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Summer Superlatives: Best Sense of Humor

Voting is now open for the first category of FishbowlDC’s Summer Superlatives 2011: Best Sense of Humor.  With the help of a secret panel of past winners and avid FishbowlDC readers, we narrowed nominations down to four finalists whose witty tweets, status updates and columns never fail to bring the hilarity.

Voting for each category will be open for 24 hours.  But there’s a catch.   At 8pm every evening, the results of the day’s three polls will be hidden.  Think of the cutoff as early exit polling.  Just because your pick is leading the pack all day, doesn’t mean they’re safe.  After the sun goes down, it’s anybody’s title for the taking.  We’ll announce all the winners on Monday.

So rally your supporters, bus in voters, and campaign like you read about because Summer Superlatives 2011 is officially underway with Politico’s Julie Mason, The Weekly Standard/Daily Caller’s Matt Labash, Roll Call’s Neda Semnani and WaPo’s Gene Weingarten for Best Sense of Humor.

Deadline Extended: Summer Superlatives 2011

The nominations for FishbowlDC’s Summer Superlatives 2011 have just started getting good so we’re extending the deadline from noon to 5pm today. So dig deep, think hard and help us come up with the best nominees for this year’s 12 categories (below). Nominations can be submitted via email to or through our anonymous tips box. Just be sure to include the category, nominee’s name, employer and any info that supports your pick (photo, story, examples, etc).

1. Biggest Self-Promoter
2. Most Underrated
3. Best Capitol Hill Press Secretary
4. Most Likely to Feud on Twitter
5. Best Sense of Humor (or Wittiest)
6. Most Trusted
7. Best On-air Personality
8. Most Cutthroat
9. Biggest Drama King/Queen
10. Most Likely to Attend an Open Bar
11. Sexiest
12. Most Scandalous

The Hill’s 50 MB: Lessons Learned

We’re all about education here in the Fishbowl.  That’s why rather than trashing The Hill‘s 2011 “50 Most Beautiful List” or making snide remarks about anyone’s god-given appearance, we decided to make it a learning experience.  So we channeled our inner Rachel Zoe and developed a short guide of style tips and tactics while reviewing this year’s roster.

Whether you’re jonesing for a hot, new Facebook profile pic or find yourself striking a pose for next year’s “50 MB,” FishbowlDC’s guide to style will guarantee a glamour shot worthy of a spot on your granny’s fireplace mantle…

Christine Martin: We love pageant hair as much as the next blog but go full “Toddlers and Tiaras” or go home.  What in the Aquanet hell happened here?  A Bump-It as exquisite as Christine’s should be accompanied by tundrels, teasing, extensions and a cubic zirconia banana clip.

Kate Bolduan: This one hurts a little because we like Kate and rarely take issue with her style.  But Derelicte is not a real clothing line.  So we’re not sure why this CNN reporter selected a Zoolander-inspired Jacobim Mugatu Hefty bag jacket for her photo shoot. 

Tim Torres: Ryan Seacrest is not a style star.  Leave the size schmedium button-downs and skinny ties to the E! Network.  They need them more than we do.



Jacqueline Ferko: Avoid “Designing Women” marathons before your photo shoot.  Or you too could end up looking like the Executive VP of Sugarbaker Designs.


Rep. Adam KinzingerPractice your Blue Steel, Ferrari and Le Tigre in the mirror before you get in front of a camera.  Bedroom eyes and constipated face are two very different looks.  And as our girl Tyra would say, “don’t forget to smize.”

Mandi Critchfield: Don’t schmutz up the pretty with goofy poses and emo clothes. We get it.  You’re an individual…just like everyone else who shops at Hot Topic. But that doesn’t make it okay to sport Star Wars tee shirts and pose like a model for Lens Crafters.

Rep. Hansen Clarke:  Dish out the dough for Invisalign or embrace your brace face.  Never…and by never, we mean never-ever try to hide your chompers with a close-mouthed smile.  It’s creepy and can lead to a terrible case of pedosmile.  The only thing worse than a metal grill is a pedosmile. #neverforget

* Special thanks to the 50 MBers who helped us illustrate these rules.  We’re laughing with you, not at you so please don’t take it personally.  And remember, you’re on the list and we’re not. Congrats on your beauty!  To see The Hill’s full list of honorees, click here.

Charlie Cook: Fat Harry Potter?

Ba ha! Charlie Cook made an unexpected appearance on NBC’s Tonight Show last night. The editor of Cook’s Political Report was featured in Jay Leno‘s segment “Too Fat to Look Like Harry Potter.”  Check it out below.

Coulter Talks Maher, Wonkette and WHCD

Conservative pundit and frequent TV commentator Ann Coulter spoke at GWU Wednesday night to a large crowd of Republicans, a few Democrats, and at least one angry Libertarian, who gave her the finger when she told him she wasn’t a gay marriage supporter. The speech was usual Coulter fare, but one quote stuck out.

Asked by one student about marijuana legalization, Coulter said she was going to have to disappoint most of the room. She’s opposed. Primarily this is because men who start smoking pot early tend to have a “sunken chest” and wind up being about as tall as Bill Maher.

After the speech, Coulter spoke with a small group of reporters. She addressed one question about why her new book, Demonic, due out June 7. It doesn’t feature her mug on the cover as most of her past books do. Beside the fact that the title wouldn’t fit with her “smiling face”, a sample cover with her photo didn’t get the Matt Drudge seal of approval.

“I sent the cover to Matt Drudge and he hysterically said, ‘No, no, no! Just the title, just your name.’” Coulter didn’t think her publisher would be cool with it, but asked anyway. “I tried, and they accepted it, and we all loved it,” she said.

Coulter said she’d happily come as a guest to some fancy schmancy WHCD parties, but there was a catch: “Will it help me sell books?” Fishbowl promised 10,000 books sold if she’d come. Whoops.

In other Coulter news you won’t want to miss…

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Wolf Spices Up the QVC Message Board

“I think Wolf Blitzer is hot…is he single?”

This post showed up this week on, of all places, QVC’s online forum. And it quickly racked up responses. Many were regular posters complaining that the original poster was a “troll” and demanded that the thread be deleted. But others decided to weigh in. Wolf, by the way, is very much married to Lynn Blitzer.

  • “No.”
  • “Not me.”
  • “Oh my. Hit me with your best shot, Wolfie.”
  • “To me he is not, but Anderson Cooper is despite the fact that he doesn’t play for my team.”
  • “Are you sure you’re not just going through menopause?”
  • “He is not hot. Can’t stand him and don’t watch him.”
  • “Yum Yum give me some NOT”
  • “I’d like to be blitzed by that Wolf. Ahhoooooooooo!”

Come Watch Larry King Throw a Baseball

If you thought President Obama‘s opening pitch last season was weak, just wait till this 77-year-old takes the mound in an attempt to get a baseball across home plate.

Larry King is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ first weekend game of the season on Saturday against the Atlanta Braves. A portion of the proceeds from tickets purchased from this link for Saturday or Sunday’s game will benefit the Larry King Cardiac Foundation.

But if that isn’t enough Larry King for one day, the foundation will also hold a gala at the Ritz-Carlton at 6:30 on Saturday night. The evening will start with a silent auction, followed by dinner. Mary J. Blige will perform. Ticket prices range from $1,500 to a cool $200,000. You can buy those here.

WJLA’s Thuman Welcomes Wife to Newsroom

Thuman and Godfrey in 2008

You know what they say…the couple that reports together, stays together.  Okay, no one says that but we sure hope it’s the case for Scott Thuman and Autria Godfrey.  Married in 2008, the dynamic duo is now sharing both a home and newsroom since Godfrey joined her anchorman hubby at WJLA earlier this month.

After freelancing for Tribune, CBS Newspath and Foxnews Edge over the past couple of years, Godfrey landed a gig as a general assignment reporter for both ABC7 and NC8 where Thuman recently re-signed his contract as Senior Political Reporter and anchor.  Thuman tells FishbowlDC that he and Godfrey haven’t worked together before but have crossed paths in the field while covering events like President Obama’s inauguration, Pentagon’s 9/11 memorial ceremony, elections and recent package bombs at Maryland government facilities.

“As for working together…so far it’s great,”  Thuman said.  “Because our schedules almost never coincided, we often were just ships passing in the night.  While working in the same newsroom could be too close for comfort, it’s a real positive for us,”  Thuman concluded.

You can catch Scott anchoring “Good Morning Washington” from 4.30-7.00 a.m. or at 6.00 pm daily when he returns to cover politics.

h/t Kevin C.

Dapper Tapper: Jake Makes Chron‘s List of “Web Hunks”


The very dapper Jake Tapper, ABC’s WH correspondent made the Houston Chronicle‘s list of thirteen “Web Hunks.” Tapper, MSNBC’s Carlos Watson, Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone are just a few of the Chron‘s picks from the “hotbed of hotties” online. Check out the Chron here for the full list…

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