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A Rare Party in Washington

Donning a dark suit from the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, Editor-in-Chief Brett Decker spent much of Monday in a mild state of panic before the big evening launch party. Creating a new publication can do that to a person. So could launching it on the day of a terrorist attack when parts of downtown Washington were in lockdown mode. Still, Rare, the new conservative news outlet banked by Cox Media Group, successfully rolled into town this week with an elegant cocktail party at the Newseum. Guests pass through a gauntlet of drinks, as pictured above. Turnout was high — about 250. The mood was low-key but buzzing with a specialty bourbon drink with honey and lemon and miniature tureens of Butternut Squash soup.

Rare‘s Publisher Leon Levitt was in full mingle mode. “We think there’s an opportunity for a strong conservative voice that’s not mean spirited,” said Levitt, senior veep at Cox. Really, never mean? “I think you can have an edge without being mean,” he replied.

Though Levitt’s clearly on the business side of the operation, he studied journalism at the University of Las Vegas in 1979. Asked what he learned there, he said, “The most important thing is honesty and integrity.” Then he leaped into the state of journalism today. “We have made journalism much more time-starved,” he remarked. “If you can find the 25th hour in someone’s day, you win.”

Soon enough we got down to the business of asking the members of Rare‘s staff to name the rarest thing about themselves. It’s not an easy question — you don’t want to seem like a pompous prick and yet you’d like to think there’s something worth mentioning. As we reported earlier in the week, American Spectator Editor Bob Tyrrell struggled with the question and finally declared he wasn’t a narcissist like ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner and had no response. He told us to bug his wife, Jean, about it. But she slipped away before we could grill her.

The first person we approached, Rare‘s Managing Editor Tabitha Hale, had an easy time with her answer. “I’m a bit of a hippie,” the long wavy hair blonde in the vintage-style low-cut dress said. “I was raised by Dead Heads.” She spent six years in Nashville working in publishing followed by stints at Freedom works and The Franklin Center. With the tattoo “Love” cascading down her left arm, it was clear she wasn’t a typical political Washington type. She told us she has two other tattoos — one, Ephesians 6, 12 and 13 on the top of her foot; the other she wouldn’t initially discuss (our imaginations went to bad places) but ultimately she said it was something tribal on her back.

Anneke Green, a Rare contributor, also didn’t have to think too hard. “I have a motorcycle, an ’86 Rebel 450,” she said. “They only made them for two years.”

Read about more rarities, see who showed up…

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American Spectator Editor Has Thoughts on Weiner

There’s no way to write “weiner” or “Weiner” without it sounding dirty. Turns out it’s difficult to even discuss former ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) without at least one penis joke popping into the conversation.

Such was the case last night at the launch of the new conservative media outlet, Rare, at the Newseum where American Spectator founder Editor-in-Chief Bob Tyrrell was mingling and toasting his longtime friend and Editor-in-Chief Brett Decker (both pictured at right). Asked if he was worried about Rare digging in his readership, he remarked, “I’m not nervous about much of anything, especially after a glass of wine.”

The longtime conservative Washington editor reasoned, “Financially we’re a lot stronger than the liberal media. Rare is starting out, I think it looks very promising.” Tyrrell joked about the Washington Post constantly changing it’s bottom line. And what about TWT‘s ongoing financial issues? “They’re still coming out everyday,” he replied.

Turns out Tyrrell is quite the talker after a little vino. We’re not suggesting he was inebriated, just that he was ready to let his hair down a little and dish, especially on the recent NYT Magazine story about Weiner. Asked to name the rarest thing about himself, Tyrrell hemmed and hawed and struggled to come up with an answer. Instead he said, “Answering this question assumes that I’m a narcissist. You want a narcissist? Ask Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. Weiner? Hell, he’ll even send you a picture!”

Asked if he’d read the lengthy weekend magazine story on Weiner, Tyrrell said that there have been a shocking three NYT stories on Weiner in recent days, including a piece by Frank Bruni. “I found it soporific,” he said of the magazine feature (which means it induced drowsiness, much like a narcotic). “He’s interested in you women, so how you feel about him matters.”

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American Spectator’s Swingin’ Annual Dinner

The vast right wing conspiracy gathered last night at the Capitol Hilton under the auspices of its annual Robert L. Bartley dinner in honor of the late, thought to be great WSJ editor. A who’s who of the right: T. Boone Pickens, Publisher Al Regnery, Editor-in-Chief Emmett Tyrrell Jr., Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, former Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld. The Weekly Standard‘s Executive Editor/Fox News Contributor Fred Barnes won the Barbara Olsen award for Journalism named for the former prosecutor/pundit who was married to Solicitor General Ted Olson and who died in the 9/11 plane that hit the Pentagon. Others spotted in the crowd: RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Americans for Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist, and WSJ‘s James Toronto. TWT Editor Sam Dealey was elected to the Spectator‘s board of governors.

Guests feasted on braised short rib cannelloni and petite fillet, caramelized spaghetti squash, haricot verts, chantarelle mushrooms, and banana and coconut bread pudding with walnuts. And booze, lots of it.

They were serenaded by a  roaring 20s swing by Alex Donner and his orchestra.

Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin: The Three Best Friends Anyone Could Have

ATH.jpg “It’s Rush, it’s Sean, it’s Mark – they have an amiable exchange.”

Bob Tyrrell, editor-in-chief of The American Spectator magazine, could go on and on about how he believes conservative journalists ought not snipe at one another or cut one another down. And he does in his new book, After the Hangover: The Conservatives’ Road to Recovery. He adopts a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude. In his book and in his interview with FishbowlDC, he takes a variety of sharp digs at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a former conservative member of Congress.

Let’s review: Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, FNC’s Sean Hannity and conservative radio host Mark Levin: GOOD GUYS. (Rush Limbaugh’s a funny man. They don’t deny the existence of one another.”)

But MSNBC’s Scarborough? “Scarborough is one of those superficial figures,” Tyrrell told FishbowlDC. “He has no deep conservative roots. He was a lawyer who got lucky in Florida and got himself elected. He’s an opportunist, too. He’s another one who has gotten his way diminishing conservatives.”

Tyrrell’s thoughts on FNC contributor and former GOP V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin: “I think she’s awfully pretty. ‘How’s that hop-y chang-y thing working for her?’ I thought that was a clever line. Put her in Bartlett’s [Quotations]. I take her as a spokesman [SIC] for conservative principles.”

Tyrrell, thankfully, forges on.

“The whole debate over whether she is going to become president of the United States shows you how infantile American media is,” he said. “It’s a silly discussion. For serious people who know anything about the history of politics,” to say a less than one-term governor is going to be president, “they really got to be smoking something illegal. I know a lot of attractive women and they don’t have to be president.”

That’s not to say Tyrrell couldn’t imagine a female president, even one dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’. “I accepted Lady Thatcher as Prime Minister. I encouraged her to start a second career here. I like Joan of Arc. I like a woman on horseback.”

Onto the purpose of his book.
Tyrrell said during the President Bush years that Republicans “spent like drunken sailors (and I mean no offense to drunken sailors) and they got just what they deserved.”

Tyrrell, not surprisingly, gives high praise to Fox News, and says it’s more profitable than all other networks combined. “Now we have a counter culture in this country led by Fox News,” he said.

But does he watch Fox News? No chance in hell. In fact, he barely watches any TV. He deems reading and writing higher, more sophisticated, higher intellectual ways to spend one’s time. “I don’t have to watch a lot of television to know about it,” he said. “I don’t have to jump off a building. Don’t tell me I have to sit in front of a television set all day to know what’s flickering on it.”

Tyrrell concluded, “I don’t expect television to live up to the standard of serious writers. I’m just telling you my hierarchy of values.”

Read the nasty stuff Tyrrell writes in his book about Scarborough after the jump…

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