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Arianna Hufffington is Now a Tulip Tree

2013-10-22-ariannastree-thumbAt this point nothing that HuffPost runs in its online beast of a publication is that surprising. Not even today’s blog posting in which some people in Hawaii name a tree after the media behemoth Arianna Huffington.

We can hear it now — “Time to water Arianna!” Or, on a bad day, “Who in the hell forgot to water Arianna this morning?”

In a HuffPost Hawaii blog posting from Richard Ha, a farmer on the Big Island, he goes on and on (and on and on) about Arianna’s recent visit to the farm with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The two got laid (meaning, of course, beautiful flowers adorn their necks).

Ha (how great a name is that?) reports that Arianna enjoyed eating longan, a small brown fruit that is apparently really messy. So much so they had to ensure she had wipes. We hope they were Wet Ones.

But forget all that. The real clincher of the exquisitely incoherent piece full of unabashed praise for Arianna comes at the end when Ha reveals that they’ve named a tree after her. He writes, “Arianna admired this African tulip tree, and so we have decided to name it after her. I’m referring to the one on the right. It’s the Arianna Tree.”

See “Arianna” above.

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Journo Pens Op-ed With Ex-Boss: Tom DeLay

Unknown-1Veteran journalist and White House Writers Group’s Brett Decker and former House Maj. Leader Tom DeLay have co-written an op-ed for USA Today on America’s debt crisis and the shutdown. Decker is the former editorial page editor for TWT. DeLay, a former exterminator, served in the House for 22 years.

Here’s how it came about. David Mastio, Decker’s former deputy at TWT who  is now Forum Editor at USA Today, suggested the piece. So Decker called DeLay, who said OK.

So how was it working with DeLay? Was he a pain in the ass? Read more

Mocking Newsbusters’ Gasbag Tim Graham


Considering the difference between “highfalutin” and  “flatulence” once stumped NewsbustersTim Graham, media director for the conservative Media Research Center, it’s not that surprising that “mocking” would also be perplexing for him.

(Hey Tim, in case it wasn’t obvious, we’re officially mocking you.) Read more

Click Bait: Actress’ Boobs Embrace Obamacare


The Daily Caller’s Entertainment Editor Taylor Bigler recently published a short piece about the brave, kind, and intelligent actress, Nina Dobrev, and her noble efforts to spread knowledge about the advantages of Obamacare to the masses (especially to the boob-loving part of the masses). In case you didn’t know, Dobrev posed topless in an effort to raise awareness for the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. that thing that everyone’s yelling about right now that really has nothing to do with boobs).

More on Nina baring it all for Obamacare after the jump…


Read more

Washingtonian Editor Resurrects Olbermann’s Online Angst


Washingtonian Editor-at-Large Carol Joynt has had the distinct pleasure of brushing up against and perhaps resurrecting ESPN’s Keith Olbermann fiery online temper.

In 2010 he actually suspended his Twitter account to cut down on the negativity regarding the way he handled the rape allegations swirling around WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In 2012, he banished his “Worst Person in the World” segment. The following year he brought it back.

Many Washington journos have encountered Olbermann’s online anger issues and frequently think of the encounters as more a badge of honor than anything else. This was Joynt’s virgin fight with the sportscaster.

What set him off?

Read more

FNC’s James Rosen Gets Marty’d. So Why is He Bristling About it?

Most journalists have a soft spot for Marty Rudolf, the online Political News Junkie with whom many Washington and New York journalists are well acquainted. To be sure, Marty gets personal. Not overly so, but still, personal. Every day he likes to strike up conversations by posing questions on Twitter such as, “Hi Betsy, how are things in the Fishbowl?” or  “@AdamSerwer Do you Enjoy being a News Reporter for ? I’m a Political News Junkie Online!”

Apparently Fox News’ Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen hasn’t received the briefing on Marty and responded to him with skepticism and a pointed accusation. Is there a more sinister side to Marty or is Rosen too jaded?

Read more

Black Ad Employee Sues WaPo for Discrimination

So far mums the word around WaPo about a federal lawsuit being brought forth by a black advertising department employee for age and race discrimination. The news first surfaced in a story by Evan Gahr for The Daily Caller published Wednesday. It’s his first freelance story for the publication. He says there are more to come.

Lawsuits can be complex so we’ll boil it down for you.

The Plaintiff: a longtime employee, David DeJesus, 59, who claims he was abruptly fired only to be replaced by a younger, white man. DeJesus has an 18-year employment record at WaPo and has won awards for his sales performance. At the crux of the suit is the treatment of DeJesus by his Caucasian boss, Noelle Wainwright, who he alleges treated him in a demeaning manner that she did not extend to white employees. According to the story, “DeJesus was actually reinstated at the Washington Post early this year following binding arbitration required by the paper’s union contract.”

WaPo‘s defense from court papers: “Some or all of Plaintiff’s purported claims are barred because, even if the Post were found to have considered any impermissible factors in any decisions or actions with respect to Plaintiff, which the Post denies, no such decisions were motivated by impermissible factors and the Post would have taken the same action regardless of any impermissible factors.”

Noteworthy: The lawsuit states that between 2009 and 2011 WaPo fired at least 18 black employees over the age of 40.

The status: Discovery reportedly begins later this month.

Who spoke to Gahr from WaPo and who didn’t? Read more

The Cult of Andrew Breitbart Rages On

Whenever Andrew Breitbart surfaces on it’s always a little eerie as he’s no longer with us. But for those who write for the site that carries on his legacy, he’s still very much alive, almost with an Elvis quality.

Yesterday writer Lee Stranahan displayed “never-been-seen footage” about Breitbart’s close friend, Brandon Darby, an activist and informant for the FBI. It’s a nine-minute clip for the new documentary film Informant.

“I was the second person to find out what had happened,” Stranahan told FishbowlDC in a phone interview, immediately bringing up Breitbart’s death. “Brandon called Andrew and the police answered the phone. That’s never a good sign. I had eight hours all night of not knowing what was going on. As the night goes on, you know this isn’t good. I sneaked in the last line something about Andrew’s kids.” The line: “Here’s hoping that for the sake of all our heirs, including the four children Andrew loved so much and left behind, that politicians and conservative activists will listen and learn.”

The cult of personality is real. “It existed after his death [rather] than before,” he said. “After his death suddenly everyone loved Andrew. I met him when he didn’t have a lot of friends.”

Stranahan said he wrote his piece in the middle of the night, when he does most of his writing, “It’s difficult when you write something like that because it’s very cliché,” he said of the line about his children. “Brandon wanted to write that piece. I kind of put it off until the last minute. As I was writing it I’m like, this is kind of a big deal.I didn’t want to put any reference to me in there at all. This is really bigger. It is really weird when it comes up. I just had this sense of there’s not going to be many more of these.”

Read more

TNR Grills NYT’s Jill Abramson; Editor Declares Politico ‘Evanescent’ in its Reporting

That story on NYT‘s Jill Abramson by Politico‘s Dylan Byers from April is the one that just won’t die. In it, he predicted her potential demise and wrote that a number of journalists in the newsroom didn’t like her brusque manner. “Just a year and a half into her tenure as executive editor, Abramson is already on the verge of losing the support of the newsroom,” he wrote.

Since then, NYT Washington Bureau reporters have discussed how the story actually helped rather than hurt Abramson, since so many have come to her defense since news of her potential downfall broke. The story has spurred a whole debate about gender in the newsroom — for example, while it’s perfectly newsroom charming for NYT‘s Dean Baquet to punch walls when angry, for Abramson, that might seem unseemly. Or else that brusque thing again.

When The Daily Beast reported that Abramson cried over the story, Byers tweeted it, earning him the title of “grossest” reporter by, ahem, Gawker, which adequately devoured the gross market by writing about Arianna Huffington‘s alleged pooping habits.

On Sunday the story was discussed again as NYT Public Editor Margaret Sullivan called it “unfair” and “unfortunate” and discussed what she perceived was the overuse of anonymous sources. And today, The New Republic’s Editor-at-Large  Michael Kinsley has a Q & A with Abramson that once again addresses themes from the piece. Their headline: “Grill Jill: The New York Times’ top editor on mean bosses, liberal biases, and the Post’s demise.”

Kinsley was quick to addresses her “meanness.” He also asked what she thinks of Politico. She never addresses Byers by name, but gives quite a shout-out to Politico‘s Maggie Haberman. Watch out Politico…they snagged Jonathan Martin. Might Haberman be next? Read more

CNN’s Piers Morgan Responds to Raunchy Tweet

A lot of us have been there.

Respond or don’t respond to a tweet that makes you want to drive your fist through the computer screen. Or maybe just cuss a little too much. Many think ignoring is the way to go, and they’re probably right. But some in the news business can’t always go that route.

CNN’s Piers Morgan appears to enjoy mixing it up with his gun-toting foes. An example: “Hey @piersmorgan , saw my neighbor walk in his front door with an AR-15 yesterday. Glad I have him for a neighbor!” a follower wrote. Piers retweeted by didn’t respond. But on Sunday he replied to a raunchy tweet that involved the t-word. Judging from the reaction, followers were neither surprised nor came down on him for it. His response appeared to only fuel the fire and trash talk.

Some weren’t pleased Piers even responded. But see how the bulk of fans reacted… Read more