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Calderone to Leave Politico, Internal Memo Now Available

michael-calderone.jpg HuffPost is reporting that Politico’s media writer whiz Michael Calderone (whom we recently featured for the FishbowlDC interview) is leaving the publication for Yahoo News.

Congratulations to Calderone!

The scribe had no comment for FishbowlDC by press time, but if he weighs is on the matter, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

“He is expected to leave Politico within a matter of weeks to join Yahoo News’ original content project, overseen by blogging editor Andrew Golis,” the site reports. “Chris Lehmann and “Cajun Boy” Brett Michael Dykes also recently joined the project. Calderone, who joined Politico from the New York Observer, has the rare distinction of being named both one of Keith Olbermann’s “Worst
Persons in the World” and one of Bill O’Reilly’s “pinheads.”

Calderone is among a number of journalists leaving the publication as of late that includes Pia Catton, Patrick O’Connor and Victoria McGrane.

Read the full story here.

UPDATE See internal memo from VandeHarris after the jump…

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Journos’ Snow Remarks


NBC’s Andrea Mitchell
“Total white out wind picking up with great NBC snow driver, we can barely see traffic signals. The few plowed rds now covered again,” she tweeted.

WaPo’s Chris Cillizza
“The last #snowmageddon was kind of fun,” he tweeted. “This one makes me feel like Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining.’”

Courtney Cohen, production coordinator, ABC’s “This Week”
“Why did I move to a climate that required me having to dress like Sheriff Marge from Fargo?” she tweeted.

Chris Lehmann, who recently sold “Rich People Things” column as a book
“Just wake me when the blizzard’s over, okay?” he tweeted. And this morning: “All right then — back to bed.

Mike Memoli, White House reporter, Real Clear Politics
“Local news for the next 24 hours: Dozens of reporters all over town finding different ways to say, “It’s snowing,” he tweeted.

Major Garrett, Fox News White House correspondent
“Staying downtown in hotel due to snowslamalamadingdong. WH staff left early (7ish). Told 2 take secure laptops home.”

This photograph is the view out Bloomberg’s Lizzie O’Reilly’s window. She wonders, “Why am I in the office?”

WaPo’s Sally Quinn Called Out

Mediaelite’s Chris Lehmann takes WaPo’s Sally Quinn to task for her suggestion that White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers and Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan step down.

“Somehow, in the woolly free-associative world in Quinn reasoning, this episode seals the case that, when scandal turns up the doorstep, ‘members of this administration would rather lay low and let Barack Obama be the target.’”

Lehmen contemptuously refers to Quinn as “La Quinn”.
Ouch. Read on.

Read Quinn’s WaPo piece here.

It’s Here. Washington Life‘s 2009 The Young & The Guest List

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting with bated breath for… Washington Life Magazine‘s 2009 The Young & the Guest List is here.

The annual collection of 250 of the “most influential Washingtonians under 40″ includes the scene’s well-knowns like NBC’s Luke Russert, Fox’s Bret Baier and CNN’s Jessica Yellin, as well as fresh new faces like MIX 107.3′s Tommy McFly.

Now we can’t divulge the full list here, but we can share these stats:

55% of the individuals on the 2009 Young & The Guest List are new additions to the list this year. (Note: the total number of listees has not increased since 2008)

39 individuals, or approximately 1 in 6, work on Capitol Hill, in the White House, the diplomatic corps, or public service

41 are CEO’s and 67 people, or approximately 1 in 4 have founded a company or non-profit

34% are married

Male 54%/Female 46%

35 people, or 12% are media professionals

The 2009 Y&GL party will be held Thursday, April 16th at an undisclosed location, and the guest list is pretty exclusively these 250 and one guest each.

To see if you’ve made the cut, check out the 35 media professionals after the jump.

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Morning Reading List, 08.22.08


Good morning Washington.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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Lehmann To Bookforum

Publisher’s Weekly reports that CQ’s Chris Lehmann (yeah, yeah, husband of Ana Marie Cox…) is joining Bookforum. Read more here.

Morning Reading List, 08.01.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • An ABC release announced “ABC’s ‘World News with Charles Gibson’ was back in the top spot for the week of July 23-27, ranking #1 among Total Viewers, Households and Adults 25-54. This marks the thirteenth time in fourteen weeks that ‘World News’ has finished first in these categories. The ABC broadcast averaged 7.53 million Total Viewers and a 1.8/8 among Adults 25-54, outperforming NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ by 360,000 Total Viewers and 130,000 key demo viewers.”

  • TVNewser reports, “MSNBC has now beaten CNN four weeks straight in the 25-54 sales prime demo. An MSNBC spokesperson tells TVNewser ‘this is the first time MSNBC has beaten CNN for the month in six years (August 2001).’ For the month, MSNBC had 195,000 viewers in sales prime, CNN had 189,000.”

  • “The nation’s effort to combat terrorism was not the biggest story last week, according to PEJ’s News Coverage Index from July 22-27. That designation went to the 2008 Presidential campaign, which filled 12% of the newshole, and was fueled by the July 23 CNN/YouTube debate. The continuing showdown between the Democratic-led Congress and beleaguered attorney general Alberto Gonzales was the second-biggest story at 6%.”

  • Last month we told you to check out The Charm Offensive with Alex Daniels from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, AOL’s Geordie Grindle, AARP editor Meg Guroff and CQ’s Chris Lehmann. Well, Daniels is back again, this time with her other band, Julie Ocean. Along with Terry Banks from Fleishman Hilliard, Jim Spellman at CNN and Hunter Bennet from Esquire, Julie Ocean is playing Thursday night at The Black Cat.

  • OffTheBus, a collaboration between Huffington Post and New Assignment, is showing “PressThink readers how pro-am journalism is developing in NewAssignment.Net’s second major project. At this stage — two weeks in — we’re still establishing blogging standards for open platform campaign journalism. The instructions steer away from a rigid divide between news and opinion, replacing it with posts that make an original contribution vs. those that don’t because not enough went into them.”

  • E&P’s Steve Outing writes, “For consumers of news and searchers of information, these are heady times. Yet there’s a huge downside to this abundance: How as consumers do we know if we can trust what we read? How do we know if it’s balanced, or serving someone’s narrow agenda?”

  • Variety takes a look at Joanne Lipman, who “after landing the highest post ever held by a woman at the Wall Street Journal,” she “did the unthinkable: She left.”

  • PRWeek writes, “It seems counterintuitive that HuffPo — once pigeonholed as the ‘liberal Drudge Report,’ now evolving into a full-fledged online news and opinion clearinghouse — could play host to the musings of business leaders who would not be surprised to find their capitalist predilections railed against by the site’s commenters. However, the two-year-old site, which Technorati ranks as one of the top five blogs on the Web, is aggressively pushing to establish itself as a premier national forum for thoughts and opinions of all stripes.”

  • MSNBC ‘The Big Story In July’

  • Inside Higher Ed reports, “NSSE has just asked all of the colleges that participated at least once in the last three years (a total of about 1,000 four-year institutions) for permission to release five benchmark scores from the engagement survey’s report for their institutions to USA Today, which may place the data online. Both NSSE and USA Today have stressed that they are not trying to create a new ranking system, and that institutions would not be ranked. Rather, the effort is an attempt to provide more ‘meaningful indicators’ about colleges that students and parents could use.”

  • Variety reports, “With her sociopolitical website, Arianna Huffington wants to give voice to the face in the crowd. ‘There’s a kind of wisdom of the crowd that really is one of the great contributions online journalism can make,’ she says.”


  • Nonfiction author seeks part-time DC research assistant.

  • The Advisory Board Company is seeking an Associate Editor.

  • Need To Know News, LLC is looking for an administrative assistant.

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext

  • Morning Reading List, 05.31.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • An ABC release announced, “For the fifth consecutive week, ABC’s ‘World News with Charles Gibson’ was the #1 evening newscast among Total Viewers, Households and Adults 25-54. The last time that ABC won five straight weeks in these categories was more than ten years ago in October 1996.” “World News” also won the May sweep among Total Viewers, Households and Adults 25-54, marking the broadcast’s second consecutive sweeps win. “The last time the broadcast won back-to-back sweeps among both Total Viewers and the demo was eleven years ago in 1996 (February and May).”

  • Dodd, Richardson Decline CBC/Fox Debate

  • An NBC release announced “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” was “the most watched network evening newscast during the 2006/2007 television season.” From September 18, 2006-May 25, 2007, the NBC program averaged 8.834 million total viewers, 2% more than ABC “World News” and 23% more than CBS “Evening News”. The show “has now been the top-rated network evening newscast for 11 straight seasons.”

  • According to the New York Observer, “Carl Bernstein’s new biography of Hillary demanded reviewers who are married, like the Clintons, but … there is nobody else married like the Clintons.” Check out Chris Lehmann and Ana Marie Cox’s review of the book.

  • CNN’s Jim Walton sent a note to the staff thanking those who contributed to the Memorial Day weekend promotion of the Fisher House Foundation. “Preliminary figures show that the miles contributed and the matching miles from Fisher House’s airline partners has equated to more than 8,000 flights for service personnel and their families. My sincere appreciation and congratulations to all of those on-air, online and behind the scenes who made this special event happen as part of our continuing efforts to raise awareness of Fisher House.”

  • The AP reports, “The parent of MySpace is buying the media-sharing site Photobucket for about $300 million, bringing together two of the Internet’s most popular hangouts. The deal announced Wednesday will give MySpace and sister sites under News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media access to Photobucket Inc.’s photo and video technologies, while Photobucket gets Fox’s resources to accelerate development of its tools.”

  • Dave Fay, “who has been with The Times since its inception in 1982 and has covered the Caps for more than two decades,” was named the winner of the Elmer Ferguson Award for hockey journalism, “earning him a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.”

  • The AP reports, “USA Today, which is published by Gannett Co., said Tuesday it signed licenses with six U.S. book publishers to extend its brand. The agreements will include books on various subjects branded with USA Today and featuring graphics and content from the country’s biggest paper by circulation.”

  • “Ever since President Bush’s January 10 speech announcing the “surge” option in Iraq, the Washington-based debate over U.S . war policy has been the biggest story in the news, according to PEJ’s weekly News Coverage Index.”

  • From a reader: “i think that if this stokke character really wanted to be left alone, she would not have cooperated with a washington post story. certainly, if she had refused to cooperate on the grounds that she wants less attention, not more, the post would not have done the story.”

  • From another reader: “The Post story on the 18-year-old pole vaulter was ridiculous, a bit of a non-story. And it was NOT A-1 material–literally. Why is that an A-1 story? Pop culture, trend, internet, zeitgeist, privacy, information spreading fast, etc., etc., etc.? Yawn. Old story. Non-news. Yes, a picture, and stories, and videos, and information spreads across the web fast. Guess what? They also spread fast 30 years ago–via the wires. Really. It’s not really news anymore that information spreads fast. Does anyone not know that now? And, really, all you can do is scratch your heads at this stupidity: If the family does not want attention–THEN DO NOT GIVE AN INTERVIEW AND PICTURES TO THE WASHINGTON POST. Gawd almighty, it makes many readers think this: The family, and the girl, who is 18 years old and knows better, really DO want the attention. Why else would they give an interview and pictures to the Post? The whole thing is just dumb.”

  • The Guardian’s Richard Byrne notes, “When Al Gore bemoans the sad state of TV news, he’s ignoring an inconvenient truth about his own role in its creation.”


  • DBC Public Relations is looking for a Senior Account Executive.

  • MacNeil/Lehrer Productions is looking for a NewsHour Reporter, National Affairs.

  • Campaigns & Elections magazine “is looking for a hard-working, enterprising staff writer to join our growing network of publications.” To apply please send a cover letter, writing samples and resume to

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext

  • Cox v. Alterman: The Showdown, Part II (“Enter the Husband”)


    >UPDATE: A reader writes in, “Wonder if AMC and Alterman could do a bloggingheads and put this to rest…?”

    On Romenesko’s letters board, the tiff we mentioned earlier between Ana Marie Cox and Eric Alterman continues…

    First from Eric Alterman:

      “I had no intention of speaking to her and had I known that what I was saying would be inaccurately passed along to a website that cared nothing for accuracy, I would never have done so.”

      “I told her, I’m fine with what she does. My issue with Time is that they hired a ‘liberal’ gossip writer who specializes in articles about ‘ass-fucking’ to offset their conservative heavy-hitters who regularly abuse liberals. If she, or any one else wishes to spend their lives as gossip writers, all I ask is that they try to be accurate when it’s about me — which I see turns out to be far too much to ask.”

      “Ana apologized for her behavior towards me, which ought to tell you something.”

      “So again, to sum up. I did not ask to have this conversation. I did not ask to have it reported on or taped. I did not demand anything of Ms. Cox or anyone else. I simply responded as best I could to her myriad accusations against me–accusations that strike me as rather hostile and hypocritical given her own position at Time. She later apologized and I accepted.”

    Then, enter CQ’s Chris Lehmann (Ana Marie’s husband):

      “I am writing in response to Eric Alterman’s droll 8-point clarification of the conversation he had with my wife about her role at Time, and his quite personal attacks on her writing as a means of pretending to decry a conservative bias at the news weekly. (Normally I let Ana fight her own battles, but she’s off in New Hampshire — I hope you’re sitting down Eric — reporting a political story for Time.)”

      “Oh, and one other thing: Ana assures me that when she spoke to Alterman subsequently, she did not apologize for the content of her remarks–let alone her ‘behavior’ as Alterman has it here. She apologized for the _tone_ of her remarks, largely on the basis of Alterman’s disengenuously puzzled-sounding claim that she seemed ‘hostile.’”

    But, best of all: We finally get to the heart of the “ass-fucking” example:

      “Consider the well-worn plaint that my coarse, perverse spouse somehow ‘specialized’ in producing an unending stream of blogposts about ‘ass-fucking.’ In reality, Wonkette–always more of a satire outlet than a ‘gossip’ site on her watch in the first place–first employed the ‘ass-fucking’ phrasing to ridicule the Bush administration’s proposed consitutional ban on gay marriage. The idea at the time was to call out the thing that the administration actually wanted to outlaw by its true name–’the federal no-ass-fucking amendment.’ … So forgive me, marital rooting interests aside, for failing to follow the reasoning that this one fateful phrase is somehow a grievous betrayal of the liberal faith–and to wonder a bit at how comfortable a putative liberal pundit feels in casually reducing a female writer’s career to a description of a sexual practice.”