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Roll Call Asks Readers to Choose Upcoming Coverage

Roll Call

Have a suggestion for which House and Senate races Roll Call should cover in the run up to the midterm elections? Perfect! Because they have a poll for you to help guide their coverage.

“Unfortunately, there are still a few races we haven’t covered yet from the ground — and we’re running out of time,” writes Shira T. Center, Roll Call’s politics editor. ”We’d like help from you, our readers, to pick two of Roll Call’s final campaign stops this cycle.”

The outlet has asked readers to choose whether Alexis Levinson will cover the Senate race in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, and North Carolina and if it’s sending Emily Cahn to California’s 52nd, Colorado’s 6th, Nebraska’s 2nd, New Jersey’s 3rd, New York’s 11th, or Minnesota’s 8th.

Interesting approach. Vote here.

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The DC’s Alexis Levinson Jumps to Roll Call

Alexis Levinson, formerly of The Daily Caller, will now cover Senate races for Roll Call, Editor-in-Chief Christina Bellantoni announced today. Levinson had a similar beat at The DC, breaking news about Rep. Phil Gingrey’s Senate campaign staff exodus and traveling to New Hampshire and South Carolina to cover the presidential race.

Bellantoni also announced that Kyle Trygstad has been promoted to Associate Politics Editor. He will continue to serve as lead reporter on Senate campaigns as well.

Allie Robinson was also brought over from CQ as a Copy Editor. Check out the whole memo after the jump…

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Female Journo’s Note to Self: Don’t Wear Skirt on Day You’ll Need to Crouch

Newsweek-The Daily Beast reporter Miranda Green was struggling with her wardrobe Monday. Specifically what she soon realized was her poor choice of wearing a skirt during tragic and intense news coverage of the Navy Yard shooter.


Her biggest worry?

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Daily Caller Reporter Learns to Fight

After being mugged for the second time in her life, Alexis Levinson didn’t take up martial arts. She spent a weekend at Kelly McCann‘s civilian training course in Frederickburg, Va., for “Kembativz.” It’s an intensive self defense program that specializes in “pounding the fuck out of people,” in the words of the McCann, the main trainer.

Levinson, a reporter for The Daily Caller, wrote about her experience at great length in a Tuesday story headlined “A weekend at Kelly McCann’s Kembativz civilian training center.” The course is three days long and Levinson did it twice– once in January and again this past weekend. She took the course after being mugged in November in the Eastern Market area. She was ambushed, thrown to the ground and kicked while her stuff was taken.

Asked if she feels like she could adequately kick someone’s ass the next time an attempted mugging occurs, she said maybe.

“There are some things that just hurt whether you’re 6 feet tall or weigh under 100 pounds,” Levinson told FishbowlDC. “That was actually the whole point of the course — it wasn’t about being able to beat someone up, but rather about being able to do enough damage to the attacker that they are no longer a threat to you. At which point you run.”

Of the things that “just hurt,” Levinson singled out getting hit in the neck. “Getting hit in the neck really, really hurts,” she said. “Like, I never really thought about that as place to hit someone, but it’s really painful.”

Levinson writes in her story that finding her inner anger was one of the more difficult points of her training. She’s apparently more of a lover than a fighter at heart. Until she was paired up with the exotically named KajaRead more

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


CNN Senior Photojournalist Mark Walz in a Tuesday tweet writes that he “is sitting in the White House press room thinking about what to do next.” Walz, who works out of the White House, has one of the most beautiful Twitter background’s we’ve seen. His handle is: @MaiTaiMark. Above is a photograph we found that he posted on April 11. A little over a week old — but worth it.

Distracted scribe finds comfort in fudge

“Drowning my writer’s block in fudge. #fat” — The Daily Caller‘s Alexis Levinson in a Tuesday tweet.

A Major conversation with Sheen

“So @charliesheen just asked me to tweet him my full name for tix to 2-nite’s DC show. Duh, Warlock you don’t already have it?” — NJ‘s Major Garrett in a Tuesday tweet.

The Observer

“Jessica Yellin looks tiny on the Sit Room set in wideshots.” — Mediaite TV Editor Mark Joyella in a Tuesday tweet about CNN’s National correspondent Jessica Yellin.

Web producer finds way to improve matzoh

“Found a way to make matzoh good: drown it in chocolate and caramel. L’chaim!” — Politico Pro Web Producer Alex Guillen in a Tuesday tweet. Clarification: Guillen originally wrote that @sarahkliff (a Politico reporter who covers health care policy) actually found the chocolaty matzoh goodness. Good catch Guillen! Phew.

Damn sneaky reporters

“Going thru pen & pad sign in sheets-thanks to joker who signed in as “Brad’s Mom” with the ‘Dayspring Weekly.’” — @CantorPress (official Twitter feed for House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in a Tuesday tweet.


“Actually not on @TheLastWord tonight, but watch anyway! You’ll learn stuff.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Tuesday tweet.

Blogger relishes in book’s arrival

“It takes so long to get to this point that it’s tough to feel the way I thought I’d feel  (carthwheels and all that), but I feel something special just the same.” — Blogger and Q & A Cafe Host Carol Joynt in a Tuesday Facebook update and post on her personal website. She received her first copy of her book “Innocent Spouse” today. It’ll be in book stores May 10.

TV friendly journo commits necessary act: a hair cut

“Got my hair did. You know what that means….” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart in a Tuesday Facebook update.

An Office Bonds Over Cigars and Dead Birds

The Daily Caller staff went hunting this weekend and bonded over blue skies, cigars, smiles and dead birds – and a lot of them there were. At the helm was Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, an avid hunter, who led them to a hunt club in West Virginia. Sadly, reporter (and our favorite Daily Baller) Mike Riggs did not partake in the weekend shoot.

When the partridge chose which field to seek cover in on Saturday morning, they were dead birds walking. Executive Editor Megan “Oakley” Mulligan, and Director of Business Development Peter Burns won the day, with over ten birds between them.

Guns shot by The Daily Caller family:

30-30 Winchester
Colt .45 semi-auto pistol
scoop 22
The judge
.22 rifle

Among those who fled to the woods on Saturday…White House reporter Jon Ward, and reporters Jeff Winkler, Alexis Levinson and Amanda Carey.