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Today’s Most Popular Stories: 09.16.10

Each day Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for September 16, 2010:

Washington Post: Gunman kills himself, mother at Baltimore hospital

Washington Times: Geithner: China has moved a little on exchange rate

Washington Examiner: Distraught Hopkins gunman killed himself, mother

USA Today: Michael Grimm: ‘I just never thought of winning this’

CQ Politics: NRCC Ad Buy Strategy Takes Shape

The Hill: Reid: Coons, ‘my pet,’ will win

Politico: Democrats spend on anti-health-reform advertisements

Roll Call: Jesse Jackson Jr.: I Know What It Takes to Run Against Emanuel

National Journal: Baucus To Offer Plan On Extensions Next Week

Gallup.Com: Bush Still Takes Brunt of Blame for Economy vs. Obama

Talking Points Memo: Delaware GOP Chair Releases Statement On Primary — Doesn’t Say O’Donnell’s Name

Politics Daily: Eight Lessons of the 2010 Midterms

The New Republic: Lord Help Us, Palin Is Running For President

The Daily Caller: Gingrich hits back at critics of his ‘anti=colonial’ comments

Foreign Policy: Torture: The stain that doesn’t go away, and the effects it keeps having

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Today’s Most Popular Stories 09.15.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for September 15, 2010:

Washington Post: O’Donnell’s primary victory is a win for…the White House?

Washington Times: D.C. Mayor Fenty loses to Gray in Democratic primary

Washington Examiner: Gray says he’ll be reaching out to unify

USA Today: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 a huge step forward

CQ Politics: Ayotte Wins N.H. Senate Nod

The Hill: GOP leaders scramble to mend fences after Delaware upset

Politico: Christine O’Donnell, Delaware winner, bashes ‘cannibalism’

Roll Call: McCain Threatens to Block Defense Bill

National Journal: Democrats Get More Bullish On Deal

Gallup.Com: Americans More Pessimistic About Emerging From Recession

Talking Points Memo: Rush Limbaugh Apoplectic Over Rove’s O’Donnell Diss

Politics Daily: Meryl Streep to Raise Money for Embattled National Women’s History Museum

The New Republic: Republicans Reap The Whirlwind

The Daily Caller: Tea Party Nation: grassroots candidate shocks establishment GOP candidate in Delaware

Foreign Policy: France’s real threat from within

Today’s Most Popular Stories 09.13.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for September 13, 2010:

Washington Post: Police fatally shoot dog at Adams Morgan festival.

Washington Times: Fiorina refuses to run as a moderate

Washington Examiner: The public hates almost everything Congress has done

USA Today: Lady Gaga explains her VMA raw meat dress

CQ Politics: What A Difference A Month Makes For Castle

The Hill: Big party week for the Obamas

Politico: Midterm Bieber fever

Roll Call: Say Goodbye to ‘Most Powerful Speaker’

National Journal: Senate Race Rankings

Gallup.Com: Among Recent Bills, Financial Reform a Lone Plus for Congress

Talking Points Memo: House Dems Will Not Force Vote On Middle Class Tax Cuts

Politics Daily: Congress Returns to Washington With Everything on the Line

The New Republic: An Apology

The Daily Caller: Boehner says he’d support a middle-class tax cut

Foreign Policy: Bad Billionaires

Today’s Most Popular Stories 09.09.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for September 9, 2010:

Washington Post: Iran to release 1 of 3 American hikers held on spying charges

Washington Times: Obama concedes poor economy threatens Democrats

Washington Examiner: Illegal immigrant indicted for murder in nun’s death

USA Today: KFC tries to revive founder Colonel Sanders’ prestige

CQ Politics: Palin Backs O’Donnell in Delaware

The Hill: Biden: Bush deserves ‘a lot of credit’

Politico: Barbara Boxer aide charged with possession of pot

Roll Call: Murkowski Likely to Lose Leadership Spot if Campaign Continues

National Journal: Dems Breaking With Obama’s Economic Plan

Gallup.Com: Consumer Spending Across All Income Groups Down in August

Talking Points Memo: Showdown In The City: Incumbent D.C. Mayor Fenty On The Ropes

Politics Daily: Colin Powell Says Ground Zero Mosque Should Go Forward

The New Republic: The Second Coming of 1994, by the Numbers

The Daily Caller: 9/11 Koran burning ‘disrespectful’ and ‘disgraceful’, Hillary Clinton says

Foreign Policy: Suicide bombing rocks North Caucasus

Today’s Most Popular Stories 09.07.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for September 7, 2010:

Washington Post: Petraeus condemns Fla. church’s plan to burn Korans

Washington Times: Transit strikes hit France, London

Washington Examiner: Hugh Hewitt: Interests of younger, older teachers clash in November

USA Today: Yahoo Sports: Reggie Bush will be stripped of Heisman Trophy

CQ Politics: Arizona: Club for Growth Backs Schweikert

The Hill: At least 70 House seats in play, says Obama’s campaign adviser

Politico: How the House would be won

Roll Call: One-Seat Majority Is Democrats’ Bottom Line

National Journal: NATO Chief Affirms Afghan Transition Plan

Gallup.Com: Business Owners Still Lead in Wellbeing Among Job Types

Talking Points Memo: The Odd Confluence

Politics Daily: New York’s John Hall: A Rocky Reelection Road for a Rock Legend

The New Republic: You Say Recession, I Say Depression

The Daily Caller: Obama: They talk about me like a dog

Foreign Policy: We’ve had these Karzai problems before

Today’s Most Popular Stories 09.02.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for September 2, 2010:

Washington Post: White House considers pre-midterm package of business tax breaks to spur hiring

Washington Times: GOP wary of peaking too soon, despite lead

Washington Examiner: New evidence undermines feds’ case against Arizona

USA Today: Coast Guard backs off report of oil sheen from Gulf platform; firm says ‘no blowout or explosion’

CQ Politics: Sloan Wages Quixotic Campaign Against Norton

The Hill: Pence says Republican majority would move first to extend Bush tax cuts

Politico: Sarah Palin rips ‘impotent’ reporters

Roll Call: HOH’s One-Minute Recess: One Way to Raise Campaign Cash

National Journal: Dems Seek Answers On Gulf Explosion

Gallup.Com: Republicans Hold Wide Lead in Key Voter Turnout Measure

Talking Points Memo: The ‘Un-American’ Results If Republicans Really Force A Government Shutdown

Politics Daily: Justice Department Sues Tough Arizona Sheriff in Discrimination Probe

The New Republic: Let’s Play Counterfactual: What If Stimulus Had Been Bigger?

The Daily Caller: NAACP launches coalition watchdog site to ‘monitor’ Tea Party ‘racists’

Foreign Policy: The global fallout we’d face from an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuke plants

Today’s Most Popular Stories 09.01.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for September 1, 2010:

Washington Post: Discovery building hostage situation ends with suspect James J. Lee fatally shot

Washington Times: Va. governor declares state of emergency for Hurricane Earl

Washington Examiner: How Democratic Congress threw away advantage over GOP

USA Today: Apple unveils new line of iPods, revamped Apple TV

CQ Politics: Texas: Edwards Defends Department of Energy

The Hill: Police kill suspect in Discovery Channel building standoff

Politico: Senate control hinges on unlikely trio

Roll Call: Republicans Eye Murkowski’s Leadership and Committee Slots

National Journal: Labor Rolls Out Election Sprint

Gallup.Com: Americans Give GOP Edge on Most Election Issues

Talking Points Memo: All The Cool New Stuff From Apple Today

Politics Daily: Stimulus Plan In Hindsight: Did Obama’s Agenda Hobble Economic Recovery?

The New Republic: The PICTURE: Unknowns

The Daily Caller: Capitol Hill panel discusses Americans’ misunderstanding of Islam

Foreign Policy: What was Hamas thinking?

Today’s Most Popular Stories 08.31.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for August 31, 2010:

Washington Post: Obama says Oval Office address will not be a ‘victory lap’

Washington Times: Indian court reopens Bhopal case

Washington Examiner: Education secretary urged his employees to attend Sharpton’s rally

USA Today: Who’s taking a spin on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

CQ Politics: AFSCME Drops Second Ad In Nevada Targeting Heck

The Hill: Obama may call Bush before Iraq speech

Politico: Democrats seek separation from Nancy Pelosi

Roll Call: Price, Campbell Acknowledge Ongoing Ethics Probe

National Journal: Boehner Hits Obama Ahead Of Oval Office Address

Gallup.Com: U.S. Consumers Pulling Back on Spending in August

Talking Points Memo: Focus On The Family: Anti-Bullying Efforts Are A Gay Front

Politics Daily: Obama in Oval Office Address: Iraq War Combat Mission Is Over

The New Republic: Malkin Unhappy, Obamacare Rattling Insurers. It’s All Good.

The Daily Caller: New Left Media uses Trojan trick to get interviews

Foreign Policy: Excerpts from tonight’s Presidential address on Iraq

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day


Business reporter endorses lobster truck

“Endorsing @Lobstertruckdc — more than worth the 25-minute wait and price ($15) for this delicious pile of lobster claw meat. #dcfood”
- AP Business writer Daniel Wagner in a Monday tweet.

Phonetic overboard

In a town where the mexican restaurant menu has a phonetic pronunciation guide. Taquitos-Tah-key-toes, Quesadilla-Kay-sah-dee-yah
- WaPo personal finance writer Nancy Trejos in a Monday tweet.

Not even writing headline for this…

“I just saw a Chuck introduce himself to a Todd. That was really weird.”
- NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Luke Russert in a Monday tweet.

D.C. writer gets favorite granddaughter status

“Emergency trip to DC to pick up Grandpa and Great Aunt Dee at Beck rally almost done. This is why I’m their favorite grandchild.”
-FishbowlDC Contributor Ashley Estill in a weekend tweet during Glenn Beck rally.

Reporter apologizes for self-promoting

“Be a fan on facebook! (sorry, some self-promotion.)”
- Newsweek‘s Howard Fineman on Twitter. Find his Facebook page here.


Today’s Most Popular Stories 08.30.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for August 30, 2010:

Washington Post: After Washington rally, Glenn Beck assails Obama’s religion

Washington Times: Changes urged for troubled U.N. climate panel

Washington Examiner: Hugh Hewitt: Seventy percent of Americans know they’ve been conned

USA Today: Record number in government anti-poverty programs

CQ Politics: DCCC Hits Duffy on Social Security in First IE Ad

The Hill: Ron Paul questions whether there’s gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed

Politico: The bill for Agent Orange comes due

Roll Call: Libertarians Won’t Allow Murkowski to Run as One of Them

National Journal: Senate May Consider Stem Cell Legislation

Gallup.Com: GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot

Talking Points Memo: Gallup: Republican Congressional Ballot Lead Highest Ever

Politics Daily: Obama Responds to Glenn Beck Rally, Doubts About His Own Religion

The New Republic: Beck on Top

The Daily Caller: ‘Reclaiming the Dream’ rally touts liberal causes, slams Beck

Foreign Policy: Obama goes after Kim Jong Il’s creature comforts