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Stinky Fish

Scarborough Skips Politico For WaPo?

Everyone knows the relationship between Politico and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew is tight. Like really tight. Like Washington Times budget tight.

Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei and Chief Political Correspondent Mike Allen are regular guests on the program. They mention Politico stories incessantly. And show host Joe Scarborough has even had his own loosely-updated blog on Politico since the start of 2012. Occasionally, he also writes longer form opinion pieces posted to the front page.

Friday morning, however, Scarborough hopped over to Politico‘s main competitor in D.C: WaPo. At the same time, Allen playfully demeaned WaPo in Politico Playbook for being fashionably late on a story. ”WASH POST ON IT!,” his headline blared. “Front page TODAY (also leads homepage, in case ya missed everyone else’s stories the past couple days)” Allen linked to a WaPo story that took a deeper look at the dinner President Obama had with Senate Republicans.

For the last two months Scarborough and NYT columnist Paul Krugman have been fighting over whether the national debt really matters, via Scarborough’s show and their respective blogs at Politico and NYT. The two battled it out most recently on more neutral territory, Charlie Rose‘s show on PBS.

Krugman has gone back to his column and blog at NYT; Scarborough back to MSNBC and… WaPo.

In a Friday WaPo op-ed, Scarborough and Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of the Earth Institute, continued arguing that “deficits do matter.” Why not continue the argument on his tried and true platform at Politico? Read more

National Journal Gets Hacked

Atlantic Media employees received word earlier today that “unauthorized individuals” have obtained access to They first discovered this was happening on Feb. 28.

“Upon discovery, we immediately engaged an information security and forensics firm to assess any potential risk to our online readers–and to be able to let everyone within the company know what happened,” wrote Atlantic Media General Counsel Bruce Gottlieb in a company-wide memo to employees.

The Highlights… Read more

Trouble in Paradise? Politico’s Mark Walters to National Journal

Politico‘s relatively new SVP of Advertising Mark Walters lasted roughly seven months. Last May, Politico snatched him away from CQ Roll Call. Now he’s headed to National Journal. As we recently reported, Politico just hired Peter Cherukuri away from HuffPost to be their new SVP of Advertising. Looks like no love was lost on Walters, even if he did flee for a competitor.

Something smells fishy, no?

Last May, CQ Roll Call took the high road. In a statement, they thanked him for his service. Politico’s Roy Schwartz, meanwhile, wrote the following in an internal memo, in which he gushed about Walters.

“Mark brings 20 years of online and print sales leadership  and his unique background in understanding both the DC and National Influencer market will help our clients develop messaging inside DC and nationally.   Mark will report to me and will head up our world class advertising sales team.” 

A note from NJ‘s Chief Revenue Officer Poppy McDonald.

Read more

Incest Desk: A Lesson in Kissing Up With Howie Kurtz

Forget CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

A story on Wednesday’s Daily Download showcases a fine example of how one kisses up to founder Howard Kurtz.  Seriously, if a Web site could win a Pulitzer for the best suckup in 2013, this would be a hot contender. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the year is young.

No question that Kurtz landed a big scoop by interviewing Jill Kelley, the other other woman in the General David Petraeus sex scandal. It landed on Drudge after all. But does his ass really need to be kissed for writing a good story?

Enter Lauren Ashburn, Daily Download‘s co-founder, who often appears on his CNN show.

A snippet… Read more

Where Does TWT’s Solomon Really Work?

 If you listened to WTOP, you might not know that The Washington Times’ newest re-hire actually works for TWT. On January 15, TWT‘s new “Chief Digital Officer” went on WTOP and was described as working for the Washington Guardian, his apparent other gig. WTOP’s website lists Solomon as working for the Washington Guardian. Their on-air host also twice refers to him as working for the Washington Guardian.

What, is TWT small potatoes? “Chief Digital Officer” doesn’t exactly sound like a small role. Is the emperor not wearing any clothes?

Solomon, who was executive editor of TWT until 2009 when he left amid disagreements with other upper management personnel, was on WTOP to discuss military spending cuts. You’d think at some point he’d chime in something about TWT? Nope.

“Once we start these cuts it’s going to be very hard. … a lot of potential consequence down the road,” he said.

We reached out to Solomon for comment.

WaPo Misses Teen Rape Story: The Big Question is Why?

Last week a variety of news outlets reported that a teenage girl was raped by an Uber driver and that it was caught on tape due to surveillance cameras at a family’s northwest Washington home. The home, situated in an affluent neighborhood mere blocks from the National Cathedral in Cleveland Park, is nearby to where WaPo CEO Don Graham used to live.

And yet, guess which hometown publication had NOTHING on it? If you guessed WaPo, you’d be right. So much for local news. Right, Marty Baron, who is apparently crazy for local news, doesn’t start until January 2, 2013.

The order of reportage is as follows: The news first broke on a Cleveland Park listserv and was then reported by Popville, which covers D.C., on Dec. 14 at 3:50 p.m. Washington City Paper ran a story that same day at 7 p.m. but gave no credit to Popville. A site known as Nibletz also ran something that day — no specific time stamp. NBC Washington waited until that following Monday, a gargantuan three days after Popville, to run anything. They, too, gave no credit to the previous publications that had stories.

Why the lack of coverage by WaPo? Read more

Boyle Unloads On Holiday Parties: ‘Get Your Shit Together And Get Back To Work’

Breitbart NewsMatthew Boyle proved during his tenure at The Daily Caller that he’s a bit of a loose cannon as far as being a part of D.C.’s press corp. goes.

His news-gathering techniques demonstrated a certain contempt for the traditional way things work in the city; like the time he told a DNC spokesman if he didn’t respond to questions by deadline, he would essentially make up the answers.

In his latest demonstration of just how much he despises the D.C. culture., often viewed as exceedingly insular, Boyle posted a screed on Facebook against the most least threatening Washington feature of all: holiday parties.

“I can’t stand the damned D.C. holiday party circuit,” Boyle wrote on his own Facebook Wednesday. “It’s another example of everything that’s wrong with the Washington Culture.”

His rant continued… Read more

Camp Gretawire

In which we check in with Gretawire to see what Van Susteren is chatting about and what her boisterous fan club is saying back.

Take a gander at Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren “Gretawire” blog. She plays host to a community like no other.

In a morning post, Van Susteren ran a comment from one of her readers. Van Susteren had asked readers if their co-workers are “enthusiastic about their jobs.” The comments soon came pouring in.

Here’s the comment the reader left in full:

“I told you before, it is all about coming to work 10 minutes late, starrting [sic] to eat their breakfast at their desk, 3 breaks in the morning, microwave popcorn all day, taking smoke breaks, playing on the computer and iPhone, gossiping about co workers, alienating those that are trying to be productive and positive, and shutting down the computer 20 minutes before your shift ends to use the bathroom or whatever.”

Van Susteren highlighted that comment, urging readers to “run from” anyone who might resemble this reader in the work place.

And with that, another chain of responses from loyal readers. Here are the top six:

6. “Catgirl” finds chicken bones, gay diary:

“There was a person who used my desk at night after I left for the day. Every morning I’d come in and have to wipe off the coffee rings and crumbs. One day I was smelling something funny and I was looking all over for it. Seemed to get worse by the day… 2 or 3 days later I found the source… some chicken bones in a far dark corner under my desk.

“At one time I had temps coming in for the evening. One morning I found WordPerfect files w/strange names. Turns out the guy was keeping a journal of his gay exploits in great detail and presumably forgot to transfer them to a disk. I didn’t read them all… the first couple paragraphs were enough.”

Read more

Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Leading today’s gossip column in The Hill is a double bylined item on filthy rich philanthropist David Rubenstein, who last week compared pandas having sex to members of Congress.

The item is late — the forum where Rubenstein said the entertaining only for Washington comment was Thursday morning at The Atlantic‘s Ideas Forum at the Newseum. But worse than that, the gossip column is trying to use sex in a boring way and then doesn’t even bother to put the word in the headline. So the headline reads: “David Rubenstein: Congress reminds me of pandas.”

The meaning behind Rubenstein’s sexless remarks is that pandas only reproduce for three hours a day one day a year. Which, he says, is the amount of time that Congress works.

Hardly leaves us panting. Insert forced laughter here.

Correction: It’s worse than we thought. The interview with Rubenstein was actually Thursday morning, not Friday as we had it earlier.

TWT’s Brett Decker Calls it Quits

TWT has announced the resignation of its Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker. He has held the position since 2009. Among his predecessors are the late Tony Blankley and Tony Snow.

At least outwardly everyone is playing nice, although the release couldn’t sound more stiff and political. President and CEO Larry Beasley “thanked Mr. Decker for his contributions in furthering The Times’ reputation as a leading voice of conservative thought and opinion, and said The Times will continue to build on that reputation as it adapts to serve its readers in today’s fast-changing digital news environment.”

TWT is on the prowl for a new Editorial Page Editor. Until then… Read more