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Photo Caption Contest

Caption This: A Shusteresque Father’s Day

Lefty radio host David Shuster enjoyed his first Father’s Day with newborn daughter Ayala and his wife, Kera Rennert, a producer for CBS News and Discovery Channel. “Kera took this picture of Ayala and me playing this morning on Father (5 days old),” he wrote FishbowlDC. “It’s definitely ripe for a caption contest if you want. Fine to tease/burn me…just spare the child!”

There you have it, Fishbowlers: a challenge. Come up with the best captions, don’t insult the baby girl and we’ll print the best ones. Send to or to


1. “You did WHAT at MSNBC?”

2. “My plan when I grow up is to write for Breitbart News and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

3. “Mom married YOU?”

4. “Daddy, I’m 5-days-old, I’m just trying to yawn. Can you stop trying to talk to me about the Republicans and the NSA?”

5. “Obama was born where?”

6. “I think Rush Limbaugh has a valid point.”

7. “Hopefully I’ll have Mom’s nose.”

8. “Is THAT how do you pronounce my name?”


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Project Fishbowl: S.E. Cupp and Who?

Yesterday WaPo published this photograph of MSNBC’s “The Cycle” co-host S.E. Cupp. But lurking in the background is a certain nugget of a reporter, Matthew Boyle, who works for So we thought we’d have some fun with some captions in a feature that takes after “Project Runway” with a fishy twist.

Peter Ogburn: 1. “I don’t think anyone has the heart to tell Boyle that it’s S.E. Cupp, not C-Cup.” 2. “Luckily, Cupp didn’t noticed the disheveled homeless man behind her.” 3. “Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket looks pretty good for his age.”

Betsy Rothstein: 1. “How YOU doin S.E. Cupp?” 2. “Hey S.E. have I told you about all those stories I did on the Dominican prostitutes? Impressive, right?” 3. “Hey S.E., it’s you and me and fast and furious, all night long.”

Care to weigh in? Write us at or send to me at

Caption This: Roland Reclines for Obama Speech

Last night video journo Liz Glover captured an intriguing behind-the-scenes CNN Contributor Roland Martin in a relaxed stance during President Obama‘s big speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Help us come up with thought bubbles for Roland by sending your captions to or to

1.Roland’s Rules: Get the best seat in the house and do whatever the hell you want.

2. “Wake me up when it’s over.”

3. “Can you all keep it down? Roland is resting.”

4. “I wonder what kind of underwear David Beckham will wear in his next underwear ad.”


6. “The Obama speech was so boring, not even Roland could stay up for the whole thing.”


Caption This: FNC’s Ed Henry on Convention Floor

FNC Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry shows off his snazzy cherry red pocket square on the Convention Floor in Charlotte. Here we see him taking a breather from the madness, chatting away on his cell. But who’s he talking to and what’s he talking about? Help us figure it out by sending in your captions to or to

1. “Do you see how fantastic my pocket square looks?”

2. “I’m down on the convention floor, so call me maybe”

 3. “I’ll take two large pizzas. Yes, two. With extra cheese.”
4. “Fox News is the bomb, mom, really.”
5. “Bret, I can’t hang out with you now, bro. Can’t you see I’m busy?”
6. “Listen Ali [Velshi], it was a one time thing and we can never do that again. Bret Baier is my new bromance and this is the last time we’re going to discuss this.”
7. “Yeah, it’s hard to beat perfection. The red in my pocket square perfectly matches the polka dots in my Brooks Brothers tie.”
8. “Listen Roger, you can’t tell me what to wear like you do my blonde colleagues. This is getting so tiresome. I’m not a piece of meat.”

Caption This

Today’s photograph is of the illustrious Paul Wharton of Real Housewives of D.C. and Paul Wharton Style fame. Wharton was sunbathing over the weekend and it looks as though he is busy sucking his stomach into the bowels of his lower back. Where was he? “At my pool on NY Avenue. We had a blast!” he told FBDC.

Send in your greatest captions and we’ll print the best ones. We would tell you to keep it clean, but it’s Wharton. So be as sassy as you want. Send to or to All submissions for this contest are anonymous unless otherwise explicitly noted.

1. Summer lovin’ had me a blast.

2. We always knew Paul’s nickname was “Lucky Pierre” (Google it.)

3. Clearly, Wharton is the ham in this sandwich.
4. Fergie, from the Black Eyed Peas, looks like shit these days.
5. Is that a curler in Wharton’s pocket or is he just in need of a relaxer?
6. Don’t even try to hide the African Shea Butter. My hair is going to need a serious deep conditioning after all this sun damage.

D.C. Mayor Gets Starry-Eyed

Yesterday we unleashed this photograph of Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray taken by WJLA’s Joshua Yospyn and asked for captions. Well last night they came rolling in. Here are some of the results of your creative minds. Anyone else get a sudden inspiration? Write us at or

1. “I like those stars. Want to see my Big Dipper?”

2. “Tits and Ass”

3. D.C. Mayor meets two of his favorite supporters.

4. Four boobs have a conversation

5. Constituent looks for more support from DC Mayor

6. “I hope you wore sunscreen because those are going to leave some interesting tan lines.”

7. “Your future is bright my dear, as are the stars shining in my eyes, truly captivating.”

8. “The stars have really aligned today, proving the power of Gay Pride in DC, I’m memorized by it all.”

9. “The DC flag has one more star”


Mr. Mayor Keep Your Chin Up!

WJLA’s Joshua Yospyn deserves an award for capturing the most awkward moment of the weekend Gay Pride parade. Here you have Washington Mayor Vincent Gray fighting to keep his gaze in the region of this woman’s eyes. If you have a funny caption, send it to us. We’d tell you to keep it clean but it this case that’s pretty futile … send to or to See WJLA’s complete photo album here.




Caption This

Last night during what is fast becoming our favorite new reality TV show outside of “Hoarders” and the “Bad Girls Club,” Politico‘s livestream show featured these two characters, Playbook’s Mike Allen and Chief Deputy Managing Editor Craig Gordon.

Write up your best captions for the above photograph and we’ll print them! Have fun and keep it relatively clean. Cussing is allowed within reason. Send to or to Your name will not be attached to the caption unless you explicitly say you want it that way.

Mike: “Craig, I have good news and bad news. Craig: What is it Mikey, your scaring me. Mike: The good news? I’m taking over the livestream show when [Jim] VandeHei leasts expects it. The bad news? You will have to hide the body.”

Mike: “Do you have my helmet-cam? It’s MobileMikey time.” Craig: “Oh. Em. Gee.”

Mike: “Craig, we know you ate all the Girl Scout cookies.”

Mike: “Have you stolen my Steadicam?”

“Craig Gordon looks like he’s about to receive his ass-whipping du jour.”

Mike: “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

“What the hell is that smell coming from Ben Smith’s old desk?”

“Great, now turn your head and cough.”

Mike: “Smells like teen spirit.”

Meghan McCain Caption Contest

MSNBC Contributor Meghan McCain thinks “Caption contests are always fun,” so she’s launched one of her own.

She posted this picture of the fam “from way back in the day” and invited readers to offer their best caption. She’ll announce the “winner” Friday, but lists no prize.

Might I suggest the winner gets to decide the number of years Meghan isn’t allowed to write her drivel? Better yet, how about the “winner” gets to suggest an editor for her keyboard vomit? Either way, everyone wins.

Here are some suggestions from me, leave yours in the comments.

“This baby girl just radiates ‘dumb.’”

“Perhaps the McCains should change their last name to ‘cow’ since Meghan has been milking it for years in lieu of actually accomplishing anything on her own.”

“Every big idiot starts off as a little one.”

“This photo documents the moment just before little Meghan was dropped on her head.”

“Scientists are studying this picture to find out if the flashbulb is somehow responsible for freezing little Meghan’s cognitive abilities at this moment.”

“Meghan’s diaper appears to be full of what her opinions will be in the future.”

Caption This

Today we’re feature Salon’s illustrious Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh from her appearance on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” last night. Come up with captions and we’ll print the best ones. Try to keep them clean but then again, it’s Friday. So go ahead, spill your guts.

Send your captions to or to All entries are anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

1. Joan “The Tin Man” Walsh says: “Please, please: get my oil can & oil me!”

2. “OMG! I just Googled Santorum! Yeech!”

3. Wow Mittens kept telling me that taking Beano would stop this from happening after eating beans and rice!

4. Luke Russert has size 13 feet?!? Damn.

5. “I’m getting that tingly feeling going up my leg just like Matthews over Obambi!”

6. “Yikes! That’s why they call you Big Ed?!”