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WSJ’s Mullins and Farnam Take Swipes at Media

WSJ‘s Brody Mullins and WaPo‘s Tim Farnam accepted the National Press Foundation’s Dirksen award Tuesday night at the Washington Hilton along with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and CNN’s Dana Bash, who also won awards. The WSJ award-winning story involved congressional travel overseas. Farnam was formerly with WSJ.

In their acceptance speech, Mullins and Farnam took hard, humorous jabs at members of D.C.’s media, including a right hook to WaPo‘s Marcus Brauchli (pictured at left) that some considered a low blow. There was also that cutting remark about Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller. (Formerly with Politics Daily; once flacked for indicted Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas). In 2006, Mullins won his first Dirksen award for his piece, “Behind Unraveling Of DeLay’s Team, A Jilted Fiancee,” which discussed another ex-DeLay flack, Michael Scanlon, who was formerly engaged to Miller (pictured below).

A speech excerpt:

Brody: Tim and I want to thank the National Press Foundation for this honor. And we’d like to thank the Mayor, who was here with us earlier. For providing us transportation in a beautiful black Navigator. I can’t believe – on such short notice – that he was able to find one that — complied  — with our requirement for a grey interior. As Cissy said, this is the second time I’ve stood on this stage and it’s remarkable to see how much has changed in just four short years in the media establishment here. For example — Four years ago, Marcus Brauchli was overseeing the decline of one of the most prestigious newspapers in America. Today, Marcus is overseeing the decline of one of the most prestigious newspapers in America.

Farnam: Four years ago, Mike Allen was staying up all night so he could email inside scoop to his closest friends.   I’m sorry “Friend/Sources.”

Brody: Four years ago, the bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal was … Jerry Seib.

Farnam: Four years ago, the Washington press corps was a self-absorbed, insecure bunch who only cared about hobnobbing with the political elite. And that was before Emily Miller got her press pass. Four years ago, the newly elected Chairman of the Oversight Committee was busy with a high-profile investigation into allegedly improper emails sent by Republican staffers.

(When we requested comment, Miller asked only, “Who’s Farnam?” “After being told he is a Washington Post reporter, Miller said ‘I’m surprised that the Washington Post‘s editors would allow him to defame a fellow reporter.”)

More Mullins and Farnam as well as the C-SPAN video…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Charlie and the Goddess: From @CharlieSheen’s Twitter account, which now boasts 775,225 followers.

Charlie Sheen Fever

Many reporters in and around Washington were glued to their TV sets as we watched yet another round of Sheen’s “Sober Valley Village” on ABC’s 20/20 last night. This only left reporters ravenous for more, which we got this morning on NBC’s Today Show.

“I guess I shouldn’t be laughing my ass off, but I can’t help it — watching 20/20.” — Albuquerque Journal Washington Bureau Chief Michael Coleman in a Tuesday night tweet.

“Ok, ok I swear this is the last Charlie Sheen tweet of the week for me. This is hilarious. Live the Sheen Dream.” — NBC4 reporter Craig Melvin in a Tuesday night tweet.

“Hey @charliesheen, feel free to BCC me on reporter inquiry emails.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a double-edged tweet Tuesday night regarding both Sheen and the debacle between Rep. Darrell Issa‘s now fired flack Kurt Bardella and Politico and Bardella’s leaking emails to NYT’s Mark Leibovich for a book he’s writing on D.C. culture.

“Charlie Sheen has ruined Twitter.” — D.C. Attorney Kevin Reiss in a Tuesday night tweet.

Forget it. No one’s flipping the channel

“About to make an inaugural appearance on @gretawire shortly after 10:30. Tune in if you can.” — The Hill‘s Mike O’Brien pleading for people to watch him on TV Tuesday night right smack in the middle of the Sheen interview. Please.

In what may be our favorite tweet of Tuesday night…@FakeSantorum scolds former Salon Editor and now Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh for RT Sheen tweets: “@joanwalsh Is it even NECESSARY to RT Charlie Sheen tweets? Most of us are following at this point anyway.”

Waking up to Charlie, who has one speed: Go!

“Charlie Sheen said he would do no more interviews after yesterday. Now he’s back on the Today show. That lasted long.” — The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz in a Wednesday morning tweet.

“Charlie Sheen is up! Keep in mind it is 4:30am in Los Angeles.” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart in a Wednesday morning tweet.

“Dear @abc, @cnn, @abc, @nbc, @fox: Just. Say. No. No more Sheen, please.” — National Review Online‘s Greg Pollowitz in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Journo virtual love

“@mitchellreports I wanted to congratulate you personally but got intimidated by adoring mob surrounding you — see you soon.” — ABC News’s Jake Tapper in a Tuesday night tweet complimenting NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on winning an award at the National Press Foundation dinner that night. To which she replied, “@jaketapper big virtual hug and many thanks.” (A big virtual hug? Is Washington getting weird or what?) Tapper also gives love out to CNN’s Dana Bash: “Congrats to @DanaBashCNN on her #NPF Dirksen award and even more so for her pending baby!!!” (WSJ’s Brody Mullins, CNN’s Bash and NBC’s Mitchell all won Dirksen awards at the National Press Foundation dinner.)

Scribe suggests Bardella for Newt

“Newt needs to settle on just ONE megalomaniacal spokesman to overhype his candidacy to the press. Maybe Kurt Bardella?” — The Atlantic‘s Josh Green in a Tuesday night tweet.

NJ‘s “The Hotline” praises NYT for anti-Politico story

“For many reasons, @jeffzeleny and @shearm win the night.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” Executive Editor Reid Wilson in a Tuesday night tweet.

Dirksen Awards: Revealed

Dana Bash, senior Congressional correspondent for CNN and reporters Brody Mullins (Update: Both Bash and Brody are two time winners!) and T.W. Farnam of WSJ have won the prestigious 2010 Dirksen Awards for Distinguished Coverage of Congress. The National Press Foundation released the news today.

The awards carry cash prizes. They will be announced on March 1 at the Washington Hilton.

What stories won the journos the awards? Find out and read brief remarks from judges after the jump…

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WSJ’s Mullins to appear on C-SPAN’s Weekend Q &A


Watch Brody Mullins, an investigative reporter for WSJ, on C-SPAN’s Q &A this weekend. Over the past year, he has written a series of articles on aspects of official congressional travel. During this interview, he discusses his findings and how they have impacted plans to reform travel rules.

Read an example of one such story here.

The National Press Foundation gave Mullins the Dirksen Award in 2006.
The interview airs on C-SPAN on June 6 at 8p.m./11p.m. (EST).

Read more details on Mullins here on the NPF website.

Hacks. Flacks. Talkin’ Smack!

The 10th Annual Hacks vs. Flacks softball game has been scheduled for July 27th on The National Mall. Recruiting has begun. Practice bats get cracking next week. And there’s been a little bit o’ chatter coming from the dugouts.

The Hacks will be coached by WSJ‘s Brody Mullins and WaPo‘s Paul Kane. Team Flack will be led by OB-C Group principal (and flack chairman emeritus) Bob Stevenson and senior advisor to Senator Barbara Boxer, Natalie Ravitz.

Flack practices will begin next week at the H Street Country Club and will feature a mix of the best and brightest spin peeps past and present. Ravitz, Stevenson, Mike Reynard (Bunning), John Feehery (former House Majority Leader Hastert), Christina Mulka (Durbin), Kyle Downey (Thune), Brian Walsh (NRSC), Drew Cantor (former GOP Conference), Bette Phelan (Carper), Antonia Ferrier (Boehner), David Wade (former Kerry), Kevin McGrann (Boehner), Rhonda Bentz (Navigators Global, California girl and flack extraordinaire) and a apparently a few interns named “Jeter, Ortiz, Pujols, and Papelbon.”

Kane and Mullins are mum on their surprise lineup, but announcements of big bold-faced journo all-star names will be made in the coming days. Stay tuned. Anyone wishing to suit up for The Hacks should email

The Rules of Battle: The Hacks are required to “blog the game while they are playing – while fielding, while hitting”. Only the Flacks are allowed to “spin” the ball. The losing team must pay for health care reform. (Which is roughly the cost of a post-game celebration at Kelly’s Irish Times).

“The hacks are on a long winning streak. Maybe five years in a row. We’ve pretty much destroyed them every year”, says Mullins. What’s the secret, you wonder? “I rack it up to recruiting”, he adds.
A challenge from Stevenson: “If the Flacks win, Paul Kane has to wear a Boston Red Sox hat to the next Phillies game. If the Hacks win, Stevenson has to wear a Phillies hat in the privacy of his office.” We await Kane’s volley.

This post was written by FBDC guest blogger Kenny Day.

Birthday Shenanigans

Politico‘s Anne Schroeder Mullins celebrated her birthday with style, grace and a few chums of note last night. Husband Luke Mullins, Paul Kane, Michael Steel, Antonia Ferrier, Jack Deschauer, Brent Colburn, Brody Mullins, Lauren Mullins, Doug Heye, Carrie Foster, Scott Mulhauser, Sam Dealey, Katie Lindsey, Patrick O’Connor, Ron Bonjean, Sara Bonjean, Julie Bosman, Dan Reilly, Tim Wolfmeyer and Liz Wolgemuth commandeered the patio of a downtown watering hole to toast Ms. Shenanigans.

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten would have been there, but he had a prior engagement. However, he did send a copy of his new book with a birthday inscription over as gift for notable foodie Schroeder-Mullins. This was Anne’s second annual 29th birthday.

Speaking of birthdays… today is Media Future Now founder Andy Mirsky‘s birthday and WaPo‘s Paul Kane will celebrate his 30-something-ith birthday tomorrow.

This was written by FBDC guest blogger Kenny Day.

More photos after the jump…

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Congrats Brody and Lauren!

In the words of one Brody/Lauren fan: “Finally…”

The WSJ’s Brody Mullins and Qorvis’ Lauren Poplawski got engaged in Paris over the weekend. The two left D.C. Friday night and returned Sunday to an apartment full of friends that included such journos as Ben Pershing, Tory Newmeyer, Anne Schroeder-Mullins and Luke Mullins, Matt Murray, Paul Kane and Patrick O’Connor.

The Hill Bests Roll Call

In this weekend’s Roll Call v. The Hill softball match, The Hill newspaper defeated the Roll Call EditOrioles by a score of 10-9 (and, yes, Brody Mullins showed up to play for his old paper).

We hear that Bob Cusack, Kelly McCormack, Mike Laws, Klaus Marre carried the team.

>UPDATE: Tips coming in:

  • “The Hill beat Roll Call 11-9 on Saturday, and we didn’t need to bring in alumni to do it (though Patrick O’Connor was there for moral support).”

  • In reference to this, a tipster writes in: “St. Louis native Craig Winneker, managing editor at Roll Call for 10+ years and now at WSJ Europe, was the best first baseman. Bresnahan rarely played.”

  • In reference to this, a tipster writes, “Vandehei never came out for a softball game.”

  • Craig Winneker writes in (referring to this list): “Hate to be picky but… Me at SS. Those other hotshots may have done better as free agents on the journo market but I was the only one who could actually play softball. Besides Curran.”

  • “Ask the Hill how many girls played and how many sat on their bench. RC’s women did a fine job against the Hill’s macho males.”

  • “The Hill played one woman in their lineup, with the rest all men. Roll Call played with 5 women in their lineup.”

  • “I knew Roll Call would pull out the female card. We agreed on the terms of the game. We had one automatic out at the end of the order and only got three outfielders. They agreed to the rules. Would we have preferred if more Hill women made it, but we played with what we had. Did we mention that Roll Call wanted to extend the game two innings after they lost? We offered to play a doubleheader, but got turned down.”

  • “The Hill people said they’d have 3 women, as is standard in co-ed softball leagues. Batting just one woman, they should have had 2 automatic outs throughout the game. And the score was 10-9, no 11-8 or 11-9.”

  • “Actually, the Hill offered to play an extra two innings, but then rescinded the offer when they thought they might lose. Wussies.”

  • “10-9, 11-8, 11-9… All I see are the letters L-O-S-E-R, and you can’t spell loser without S-O-R-E. If we should have had two automatic outs, maybe you should have negotiated that beforehand. How can we win in that situation? If you win, you won, and if you lose, you say it wasn’t fair.”

Bring Back The Alumni

We hear that the WSJ’s Brody Mullins (a former Roll Call staff writer) may play for his former newspaper in tomorrow’s Roll Call / The Hill softball game

>UPDATE: No definitive word on Brody (you’ll have to show up tomorrow and see) but we also hear that former Roll Callers Paul Kane and Matt Rohan were also invited. Will any of those guys show up? Who knows.

And how about a game of just Roll Call alumni v. Hill alumni?

National Press Club Awards Announced

To paraphrase Young MC: Brody Mullins’ “got more rhymes then the other guys do; They’re just a monkey, I’m the whole damn zoo.” Yet again, Mullins picks up another award.

We reported it earlier and it was made official today: the WSJ’s Mullins took home the Sandy Hume Memorial Award for Excellence in Political Journalism (for the second year in a row). The award is for reporters who are 34 or younger.

The National Press Club announced their 2007 National Press Club Awards today. The Louisville Courier-Journal’s James Carroll picked up the Washington Correspondence Award. Carroll also won the Robin Goldstein Award for Washington Regional Reporting (also a repeat performance).

Dana Milbank picked up an award for “Body of Work.”

Other local honors:

Broadcast: NPR’s David Folkenflik
Newsletter Journalism (analytical): Inside the Pentagon’s Elaine Grossman
Broadcast: XM’s The Bob Edwards Show

Download a .pdf of the winners here.