incensed that we’d report on such a issue, this morning we got an anonymous letter from someone who also thinks we committed some sort of moral crime for reporting the news.

From: “Lisa Lisa.” Subject line: “your obnoxious story.”

“Uh Betsy, It is in fact none of your business. There’s nothing “odd” about telling the people who report to you how to proceed while you are away. And it is grossly inappropriate for you to mock the way a cancer victim is handling his notification about medical leave. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. There’s no place for mockery about someone’s health, even in your ‘publication’ (and I use that term very loosely to describe your product).”

Note to AnonymASS: None of our business? That’s intriguing. Writing a media story that affects an entire newsroom of reporters is well within our beat. There was no “mocking” of Martosko. To issue a letter to freelancers alluding to a serious medical condition is odd in that it doesn’t happen every day of the week. And ashamed? Perhaps if I invented the story out of whole cloth I should be ashamed if not fired. I reported a story. I did my job. As with other Washington reporters, that’s called Thursday.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

We recently featured conservative commentator and bestselling author Michelle Malkin on the site. We regularly highlight how she handles her hate mail. We also recently covered her thoughts on Fox & Friends regarding lefty radio host Bill Press declaring his dislike of the Star-Spangled Banner.

AnonymASS writes in:


Are you serious, or are you talking out of your butt here?  Have you ever actually LISTENED to Michelle Malkin?  Yes, she’s perky, attractive (why would anyone attack her looks??), and articulate, but she’s also in desperate need of  20 additional IQ points.  Malkin is on the same plane as Sarah Palin and Adam West.  If it’s an intelligent conservative woman you seek, try Bay Buchanan.

Dear AnonymASS: I try as much as possible to not talk out of my butt. Thanks for writing and for your indefatigable eloquence.

See a previous letter written to FBDC by this same author back in March after Andrew Breitbart died and I wrote a farewell piece on him. And to answer the author’s question, yes, I took exactly one philosophy class in college.

Read more

More Hate for Bill Press

This just in for lefty radio host Bill Press who took issue with the Star-Spangled Banner this week and is taking a lot of heat for it. An Anonymous tipster to FBDC writes to tell Press to get the hell out the country: “Fox News will buy Bill Press a free one way ticket to anywhere in the whold [sic].  Keep it up.  See Sean Hannety Wed. night at 11-12 pm. Take up Sean Hannetys [sic] offer to go anywhere else in the world.  A private Jet.  Don’t like it here.  Leave.”

Michelle Malkin Swiftly Handles Journo Hate

“I hate dullards.” — bestselling author and conservative commentator Michelle Malkin in response to a follower who pondered, “One wonders why @michellemalkin is so full of hate.”

We’re always impressed with how Malkin handles the seemingly never ending gusts of hatred that come her and other journalists way.

And just this morning she tackled this follower who assessed her looks. “Is it just me or is @michellemalkin starting to actually look like the witch that she is?” She replied, “It’s just you.”

Bill Press Defends Dislike of Star-Mangled Banner

God bless America. On Tuesday morning lefty radio host and Current TV’s Bill Press declared his dislike of — whoa! — the Star Spangled Banner and the wrath is still coming his way. His reasoning? He thinks it’s poorly written, has stupid lyrics and is hard to sing. “I make no apology for wanting a national anthem people can sing,” Press told FishbowlDC this morning. “Why not God Bless America? Or America the Beautiful? Or Battle Hymn of the Republic? Any one of them better than the unsingable, militaristic Star-Spangled Banner.”

On his program he remarked, “First of all, it ranges two octaves; most people can only do, kind of, one octave,” Press said on his show. “I mean when you think about it, it’s bombs bursting in air, rocket’s red glare.”

The headline slapped on The Daily Caller TV writer Jeff Poor‘s story called the moment “stupid and embarrassing” and the writer remarked that it “probably won’t win him any fans on the right.”

Since voicing his dislike of the song, a frothy mix of Wisconsin recall emails and notes from other angry souls has rolled into Press’s mailbox.

Here’s a sampling…

Subject line: You make me sick.

  • “Get the hell out of the country you liberal traitor.”

Subject line: nah, nah, nah, nah

  • “Ha Ha Told you! We won because we have the lord Jesus Christ on our side. As Scott Walker won last night, Mitt Romney will crush the illegal, non-citizen (Obama) and anyone who stands in our way, including the likes of you, you infidells!!!”

Subject line: Star Spangled Banner

  • “You are everything that true Americans despise.  Those of use who have given life and limb for you to spout your stupid words wish you moved to anothe rcountry who hates us, you un-American piece of garbage. PS:  take Danny Glover and Sean Penn with you.”

And our favorite…

Subject line: You, You Bastard

“So you hate the National Anthem.  Fuck you you ignorant liberal son of a bitch.  I hope you die a horrible death SOON.  Now you know why so many people HATE LIBERAL FOOLS LIKE YOU.  YOU MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE.”


Daily Dose of Hate Mail

A Washington journalist got this gust of hatred directed his way this morning. Please note: the first fan’s last name is purportedly “Chewy.”

“Fuck you BLANK i renew my podcast your not there and that jerk off BLANK shoots the bull I paid for political speak i dont give a shit about those fucking assholes lives.”

And another…

“Watched & boring as hell! What were u thinking? Geez, If I wanted a bunch of BS, I could just watch MJ, fail”