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What Will Journos Remember Most About Michele Bachmann’s Presidential Campaign?

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) ended her presidential campaign Wednesday morning following a dismal finish in the Iowa Caucuses. Countless journalists will miss seeing her throughout the rest of the primary. She was fun, feisty and fabulous, if at times factually challenged — she did confuse John Wayne for John Wayne Gacey — but who cares? It was part of her charm. Still, her memory lives on.

We posed the question to Washington journalists — what will you miss most about covering Bachmann? Here’s what they had to say.

Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly‘s senior political writer, told FBDC in an email he appreciated the national discussion Michele and her husband Marcus raised concerning his work with a Christian clinic, which reportedly practices reparative therapy for gays. As for a report from WaPo Thursday speculating that Michele may retire from the House, Geidner said, “We’ll have to wait and see (her on Fox News).”

And WaPo‘s Aaron Blake, who hails from Minnesota remarked, “Hearing that lovely Minnesota accent, dontcha know. Now I’ll have to watch ‘Fargo’ or worse, call my relatives, to revisit my roots.”

TWT columnist Emily Miller pointed us to a piece she wrote Wednesday: “It’s certainly a relief that the debate stage will be less crowded,” she wrote, “but it’s worth noting what has been lost: the Tea Party’s highest-profile opponent of Obamacare.”

In late December, Bachmann ran a campaign blitz through Iowa, stopping in each of the state’s 99 counties within 11 days. Human EventsTony Lee told us he’ll miss that energy. “Sometimes, I could not help but wonder if she had more body doubles than children when looking at her schedule of events,” he said.

But Bachmann’s flamboyant doggy sunglasses shopping hubby may be missed just as much as the candidate. “Marcus.” That’s the only word The Daily Caller‘s Alex Pappas responded with when we asked what he’d miss most about Bachmann’s campaign.

Pappas’ colleague Jeff Poor said he’ll miss watching MSNBC’s Chris Matthews‘ analysis of Bachmann now that she’s out of the race. “It was like a boy pulling a girl’s pigtails, but instead with an overweight aging male,” said Poor.

Sean Bugg, also of Metro Weekly, was hoping Marcus could bring that sense of style to the White House. “What I’ll miss most is Marcus, especially now that we know what his eye for accessorizing would have brought to the White House. It would have been just like another Jackie Kennedy,” he said.

RCP‘s Erin McPike: “Eyelashes?”

Agence France-PressOlivier Knox: “She is truly one of the most impressive ‘retail’ politicians I’ve ever seen, who worked to build a rapport with every voter at her meet-and-greet events in Iowa. Also? The Christmas carols she played from her bus’s loud speakers.” and BigGov Columnist Derek Hunter: “Her earnest delivery of every line, her Biden-like verbal flubs, and Marcus, sweet, sweet Marcus. But what I will miss most is the staring contest she had with the nation during every debate… Those eyes were hungry, and the only meal that could satiate that hunger was the White House. Now those eyes will be forever hungry, forever yearning.”

The Hill‘s Alex Bolton: “I’ll miss all the traffic she drives to The Hill’s website, which keeps my editors in a good mood.”

American Spectator blogger and New Media Strategies’ J.P Freire: “A candidate that cites (late Austrian economist) Ludwig Von Mises.”
Anonymous D.C. Journo: “I will miss watching her being asked a question NOT about health care (Guantanamo Bay detainees, the U.S.-China relationship, black holes in space) and somehow correlating that to ‘ObamaCare.’”

Anne Schroeder Mullins, media consultant and formerly with Politico: “Won’t we all miss Marcus the most?”

TPM‘s Evan McMorris-Santoro: “Who’s gonna say ‘Anderson’ now?!” (Santoro is referring to the countless times Bachmann tried grabbing the attention of CNN’s Anderson Cooper during a GOP debate back in October.)

Julie Mason, host of SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S: “I will dearly miss her soothing, mellifluous elocutions — like a soft, wet ear-kiss.”

TWT‘s Anneke Green: “The shot at having a First Gentleman.”

RIP for now, Bachmann campaign. Gone but not forgotten.

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Washington Toasts Chris Licht

Licht, Brzezinski, Mike Allen, Mark Leibovich, Louis Burgdorf

If the idea of Mark Leibovich‘s impending book release strikes fear in your heart, we’ve got some bad news for you.  You’re sleepless nights won’t end anytime soon.  “I’ve finished about five pages,” the star scribe told FishbowlDC last night at a book party for “Morning Joe” EP- turned-CBS News VP, Chris Licht.

Hosted by Tammy Haddad, Constance Milstein, Jon Meacham and Kevin Sheekey, the event packed the parlor of the Jefferson Hotel with a guest list that included MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, CBS’s Chris Isham, HuffPo’s Howard Fineman, Bob Woodruff, Hilary Rosen, Politico’s Jim VandeHei, Patrick Gavin and Mike Allen, WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart, Sally Quinn, MSNBC’s Louis Burgdorf, Kelley McCormick, MTP’s Betsy Fischer, Janet Donovan, Wash Life’s Kevin Chaffee and John Arundel, Examiner’s Nikki Schwab and Anne Schroeder Mullins.

FishbowlDC also caught up with a delightful David Shuster who shared a few secrets about his investigative website project after we swore to keep the info offline for now.  But the most interesting insight of the night was gleaned from what wasn’t said:  When asked if “Morning Joe” might follow him to CBS, Licht swerved and ultimately dodged the question, leaving guests to wonder if the show’s rumored move is more than simple speculation.

For info on Licht’s book, “What I Learned When I Almost Died,” click here and check out video from his bash here.

L: Anne Mullins, Patrick Gavin, Brzezinski, Scarborough R: Licht & David Shuster

Republican Strategist Alex Castellanos asks a question during Q&A.

*All images by Bruce Vartan Boyajian/Haddad Media.

Howard Fineman Offers to Light Himself on Fire

New York Social Diary blogger Carol Joynt‘s upcoming Q & A Cafe needs audience members. And she’s not above lighting a fire, so to speak, under friends and colleagues to get them to come. HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman, the upcoming guest for Feb. 25, is willing to do what he can to attract guests. When Fineman saw the plea, he remarked, “Should I promise to light myself on fire? Or I can discuss the history of my hair…”

Fire might be off putting. But his hair has a historical richness. In Feb. 2009, then-Politico‘s Anne Schroeder Mullins wrote a piece about Fineman’s transition from orangey-gray hue to just gray. The story revealed that part of the reason Fineman stopped fighting his locks was because his wife said she had always wanted to sleep with a gray-haired man. At a lunch last month at Art & Soul, FishbowlDC overheard some women gushing about Fineman’s locks.

Read Joynt’s plea letter….

See more details. Make reservations at the Ritz by calling 202-912-4110….

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DeLorenzo Sells Third TV Project

Todd DeLorenzo is feeling pretty lucky.

The former chief of staff to James Carville and Mary Matalin and former chief of staff to Secretary Dan Glickman at the Motion Picture Association of America has sold his third television project, which has been greenlit for a pilot, this one to TBS.  DeLorenzo sold two previous projects to Lifetime Television and HBO.

DeLorenzo will be working with writer, producer and director, Ron Shelton (“Bull Durham,” and “Blue Chips” fame) and is currently the founder of Poliflicks, a D.C.-based production company and is a partner with former Politico reporter, Anne Schroeder Mullins in her new communications start up, ASM & Co.

More details here.

Mullins Leaves U.S. News & World Report for Washingtonian

Luke Mullins has left U.S. News & World Report after three years to become a senior writer at Washingtonian magazine. He will cover sports, business and education.

He began his new job Monday.

(If his last name strikes a familiar chord, Mullins is hubby to former Politico reporter Anne Schroeder Mullins, who recently left the publication to start a PR firm.)

Brian Wilson’s Undoing at Fox News Part of ‘White Men Behaving Badly’ Culture


FishbowlDC obtained further details about what happened inside Fox News that led to Brian Wilson‘s suspension. Wilson was an anchor and reporter at Fox News. He allegedly has not been at work for two months, sources say.

As of last week, insider reports reveal that Wilson went haywire when a producer tried to replace a shot in one of his TV packages. Wilson reportedly “yelled” and “kicked a chair.” The producer then went to Human Resources to report the incident. Next thing you know, Diane Brandi, of legal affairs in New York, comes to Washington. Sources say Fox News employees said they wouldn’t feel comfortable if Wilson returned to Fox News. One woman told HR that “it’s the corporate culture that covers up for these white men behaving badly.”

> UPDATE: More clues as to why Wilson is parting ways with Fox News. In July 2007, a story in Politico by Anne Schroeder Mullins reports that after less than six months into his stint as Bureau Chief, Wilson had to write a letter of apology to Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), for using B-roll of him that was supposed to be B-roll of then-Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) (who, as some recall, hid $90,000 in cash in his freezer.).

Politico Hires ‘Scandalous Sex’ Writer for Click

Karin Tanabe quit her job as managing editor of Washington Life on Friday. At the moment, she’s on a jaunt out of the country, but soon she’ll return for a features position at Politico‘s Click. We hear that she’s replacing Anne Schroeder Mullins, who left Politico to start a media consulting business.

As for scandalous sex, it’s true. She’s working on a book about scandalous sex in Washington. But it’s unlikely that she’ll bring that genre to Click.

Tanabe has side gigs: She has blogged for HuffPost Style. She also has a blog called, a daily blog she writes with Stacey Pfarr, a Washington Life columnist, in which the women sarcastically thank people — for example, Pfarr thanks McDonalds for letting her “urinate within their walls,” and Tanabe thanks Toyota’s Camry for the back seat of her boyfriend’s car that they use on hot summer nights.

Read Tanabe’s blog sample below:


Find out Tanabe’s likes and dislikes after the jump…for instance, she’s not a fan of rodents with tails.

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NYT Reports on Politico Burnout

burnt out.jpeg

In an article by Jeremy Peters today the New York Times looks into the burnout rate of reporters for online news outlets – most specifically, Politico.

Peters talks to Jim VandeHei and John Harris who disclaim the notion that Politico is sweatshop but don’t deny tales of VandeHei pacing between desks while questioning which reporters have recently broken news.

Peters also checks in with former Politico reporters Helena Andrews who refers to the outfit as “boot camp” and Anne Schroeder Mullins who shares the story of co-workers frazzled by an April Fool’s joke that may have hit too close to home. Check it out here.

The Week in Birthday Wishes

Three members of the media celebrate their birthdays this week.
We wish them all a very happy birthday.

coconut cream pies.jpg

1. “The Takeaway’s” Capitol Hill Radio Correspondent Todd Zwillich (Tuesday)
2. Former Politico scribe Anne Schroeder Mullins (Tuesday)
3. HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington (Thursday)

Zwillich described his as a “quiet” birthday. “Painfully low key,” he said. “Who throws down on Tuesday in this town? There is some very loud and totally earnest karaoke in my near future, though, I promise you that.” Schroeder Mullins, meanwhile, reported in that she was at the beach: “I’m lucky enough to be in Nantucket for my birthday, which is how I’m celebrating.”

Huffington was the most tricky to nail down on birthday plans. But she’ll be celebrating at a restaurant in “downtown” Manhattan with family. A spokesperson told me, “Arianna will be part of a one-on-one discussion with The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta re new media at the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) Digital and Social Media conference in NYC. She’ll spend the evening having an intimate dinner with her family.”

> Update: More details…we hear Huffington’s family dinner will be at a restaurant where the chef is known for his local, organic cuisine.

VandeHarris Say Schroeder Mullins is ‘Natural Connector’

Politico’s Mike Allen has the word on what the publication’s top brass has to say about the departure of Anne Schroeder Mullins, who, as we’ve reported, is leaving to start her own firm.

John Harris and Jim VandeHei thank her: “Anne Schroeder Mullins was here even before there was a POLITICO, one of the original hires … Having caught the entrepreneurial bug at POLITICO, she has decided to go into business as a consultant. It’s a safe bet she will be a very successful one. Anne is a natural connector, one of those people who seems to know everyone and everyone seems to know. She has great intuitive skill at reading people and relating to them, and she has become a very shrewd student of Washington. These were valuable assets to her as a columnist-and one of the charter members of the CLICK team-and they are going to be valuable to her in this next adventure.”