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Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein Remember The Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee

woo1-004A public memorial service was held at the Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday for Ben BradleeThe Washington Post’s executive editor from 1968-91, a time that included the resignation of President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Bradlee died last week of natural causes at the age of 93 at his home in Washington.

The Post’s Dana Milbank wrote of the service:

“More than a thousand filled the cathedral, including scores of Post journalists current and former. Satellite trucks parked in the cathedral driveway and a dozen TV cameras were on the lawn, searching for glimpses of the luminaries inside, among them Vice President Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, Justice Stephen Breyer, Sen. Patrick Leahy, Rep. Steny Hoyer, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams and Jim Lehrer.” Read more

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Weekend Show Preview – 9.14.14

SundayShows-w-candyWho’s on the talk shows this weekend? Glad you asked.

Highlights include James Brown, host of “The NFL Today” on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on “FOX News Sunday” and CNN’s “State of the Union,” and TMZ’s Harvey Levin on FOX News’ “Media Buzz.”

Not all lineups have been announced. But click through for those that have and we’ll continue to update throughout the day.

Read more

‘SNL’ Mocks Dana Milbank’s Name

On “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend the show once again mocked MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton‘s inability to read off a teleprompter. More importantly, it suggested that WaPo columnist Dana Milbank, who once called President Obama “our first female president,” has a feminine name.

“What is this about?” Kenan Thompson, who played Sharpton, asked Jason Sudeikis, who played Milbank. “I mean, you’re a man, but your name is Dana.”

Sudeikis replied, “Well, Al, there’s lots of men named Dana.

“Well I don’t trust it,” said Thompson. “You know what– I’m going to call you Dan A.”

Pictured above is a screengrab of SNL’s “Milbank.”

Watch the skit here.

Battle of the WaPo Drama Queens

Act I Scene I

This is what happens when you have multiple blogs and hot heads at a newspaper. They get catty. They fight, scratch, kick. Whatever it takes to make a coworker look like a dumbass. Nothing a few trust exercises in the woods couldn’t resolve, but we think WaPo‘s Erik Wemple might not catch Dana Milbank, no matter how petite Milbank is, or how much bicycling Wemple does to keep himself fit and capable of catching his colleague.

This morning at 9:09 a.m. Wemple ran a post about a recent Hartford meeting on gun violence, after which Milbank “ruled” against the audience as to whether a father of a Sandy Hook victim was heckled. Ruled? Is Milbank a judge?

Wemple cracked, “Milbank and others on ‘Reliable Sources’ appeared to conclude that the whole heckling thing was a ‘judgment call.’ Right, an easy judgment call. (And Milbank takes issue with the judgment of this post).”

Act I Scene II. Milbank responds! Read more

CBS’ Garrett to Emcee Congressional Dinner

CBS’s new Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett will be master of ceremonies for the upcoming 69th Washington Press Club Foundation Congressional Dinner in February. Lynn Povich, the first female Senior Editor in Newsweek history, will be given the Club’s lifetime achievement award. Povich was among 46 women who sued the magazine for sex discrimination.

The event will be held on Feb. 6 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Last year’s event was emceed by WaPo‘s Dana Milbank (a contrast to Garrett, who is taller).

As the release states, Garrett comes well-credentialed to head up the dinner. See his career path in Washington… Read more

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

LOCKED OUT: WaPo’s Dana Milbank: Mayhem at #dnc2012. Hundreds of delegates, journalists locked out of arena.

Penis sighting

“So yeah. Definitely just walked in on some dude in the bathroom with his pants around his ankles staring in the mirror #dnc2012” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

WTF Mars Mention of the Evening: “I always figured if Bill Clinton landed on Mars, he would know how to do it. He would know how to reproduce. He would know everything. He’d just instinctively know how to talk to people…the martians.” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews at 12:53 a.m. opining on Clinton’s vast reproduction knowledge that extends beyond our solar system. Please, someone put Matthews to bed (no pun intended).

Bill Clinton Speech Fallout

“A significant part of this is off prompter. He is using it as notes.” — TIME‘s Michael Scherer.

“The prompter has stopped rolling as Clinton goes off book.” — BuzzFeed‘s Zeke Miller.

“Take away the TelePrompTer, bite his ankle, throw a rat down his trousers, it only raises his game.” — Editor of The New Republic Franklin Foer.

“Bill Clinton is totally ghost ridin’ the script right now.” — Jamelle Bouie, writer for The American Prospect and fellow at the Nation Institute.

“The constant camera flashes in here are going to send Bubba into a seizure #dnc2012″ — Stanton.

“Bubba’s hands are shaking.” — HuffPost‘s Jen Bendery.

“I think Bill Clinton is the gun you bring to a knife fight.” — Metro Weekly Co-publisher Sean Bugg.

“Bill Clinton looks great. @peta may be right about the benefits of a vegan diet.” — HuffPost Deputy Editor Erin Ruberry.

“Man, Clinton is happier than a pig in Arkansas you know what.” — James Oliphant, Deputy Editor, National Journal magazine.

“Clinton is the master. He makes a speech to an enormous crowd feel like a personal talk.” — LAT‘s David Horsey.

“I really don’t understand reporters who think this is too long for a politician to be trying to talk to voters about policy.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein.

“This speech was killing it at 15 mins. Now, it’s bordering on a hostage situation.” — Co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle S.E. Cupp.

“This is moving from ‘greatest speech ever’ to gong territory pretty fast.” — BuzzFeed Political Editor Ben Smith.

“They’re going to need a crowbar to pry Bill away from that podium.” — NYT Op-ed Columnist Charles Blow.

“There’s no way Rahm Emanuel actually thought ‘a broken clock is right twice a day’ was that funny.” — National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg.

“This is like watching a good lawyer defending a guilty man.” — Former Clinton pollster Dick Morris.

“Poor fact checkers, now they gotta spend the night studying 52 years of employment data” — Craig Crawford.

“Same R bloggers who were touting Clinton as the ‘good’ Dem for weeks suddenly talking about sex scandal and perjury again.” — WaPo‘s Greg Sargent.

The Name Dropper

“Caroline Kennedy just walked into our booth. Interview w @DavidMuir #abcworldnews” — ABC News’ Rick Klein.

Dirty jokester

“PLEASE tell me that Sandra Fluke isn’t wearing a blue Gap dress tonight.” — NRA News’ Cameron Gray in a tweet on the night former Prez Bill Clinton is to speak.

INTO THE POOL: “Oops! A wet former treasury secretary Bob Rubin after falling into a pool at a fancy cocktail party in Charlotte.” — Politico‘s Lois Romano with accompanying photograph.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report. Above black and white photograph by Roll Call’s Meredith Shiner.

Want to Smell Like Napoleon?

We already know there’s a number of height-challenged men in Washington with Napoleon complexes (think Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), conservative author Jason Mattera, Americans for Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist, WaPo‘s Dana Milbank, NBC’s Michael Isikoff, Politico‘s Jake Sherman and more). And soon maybe they’ll know how to smell like him, too.

Only D.C. would attract an event where journalists and other guests get to take a whiff of the scent worn by Napoleon.

Come the fall, the International Fragrance Association North America and Christophe Laudamiel of the Academy of Perfumery and Osmothèque Conservatory will host an “interactive scent experience” presented only for the second time in the United States. The event, exclusive and limited to handpicked guests, is at a particularly fancy garden setting  near Capitol Hill.

Just who is Laudamiel?

This past April, the world renown perfumer presented a collection of legendary scents in New York of famous and centuries-old scents archived by the  Osmothèque  in Versailles. We’re told Osmothèque is the “perfume museum and conservatory of perfumes and scents.”  Several perfumers founded it in 1988 to preserve the formulas of influential perfumes that shaped trends and reconstruct the formula for perfumes that have been lost.

The joint includes the perfumes and colognes worn by Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon and other legendary perfumes such as a famous Chypre by Francois Coty.

Lucky attendees will receive perfume samples. (Shhh…I’m signing Eddie up for Napoleon’s scent.)

Note to FishbowlDC Readers: If we’ve left out any of Washington’s Napoleon complected male midgets who may be curious about his cologne, let us know at or

Afternoon Reading List 06.25.12.

WaPo Dana Milbank‘s “selective outrage”? Over the weekend Carl Wicklander, a registered Republican and regularly contributor to, published a piece on the Independent Voter Network website after reading a recent Milbank column in his paper, the St. Louis Dispatch, in which Milbank compares The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson to a Montana outhouse. Some things we like about the site: Each article gives you an estimated minute count of how long it should take you to reach the story. For example, this story should take you 3-5 minutes to read.

Key graph:

“Disagreeable attitudes directed at an incumbent from the opposition party is nothing new and Milbank is either naive or disingenuous to insinuate that it is an innovation derived from today’s political culture. Perhaps he has never heard of Thomas Jefferson, whose scribe James Callender likened the sitting president John Adams to a hermaphrodite. It’s no outhouse in Montana, but negative politics is slightly older than the Internet Age.”


“For a man like Milbank he may want to strip a little of the veneer from the presidency and consider whether the people in his place, the media, have substituted the dignity of the office for responsible journalism.”

Newspaper commenters form lonely hearts club –  The Akron Beacon Journal published a lengthy story over the weekend on a yearlong project regarding civility called the Ohio Civility Project. In it, they examine public comment sections and interviewed some of the anonymous commenters to question them on what they write or rant as the case may be. One commenter speaks to loneliness as a reason for the abundance of online nastiness. “There are a lot of wounded souls that like to post because they are really lonely,” he said. “They like to lash out and know that somebody really cares about them.” Funniest line: When the paper first published a curtain raiser about the civility project, a reader wrote, “Civility? Great idea. Butt crack. Poo. Flatulate.” Read the full story here.

Beacon Writer Cheers on Neil Munro

Amid the numerous calls for the firing of The Daily Caller‘s resident heckler Neil Munro are the conservative voices cheering him on. One such voice is Patrick Howley, a staff writer for Free Beacon, a new conservative Washington publication, who wrote into FBDC this week to respond to WaPo Dana Milbank‘s attempt to equate Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson to an outhouse. Milbank declared that Murno should be fired. Howley had another point of view:

Dana Milbank is a Yale graduate and member of Skull and Bones. Neil Munro is an Irish immigrant trying to earn a living at the Daily Caller. The smug rich need to stop using their public platforms to interfere with the livelihoods of immigrants they’ve never met.

The WaPo newsroom is chock-full of “Big Chill” Baby Boomers and their smarmy little offspring. These pampered WaPo heirs and debutantes seem to relish in trying to get people fired, which is arguably the most evil thing I’ve ever seen. Stand up for the working man! It is patently clear who is right in this important conflict, and it has nothing to do with politics.

Neil! Neil! Neil! Neil!

Patrick Howley

WaPo’s Dana Milbank Chastises Tucker Carlson

WaPo‘s Dana Milbank finally got around to schoolmarming The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson last night in an op-ed that compares Carlson to a Montana outhouse. And we all know what those are like, right? Not. Pretty. At. All.

Moving at a swift clip, Milbank takes his outhouse analogy, which semi-works but feels like a giant, awkward stretch of sticky pink taffy, and winds around to: Neil Munro should be fired, a point made repeatedly since Friday’s incident. He describes what Munro did as “outrageous” and “unprecedented.” Along the way, he blames conservatives for marring the way a large percentage of Americans now view the presidency. He cites a few polls revealing the low percentage of Americans who hold the office in high regard.

“Conservative leaders may believe it benefits them that one in six voters still thinks Obama is Muslim. But when conservatives sanction the debasement of Obama, they are debasing the presidency itself.”

But Milbank doesn’t complete his scolding by comparing Carlson to a public toilet scrawled with phony numbers to call first lady Michelle Obama, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton “for a good time.” He takes his tough love to another level by telling Carlson that he has disappointed him, let him down. Who does Milbank think he is, Carlson’s MOTHER? Or worse, his life coach?

“That’s why my confidence in Tucker Carlson has dropped. I’ve liked him for years, even forgiving him his brief moment on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ I have been impressed by his launch of the Daily Caller, a Web site with first-rate talent such as Matt Lewis. But now Carlson is turning the Daily Caller into the Daily Heckler.”

And finally the outhouse analogy comes full circle as Milbank writes about the stench inside an outhouse, which is really where all this was going. You can’t have an outhouse analogy and not discuss the smell. The only thing we might have added was flies.

“Heckling the president in the middle of a Rose Garden speech isn’t holding the president to account. It is belittling the presidency, and it smells just as bad as an outhouse in the Missoula summer.”

So let’s get this straight: Milbank writes an entire column blaming conservatives and pointedly Carlson for the debasing the office of the presidency and in the process debases Carlson by equating him to a crapper?

At this point what may be in the crapper is the relationship between the two newsmen. Despite the fact that Milbank spoke to Carlson for the column, Carlson says he hasn’t read it and won’t. “Like most people, I quit reading the Post a while ago,” he told FBDC. “So I haven’t seen it.”