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Archives: March 2011

Ezra Discovers a “New” Meaning to Wonk

Ezra Klein‘s je ne sais quoi never ceases to amaze us here in the Fishbowl. Approximately one hour ago, the lead Boy Bander and liberal WaPo blogger chose to share this incredible insight with the rest of us. Well, not us us since he’s blocked us, but a trusty FBDC reader who alerted us.

In a tweet, he writes, “A reader e-mailed to inform me that ‘wonk’ spelled backwards is ‘know.’ I like that.”

DC Debbie (dare we ask who she is) gets on his case, writing, “@ezraklein re: wonk and know. If you rode the DC metro you would know that… it’s a huge ad campaign.” Debbie is a self-described “do-gooder, do-badder, cleavage-exposer, homo-lover.”

But my personal favorite reaction comes from Randall Hoven, a retired Boeing tech fellow, who writes, “Ezra” spelled backwards is ‘arze.’ I like that.”

We’re giving Ezzy a gold star for this one.

U.S. News & World Report Seeks Top-Notch Business Analyst

Are you a Jack (or Jill) of all trades with an analytical brain? U.S. News & World Report is looking for a highly skilled business analyst to join its team.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for overseeing advertising network relationships and performance, and managing lead generation and other revenue partnerships on a day-to-day basis. You’ll also troubleshot operational issues, and examine the company’s websites to come up with ways to maximize revenue.

To be considered, you should have a resume that reflects developed quantitative analysis skills, in addition to experience dealing with Web analytics. The ideal candidate is a team player, who is familiar with HTML, Omniture, Google Analytics and DoubleClick. Born leaders and passionate solution-seekers should apply here.

For more openings and employment news, follow The Job Post on Twitter @MBJobPost.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Declaration of the Evening

“I’m honored to be a fake one of you.” The last line of Larry Wilmore‘s speech at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner last night. He’s a comedian correspondent on The Daily Show.

Piers likes Charlie

“I do like him. He hasn’t killed anyone. He’s not a Nazi. Guy likes to party.” — CNN’s Piers Morgan at above dinner last night when pressed by FBDC on whether he went too easy on Charlie (pronounced Chah-lee in British-speak) Sheen in his recent interview with the actor.


“I would rather be lying in my bed. This is supposed to be the junior prom to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner but this was more like a middle school dance.” — CBS’s Christine Delargy at Wednesday night’s Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner after party.

Journos’ constant refrain…“If you really are using anything, I would very much appreciate you NOT using my name.”

Roland plans prom attire

“It will be an Ascot, but it will be something different.” — TV host Roland Martin at the Congressional Correspondent’s dinner last night on what he’ll don to the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. He wasn’t wearing his traditional ascot last night, but instead a black, custom-made Chinese frock.

A journo waxes poetic

“A cloudy, blue gray dawn – the color of slate- washes over the Potomac River as crew teams row beneath Memorial Bridge. Good morning DC.” — NBC Washington’s Jim Long in a Thursday morning tweet.

Scribe handles meaty issue

“PETA wants San Francisco to change name of Tenderloin neighborhood to Tempeh District. Tempeh is soy-based meat substitute #HotlineSort” — NJ‘s Executive Editor of the “The Hotline” Reid Wilson in a Thursday morning tweet.

Morning Slap: Rep. Quayle Insults Politico, Reporters Fire Back at Freshman Congressman

There was a collective gasp amongst Politico reporters at last night’s Radio & TV Correspondents’ Association Congressional Dinner last night as freshman Rep. Ben Quayle took to the stage and skewered them.

While they laughed about it at the after party, the chuckles weren’t without irritation. “He sucked,” said one Politico reporter on condition of anonymity.

Quayle, a Republican from Arizona, had sharp words for Politico: He called the publication simply the “worst” media outlet in history. “It’s a little weird for me to be speaking at an event that’s sponsored by the media,” Quayle told the crowd in the Convention Center ballroom. “Although I come from a newspaper family, we seem to have a strained relationship with press. Strained is a polite word for troubled. And the press is a generous term for Politico. You know, it took everything I had not to refer to Politico as the worst media outlet in history. It’s not that I don’t believe in that assertion, but I don’t want to get into hyperbole.”

Another Politico reporter, Dave Catanese, went on record saying he thought Quayle’s performance left something to be desired after Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s (D-N.Y.) speech, but said, “We respect Quayle’s continued clicks on and welcome them in the foreseeable future. You can’t have a big Washington event without a [joke at the expense of] Politico.”

Even @FakeJimVandeHei (the real Executive Editor of Politico was not in attendance) had a barb for Quayle: “Did he spell it POLITICOE? #burn” he wrote in response to our reporting of Quayle’s jab.

Watch the video at RealClearPolitics here.

Today’s Most Popular Stories 3.30.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for March 30, 2011:

Washington Post: On NBC, the missing story about parent company General Electric

Washington Times: Cash for Clunkers 2: The Return of Government Motors

Washington Examiner: Schumer coordinates Dem budget attack on GOP

USA Today: ‘Absurdly deep’ Sierra snow great news for dry California

The Hill: Republicans to grill FCC chief on Google ‘Wi-Spy’ probe

Politico: Poll: Obama’s approval hits new low

Roll Call: Members Collect Many Unpaid Tickets

National Journal: GOP Lawmakers Say Warren Played a Bigger Role Than She Claimed

Talking Points Memo: Sarah Palin Rips Into Daily Caller For Not Featuring Her Quote High Enoug

The New Republic: Wag What Dog?

The Daily Caller: Report: Bill Maher doubles down — calls Sarah Palin the ‘c’ word

White House No-No’s: Balloons, Deodorant, Smoking and Pointed Objects

With White House spring garden tours come stiff rules of what a guest can bring on the grounds.

Logistics: The White House will open its gardens and grounds to visitors on Saturday, April 9th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on Sunday, April 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Visitors can view the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden and the South Lawn of the White House. The Kitchen Garden will also be accessible. Tours are free and open to the public; but ticket is required for all (including small children). The National Park Service will give free, timed tickets at the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion located at 15th and E Streets on each tour day beginning at 8:00 a.m. Tickets will be distributed — one ticket per person — on a first-come, first-served basis.

Good thing POTUS is chewing on those celery sticks these days because “smoking” (apparently now an item) is not allowed on the grounds of the  White House.

Items not allowed on the White House grounds:

Aerosols of any kind
Animals (except guide dogs)
Backpacks (oversized)
Beverages of any kind
Chewing gum
Duffle bags/suitcases
Any pointed object
Electric stun guns
Food of any kind
Knives of any kind

Something Old, Something New…

Something old:  Peter Cherukuri

Huffington Post’s Peter Cherukuri will celebrate his birthday tonight at Hudson Restaurant.  The aging VP and General Manager of HuffPo’s DC bureau will wave goodbye to his youth while taking in the tunes of the resto-lounges “Sinatra Night.”  The music begins at 7pm and ends at midnight.  But we wouldn’t recommend showing up late – given the birthday boy’s age, we anticipate an early end time.

Something new:  Story Partners’ New Hire Happy Hour

Tomorrow evening Amos Snead and the crew from Story Partners will toast to the new members of their team: Anne Brady, Mary Elizabeth Margolis, Mollie O’Dell and Steven Place.  The happy hour will be held from 6:00-8:00 PM at Bobby Vans Grill on New York Avenue.

Radio-Television Dinner Coverage

This afternoon we’ll be posting sparingly as we prep for tonight. Later we’ll be back online covering the newly named Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner at the Convention Center. We’ll also be live-tweeting the affair throughout the evening at @FishbowlDC.

As it goes at these events, anything can happen. If you’re attending the festivities and want to write us and whisper about what’s going on at your table, do so on Twitter or at, or

Sincerely, FishbowlDC Management

Roll Call Saves Desk Space for Ex-Reporters

Word apparently didn’t make it down the food chain that some CQ-Roll Call reporters wouldn’t be needing desk space in the new vast digs across from the bus station at 1st and K NE. Former reporters like Jackie Kucinich, now at USA Today, and Elizabeth Brotherton, got desks anyhow. Roll Call‘s former less spacious newsroom was adjacent to Union Station near the Dubliner. The new space, said to be really nice, houses CQ and Roll Call reporters.

An innocent mistake, we’re sure, the desks were tagged with their names and waiting for them. Below is a snapshot of the new cubicle-laced workplace posted online by Roll Call Associate Editor and investigative reporter Paul Singer.

WaPo Offers Unique Chance to be Stepford Reader

WaPo is offering a special deal to its readers: a chance to live in the Stepford-type town of Ladysmith Village, “conveniently located between Fredericksburg and Richmond.” Sorry, no relation to Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

But the place sounds perfect. Maybe a little too perfect. It includes:

  • a resort-style pool
  • nature trails
  • 120 acres of open space
  • something called a “South River Sanctuary”
  • an on site elementary school (perfect for replacing all the Village children with robots ala Stepford)
  • homes starting at $180,000

The tagline: “Maybe it was the swing on my very first porch or the welcome basket left beside it. Either way, I knew I was home.”

Home conjures so many images. There’s “Desperate Housewives” or David Lynch‘s “Blue Velvet,” where all seems normal but something dark lurks within. Or “The Truman Show” where everything is so pleasant, masking the simple fact that you’re living a lie.

Take advantage of this WaPo deal at your own risk.