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Ben Shapiro On ‘Pro-abortion’ Feminists and the Men Who Love Them

Women, columnist Ben Shapiro has a message for you — if a guy is only interested in you because you’re a “pro-abortion” feminist, well then that’s just… nasty.

Such men probably only exist in Shapiro’s mind—a mind that, if it’s like many of his conservative buddies, seems a little too obsessed with women’s reproductive parts. This tweet is amazing for several reasons, the least of all being it’s fantastic depth of stupidity.

Shapiro manages to not just disparage women and pro-choicers in less than 140 characters, but men at the same time, all the while blaming the women he so obviously despises for what he sees as “gross” behavior by some weird men. Because… women have control over what other men do? It’d be fascinating if it weren’t so vile.

And  #brochoice, as stupid as the name sounds, actually refers to a men’s campaign by Choice USA that began with idea that maybe other men like Shapiro don’t know everything there is to know about women’s reproductive parts, despite the aforementioned apparent obsession.

The responses to Shapiro’s tweet say it all…

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This Week’s WTF Moments In The News

Every once in a while, you guys find stories so crazy we can barely believe what we’re reading. Here’s a round up of a few WTF moments from this week…

Wanted: Brand expert with shaved head and swastika tattoo

What’s a Mongolian neo-Nazi to do when rampant xenophobia, anti-semitism and racism just start going out of style? Rebrand as environmentalists! From Reuters this week: ”Based in an office behind a lingerie store in the Mongolian capital, the shaven-headed, jackbooted Tsagaan Khass stormtroopers launch raids on mining projects, demanding paperwork or soil samples to be studied for contaminants.” Given what a bunch of skinheads could be doing with their time, we’re sort of okay with this. Can’t wait until they hire their first social media editor.


The headline on HuffPost—69!—sort of said it all, at least until we read the lede: “And we have a weiner.” Wow. Double double-entendres aside, this story would stand on its own as a WTF moment for the sheer fact that it’s about a man and the 69 hotdogs he ate to win the annual Nathan’s hotdog eating contest on July 4. This is a contest they’ve been holding for almost a hundred years now because… we’re not sure why. Joey Chestnut, this year’s winner and a 210-pound 29-year-old, has taken first place six times now, and this year he even beat out his old record of 68 hot dogs set in 2009. And in case you were wondering, that’s 18 hotdogs more than the runner-up. Just reading this makes us sick.

The 27-year-old virgin and f**ked up bulldozing… Read more

Early Morning Hashtag Blather

Ever get bored when you’re home alone and start rambling to yourself about nothing particular or even that funny? But there’s no one around to hear what you say, so it’s totally, like, okay? Ever do that on Twitter? Yes, some of you do that all the time.

We don’t want you to stop, though. It amuses us endlessly.

Take Talking Points Memo’s Brian Beutler.

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This Week’s WTF Moments In The News

Every once in a while, you guys write stories so crazy we can barely believe what we’re reading. Here’s a round up of a few WTF moments from this week.

National Journal, Nearly One in Five Members of Congress Gets Paid Twice

The Story: Congressmen get paid, and some also collect pensions—lucrative pensions

WTF: This story may or may not be a big deal to you, depending where you fall on the political spectrum. Seems, though, if you work a job that promises you a pension and you put in your years of service—usually a lot of them, there’s not much of an argument for not collecting that pension. Unless, of course, you don’t actually put in your years of service. National Journal mentions Tea Party Rep. Trey Gowdy in South Carolina. There, if you’re a judge or state lawmaker, you can buy your years of service. Buy. It seems like that’s just what Gowdy did, but no one from Gowdy’s office had the balls to step up and actually admit it. “So, in 2011, the year after he rode the tea-party wave into Congress promising to slash government spending, he reported $88,432 in pension income—one of the 10 largest in Congress,” Congressional reporter Shane Goldmacher wrote.


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This Week’s WTF Moments In News

Every once in a while, you guys find stories so crazy we can barely believe what we’re reading. Here’s a round up of a few WTF moments from this week.

The Daily CallerTruck-mounted radiation death ray: coming soon to your local KKK?

The Story: Two Klansman planned “Hiroshima on a light switch.”

WTF: So people—and in the context of this story we use that term loosely—are now building truck mounted death rays? Forget the truck part, even. Just… death rays? Do we really have to say anymore about this? More on this insanity from The Atlantic Wire, Talking Points Memo and others.

No, you should not stop eating just because Jesus and Gywneth Paltrow did…

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National Review Editor No Longer Dizzy

National Review Editor Rich Lowry really opens up in a recent interview with Politico‘s Patrick Gavin for his famous “Answer This” interview this week. No, not really. He forgets to tell a joke and reveals that his wife shops at Saks. Still, when asked to name his favorite body part, Lowry says it’s his sexy inner ear. He explains, “I took a spill during a misbegotten attempt to learn how to play hockey a few years ago. You don’t know what a wonderful thing it is not to feel dizzy unless you have spent some time walking around feeling dizzy.”

Read the full thing here.


Where Is Breitbart News’s John Nolte Getting His Intel?

The latest in a series of scandals rocked the Obama administration Thursday, when it was reported that the National Security Agency has been collecting hoards of Verizon phone records. Most people learned about that one, first reported by The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald, and other scandals by way of the news media.

But Breitbart News‘s John Nolte has other means of intercepting this type of intelligence, it seems.

“Media didn’t break IRS, AP, Libya, or Verizon stories — But we did learn Romney cut some kid’s hair a half-century ago!” Nolte tweeted Thursday, referencing a 2012 WaPo report on former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

We’ve requested comment from Nolte on how he learned about any of the scandals, if not for the news media. After all… Read more

Which Politico Reporter Qualifies for an Episode of ‘Hoarders’?

An alert to NYT reporters in the Washington, D.C. bureau: Consider this a polite warning. Politico‘s Jonathan Martin, who will soon join your clutches, is a messy colleague, and the proof is in the pictures. And if you think this is just a matter of him packing up and leaving, when life tends to be a shitstorm, his colleagues tell us a different story.

We hear that his workspace has been a disaster area for quite sometime, with JMart (as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews refers to him) often leaving things sprawled out beyond the hemisphere of his desk for colleagues to potentially trip over. To be fair, we’ve received word that Martin’s desk is now relatively clean, but that doesn’t mean that salami slices aren’t hiding in there. Hoarders” producers may still have a project on their hands once he moves.

“The mess was like that forever. Always,” said one of the nameless souls, who says NYT colleagues should also look forward to one of JMart’s notorious newsroom “outbursts.” Of the mess, it was explained, “People had to step over his shit littered in the aisle for years. It’s actually disconcerting to see it in its cleaned-up state. It’s as though it makes it real that he’s leaving.”

Perhaps his new colleagues should purchase surgical masks and strategically place orange cones around his new desk at the NYT?

Above is Martin’s actual desk in recent days with a note of graphic creativity by FBDC’s Austin Price. See all the pictures we obtained of his desk and the request for comment we sent him earlier today. Seriously, his desk area looks like it was hit by a cyclone. So far, his response is deafening silence. Read more

Mystery: Did ‘Miss A’ Ban Fat Fashion?

A screen shot of what appears to be an email response written by Andrea Rodgers, founder of the style site Ask Miss A, landed in our inbox Thursday. “Oh please no,” the alleged email reads. “I really don’t want any plus size fashion on the site.”

Really? How could the editor of a website heralding the tagline “Style Meets Charity” come off as so uncharitable? Mean, even.

A search of Rodgers’ website for the term “plus-size” does render results on clothes for larger women. Examples:

  • Chance Fashion: The Second Annual Plus Sized Fashion Show At Neighbours In Seattle, 4/13
  • CurvyGirls Bridal, 7/12
  • Wendy Williams Outs Our Fear of Fat, 11/10

So, has Rodgers made a recent editorial decision to ban fat fashion? Read more

WTF? With Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis, who writes for The Daily Caller and The Week, wasn’t invited to deliver the commencement address at any ceremonies this year. But what’s that to stop him from writing 1,200 words of “advice” to new graduates anyway?

In a Monday column for The Week, Lewis offered what was meant to be a series of tips for young people entering the work force and generally speaking, the real world. Instead, it reads more like a personal diary, chronicling Lewis’s own life struggles (he once worked at a gas station) and bits of wisdom from other writers.

An excerpt:

George Santayana observed that Americans don’t solve their problems; they leave them behind. As I became a father, this really hit me hard. Naively, I had believed that I had mastered things that I had merely outgrown. But when you have kids, you rediscover (and relive) your weaknesses.

Here’s a trivial example. For at least fifteen years of my life, I went to a building every day that had some sort of basketball court attached to it. Despite the fact that my dad had been a high school star, I’ve always been a lousy player. But there was no escaping this game, which seemed inexorably tied to my life. And then one day, I graduated. Since I didn’t become a P.E. teacher or something, I have never had another occasion to play basketball. Until now. 

Now I have a son. He will surely play basketball. I may have found a years-long respite from my hardcourt weakness, but in the form of my children, I will have to confront again the weakness I never mastered.

Take that to the bank, graduates. Or your local Public Welfare office. Whichever place will give you more bang for that what the f*** sermon.

It turns out Lewis’s piece reads like a personal letter to himself because… Read more