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TMZ Interviews Bob Woodward

TMZ caught up with WaPo‘s Bob Woodward, who has been in the limelight as of late for not being threatened by the White House. They wondered if “All The President’s Men” — in which he was portrayed by the dashing Robert Redford –  improved his sex life. In true TMZ fashion, they follow that up with a Deep Throat joke.

“When Robert Redford played you in All the President’s Men back in the day, did it help you with the women?” asked our favorite paparazzo Colin Drummond. “You don’t know how many women I disappointed,” Woodward replied, laughing.

Watch here.

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Rev. Wright Snaps at Paparazzi Journo

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is apparently not acquainted with dealing with the media. If we weren’t so non-judgmental we might even think he was an a$$#@!& because this weekend he certainly did his best impersonation. Wright, President Obama‘s ex-preacher, was in town to preach the tenets of the Bible at Florida Avenue Baptist Church.

Clearly Wright doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Well-known celeb journo Colin Drummond caught up with the man of the cloth at Reagan National Airport. If there are points for tenacity and thinking up the strangest questions imaginable, Drummond earned them. The best part is the excruciating discomfort of watching Wright’s mood shift from reasonably docile to all out batshit irate as Drummond’s questions persist.

He began by pressing him about Morgan Freeman‘s belief that Obama is not the first black president. Wright had “no thoughts” on it. Drummond continued, “Do you think President Obama ought to be reelected?” No discernible answer. And then, an easy one: “What will the worship be on?” Answer: Jesus. The Bible. Drummond goes in for the kill: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever read in the Bible?” This is when Wright goes insane and with a half smile-sneer combo replies, “How people don’t leave you alone when you’re trying to be with your family.” Drummond asks innocently, “That’s in the Bible?” He started in on another question and Wright lost his flipping mind: “LISTEN LISTEN I am NOT going to TALK to you,” he spewed.  Even Wright’s wife had to calm him down.

Drummond remarked to FishbowlDC, “Yes, the preacher with anger management problems.”

Don’t miss Wright’s red shoes in this must watch video.


Photog Hopes Tiger Has a New Girlfriend

Our favorite member of Washington’s pap Colin Drummond hunted down Tiger Woods this week. Drummond, who has an internal GPS on where stars are hiding when they come to town, suggested that Tiger won’t be hanging out much in Washington this week even though he’s playing right in Bethesda. So Drummond ventured up to Bethesda to find him.

“I couldn’t believe that he actually signed over 50 autographs for fans at the 9th hole, so unlike Tiger,” Drummond remarked. “Maybe I’ll get lucky and he has a secret new girlfriend down here that he’s debuting.”

Examiner Gossip Columnist Calls Local Pap ‘Rotund’

It’s time to break out the ice thermometer to gauge how chilly things are with the Washington Examiner‘s gossip columnist Nikki Schwab.

You’ll remember the ice thermometer FBDC implemented over White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend as a result of Schwab’s unrelenting cold shoulder toward us. It looks like we’re not the only ones. In a tweet yesterday Schwab threw some shade at DCCelebrity (aka Marky Mark), calling the local paparazzo “rotund.”

Some background: Schwab reported in yesterday’s Examiner that rapper Drake had “stopped by Sprinkles cupcake store in Georgetown on Tuesday but went unnoticed by staff.” The report was based on tweets from people who claimed to have seen Drake around town. But DCCelebrity and fellow paparazzo Colin Drummond had followed Drake around all day and told us he never actually went to Sprinkles. Stephen Smith, editor of the Examiner, told us a correction would be printed (you can see it here).

DCCelebrity tweeted our writeup on the matter. “DC EXAMINERS @NikkiSchwab got it wrong AGAIN – DRAKE did not stop by Sprinkles, he walked by it to get to the Sports Zone, CHECK YOUR FACTS!,” he wrote. That’s when Schwab shot back: “My mistake. There was a rotund photographer blocking my view.”


“I know I’m fat, but ROTUND? sheeesh,” DCCelebrity remarked to us.

For taking criticism like a champ, we award Schwab 10 cubes (to keep her heart at the appropriate sub-zero).

Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Yeas & Nays, the Washington Examiner‘s gossip column, reports today that they “hear” rapper Drake “stopped by Sprinkles cupcakes in Georgetown on Tuesday but went unnoticed by staff.”

That’s odd. Local paparazzo DCCelebrity (who casually goes by “Marky Mark” on Twitter) snapped a photo of Drake and his entourage of body guards that followed him around the D.C. area. Is it really possible these bulky guys with their stretched out size “mini” T-shirts went “unnoticed”… in a cupcake store?

No, it’s not. And that’s because Drake was never there. “He didn’t go there,” confirms DCCelebrity, who says he spent the entire day following Drake along with fellow paparazzo Colin Drummond.

Drummond seconded that Drake was “running around town the two HUGE bodyguards who were actually more scary when you see them up close.”  He says Drake hit up the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown, Sports Zone, and then topped it
off by exiting the Gucci Store in Tyson’s with four enormous bags.

Washington Examiner Editor Stephen Smith explained the mishap to FBDC:

“Our reporter saw people tweeting about Drake stopping in at Sprinkles on Twitter.She wanted to confirm this, so she reached out to Sprinkles’ publicist. The publicist called back to say that none of the employees recognized Drake, but they had gathered he was in the store because the customers were buzzing about it. It was a leap from assumption to fact that we shouldn’t have made. We’ll be writing a correction.”


Photog Spots Yankees Pitcher in Georgetown

D.C.’s intrepid paparazzi photog Colin Drummond checks in this morning with a picture  of New York Yankees Ace pitcher CC Sabathia walking around
Georgetown with his son yesterday evening.  “Guess all the Yankees and their kids will be hanging in DC this weekend for Father’s Day, hope to catch A-Rod with his kids and wrestler GF,” says Drummond, whose work can be seen at


Spotted: David Beckham Heads to White House

ColinDaily‘s Colin Drummond was on hand today as David Beckham was spotted leaving the St. Regis Hotel this afternoon. He was headed to the White House where his L.A. Galaxy team is being honored.

“The only disappointment is that Victoria Beckham was not on hand with their beautiful daughter (paparazzi dreams),” Drummond told FishbowlDC.



Hunky Prince Harry Leaves Washington

Thanks to our favorite D.C. paparazzi journo Colin Drummond, here we have Prince Harry leaving Washington at 10:20 p.m. last night from Dulles. He was in Washington to receive a humanitarian award at Ritz. “I’m sure he didn’t finish the entire meal,” said Drummond, who added that Harry was escorted by Secret Service through a side entrance at Dulles.


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Colin Drummond photographs Cody Simpson, the new teen heart throb, on his way to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House Monday. Drummond says Simpson is now being managed by Justin Bieber‘s manager, Scooter Braun.  Translation: Expect big things from Cody in the coming year.

Journos discuss “taxpayer-payed balls”

CNBC’s Eamon Javers: “WH says b-balls w/Obama’s face were from Globetrotters, not taxpayer-payed balls.” Politico‘s Ken Vogel: “‘Taxpayer-payed balls’ – is that a TV term?” Javers’ response to Vogel: “Argh. I kant spell today.”

Only from TMZ’s Harvey Levin…“We got a pic of a guy claiming to be Hitler‘s grandson. Would you refuse to associate with him because of his relative? Call us 855 869 5483.”

On MSNBC’s “Hardball” last night, host Chris Matthews wondered about the titles of his guests and what they meant. For instance, he wanted to know why TIME‘s Mark Halperin has the title of “Senior Political Analyst for TIME” as opposed to the apparently lesser “MSNBC Political Contributor” and New York Mag’s “National Political Editor” titles for John Heilemann. Heilemann laughed. Halperin had an answer.

Matthews: “How did you get the senior title Mark?”

Halperin: “Tip the doorman.”

Letter to the Editor

A regular reader from a Washington publication that will remain anonymous wrote in to offer a contrary opinion about President Obama‘s pastor, Rev. Luis León of St. John’s Church, who said during his Easter Sunday sermon that sometimes he wishes he didn’t read the newspapers or watch television news.” He also said he felt the global economy, much like Easter and the resurrection, is ruined when you try to explain it. The reader writes, “I am a regular parishioner of St. John’s and can promise you the rector was not taking a shot at the media. What he was saying is that the news about what is happening to people all around the world is so painful and upsetting, it’s hard to read about it every day.  He was talking about how much the misery there is in the world, not blaming the media for reporting it.”

‘Hey Bill, Do You Ever Miss McDonalds?’

Washington’s resident paparazzi reporter Colin Drummond of caught up with former President Bill Clinton and daughter, Chelsea Clinton off New York Avenue and 13th St. Bill helped Chelsea down a short flight of stairs as she limped with a boot on her right broken foot. In 2010 the NYP reported that she had broken her heel. Cause unknown. With McDonald’s in the foreground, Colin shouted out a most pressing question: “Hey Bill, do you ever miss McDonald’s?”