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C-SPAN’s Sentimental Signoff to Hitchens

This morning C-SPAN walked down memory lane as they recalled VF‘s Christopher Hitchens‘ various appearances. They tell an amusing story about Canadian American journo David Frum meeting him for the first time and his initial reluctance to like him. They show a touching clip from his last appearance on the network in which he tells interviewer and CEO Brian Lamb that he couldn’t bear to not visit England one more time.

You don’t want to miss this one. Watch here.

C-SPAN’s Lamb Wins Gaylord Prize

If Washington had a sidewalk of stars, C-SPAN Founder and CEO Brian Lamb would surely be on it. He has won the University of Oklahoma’s prestigious Gaylord Prize for Excellence in Journalism. He’s the third person to win the award.

Lamb will accept the prize and speak at a luncheon on Nov. 8 in Oklahoma City. OU President David Boren, who served 16 years in the Senate, backed Lamb for the Gaylord Prize in recognition of “his achievement in founding and leading C-SPAN as the first 24-hour network covering Congressional proceedings.”

Congratulations to Lamb.

CBS’s Knoller Takes Sides in Gridiron Fuss

CBS White House Radio Correspondent Mark Knoller took to Twitter tonight to express his angst about Saturday night’s Gridiron dinner. The famous event has never allowed cameras in. It is, however, on the record. This year’s dinner is ruffling more feathers than usual amongst some journalists. President Obama is among the featured speakers, and those like Knoller believe all types of journalists ought to be allowed in. USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page, this year’s president, stated repeatedly this week that the sentiment behind the rule is that not allowing cameras, blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking helps “respect the history and tradition of the 126-year-old event.” Once the dinner is over, she has maintained, any of the many journalists who attend can write what they please.

Knoller feels otherwise. As does C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb, who sent a letter to Page this week. As does ex-MSNBCer David Shuster, who attempted to dress down Page on Twitter, saying, “The distinction is illogical and beneath you, Susan.” He was referring to the distinction between TV and print.

Knoller’s remarks from earlier tonight:

“This weekend: Pres. Obama attends the Gridiron Dinner, one of the annual press banquets, but one that doesn’t allow full press coverage. // Members and guests at the dinner can report on the proceedings, but the Gridiron won’t allow TV news coverage, not even C-Span. // C-SPAN is the straightest arrow in the journalistic quiver & just wants to cover the Gridiron event, but is barred from doing so. // It puts members of the Gridiron in the indefensible position of staging a presidential event, but barring full press coverage. // There are great reporters among Gridiron’s members, journalists I respect, but they know better than to block presidential coverage. // We in the media rightfully object when the White House or a political committee bar full press coverage of a presidential appearance. // Two instances over the past 2 weeks: TV news coverage was barred at DSCC and DCCC fundraisers addressed by Pres Obama. // Reporters shouldn’t be the ones blocking full news coverage.”

It Wouldn’t be Springtime in Washington Unless…

There was yet another C-SPAN request to gain access to the town’s famous Gridiron dinner. And another denial.

C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb wrote to USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page, president of this year’s event: “It wouldn’t be springtime in Washington if the Gridiron Club didn’t hold it’s annual dinner and if C-SPAN didn’t renew it’s quarter-century old request to cover your event.” In short, he said, “It’s time. The public clamors for openness and transparency in Washington…”

But every year, the Gridiron Club has said no.

Page told FishbowlDC: A lot of people don’t understand the coverage rules of the Gridiron Dinner. Just to review: The Gridiron Dinner is on the record, start to finish. While we don’t allow reporters to come solely for the purposes of covering the dinner, the ballroom itself is stock full of journalists, starting with the 65 members of the Gridiron Club and also including many of our fellow reporters, editors and others. Anyone who attends is free to write about the dinner, the speeches and the satirical show.

However, we ask those who attend not to take photos or shoot video, and we ask everyone to refrain from filing, blogging, tweeting or updating their Facebook status until the dinner is over. We believe this respects the history and tradition of our 126-year dinner, and it preserves the ambience of the evening. In the 25 years I’ve been in the club, I’m only aware of four people who have ever violated these requests. We respect C-SPAN and its persistence is seeking to bring TV cameras into our dinner, and we have respectfully declined.”

Read the full letter from C-SPAN.

WaPo‘s Sally Jenkins Smokes up C-SPAN

WaPo sports columnist Sally Jenkins knows her subject matter so well that C-SPAN interviewer Brian Lamb must have presumed she once played sports.

The question resulted in this:

Lamb: “Did you play sports in college?”
Jenkins: “I played in high school. I smoked in college.”

She’s talking cigs, not pot, and she stopped after “several years.” A great line, nonetheless.

Despite living in New York, Jenkins talks with Lamb about sports writing for a D.C. audience. “One of the fun things about being a sports writer in Washington is that you’re read by the most interesting people…The mail is fascinating; military guys, generals, congressmen, senators, judges…It’s fun to write to that audience.”

Jenkins, who has been at WaPo for 25 years of her career and continuously since 2000, tells Lamb her father was a sports writer. Sports was always on at her house. “I don’t think I ever considered writing about anything else,” she said.

In addition to her column, she’s written books with Lance Armstrong and Pat Summitt, a women’s basketball coach at the University of Tennessee. She says she loves ghost writing, which is a “funny genre. It’s very interesting to write in someone’s voice and to sort of see life through their eyes.”

You can watch the full “Q&A” interview on C-SPAN Sunday night at 8 and 11 p.m.

C-SPAN’s Lamb is Not so Quiet

November 9, 2010: C-SPAN sends a letter to incoming House Speaker  John Boehner pushing the allowance of its cameras in the House Chamber to add a “journalistic element” to daily TV coverage of floor debate.

Feb. 3, 2011: Boehner denies the request.

Today C-SPAN Chairman and CEO Brian Lamb responds to Boehner:

“We’re disappointed to learn that despite 32 years of experience with televising its sessions and in an age of ubiquitous cameras in political life, the House of Representatives has chosen not to allow C-SPAN’s cameras into its chamber to cover its sessions. We continue to feel that the public is best served by seeing a more complete picture of the legislative process than what’s delivered by Congressionally-controlled cameras and will continue to work with Speaker Boehner and other leaders in the House in hope of one day gaining access on behalf of the media.”

Bo Obama is not Attention Starved


Watch out Paris Hilton. Bo Obama’s name recognition is soaring, and at this point he’s nearly as famous as you are – cocaine arrest and all.

Bo Obama has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, in many a White House Pool Report and on the pages of daily newspapers around the globe. Now, thanks to an unsuspecting question by C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb, the Portuguese Water Dog has graced the airwaves of C-SPAN.

And he (Bo) just seems to not let it all affect him much. He hasn’t so much as asked for teeth-whitening.

In a recent interview with President Obama in the Oval Office that aired last week, Lamb asked: “Where in the White House do you find yourself the happiest?”

And just like that, Bo got a nice shout-out. “I will say the South lawn is spectacular…Every once in a while Bo runs by and that’s always cheerful. They say if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. Well, I’ve got one and it’s a pretty good friend.”

Watch the clip here.

Intern Zonks Out During Morning Journo Chat

student sleeping.gif A rough day, indeed. First, you spend the morning at C-SPAN visiting with Founder Brian Lamb. Then you sit around a conference table at the Boston University House on Connecticut Avenue in Woodley Park listening to 90 minutes of details and guidance about the fall internship you’ll be doing.

Some 20 Miami of Ohio interns endured what proved to be a grueling schedule this morning designed by Fox News’s Congressional Reporter Chad Pergram, who has been mentoring his alma mater’s D.C. summer interns for several years, but was not there today. During the classroom chat, The Hill‘s Washington Scene blogger and In the Know gossip columnist Christina Wilkie gave interns what Pergram describes as a “pastiche” of what to expect here in Washington.

One intern didn’t fare so well. He fell fast asleep during the classroom chat, but at one point jarred himself awake to ask a question about starting a literary/poetry blog. Thankfully the remaining interns stayed awake. Luckily the designated future intern for The Hill kept it together and took notes.

Pergram says he has never witnessed an intern with this program zonk out in the past. Cheryl Gibbs, the Miami of Ohio journalism professor who is leading the fall internship program, concurred, saying that this kind of situation is not typical. “There may be a medication side effect,” she told FishbowlDC. “It’s frustrating for me. If it is medically related, that’s what we have to deal with. When you’re in a program like this, you deal with the whole person. And it doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a problem we’re trying to work through.”

C-SPAN’s Mortman on Vacation

Question: Why doesn’t C-SPAN cover this stuff – relentlessly?

Here’s C-SPAN’s Director of Communications Howard Mortman having a good old time with Minnie and the gang. Does C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb know this is what Mortman is up to this week in Orlando?


Sen. Byrd Flips the Switch in 1986

Byrd C2.jpg

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WVa.) flipping the switch for C-SPAN2, on June 2, 1986 (with C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb and then-president of C-SPAN Paul FitzPatrick). As an historical fact, Sen. Byrd was instrumental in Senate TV, which is why this photo was taken.