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Black Snob Flees D.C. for Big Apple

D.C.’s loss is New York City’s gain. The Black Snob, a.k.a Danielle Belton, is moving to Manhattan to work as a writer and blogger on T.J. Holmes‘ new show on BET. The new program, Don’t Sleep, is a black, cultural-themed news show.

“For those of you playing at home, I worked on the pilot last winter and many, many moons ago used to pretend to stalk T.J. for poops n’ grins on the Internet,” Belton wrote on her blog. “Life is incredibly funny in how a guy I started writing about during this blog’s beginnings in 2008  is the same guy I wound up working for in my first scripted TV writing gig.”

The show premiers in October. Aside from script and blogger duties, Belton says we may find her as a panelist. But please, ignore those promos! “I’m already (silently) featured in the show’s promos, but I hate those promos because I’m wearing  the sweater of doom and I’m about 25 lbs heavier than I am now,” she writes.

Best wishes to Belton, and congratulations to her on her new gig!

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Afternoon Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“The lawn at the British Ambassador’s residence is prepared for Prince Harry garden reception.” — Bloomberg’s Stephanie Green with accompanying photograph.

What’s Driving the Day: “Made a quick run to the store tonight and experienced the most unsubtle stare at my rear end by a dude since I was in college.” — Blogger and writer Danielle Belton, author of The Black Snob.

A journo’s emotional outpouring for Lugar

“Politics aside, @dicklugar is 1 of the most gracious pols I’ve covered. At each stop he shakes each reporter’s hand, thanks them for coming.” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese, who is traveling to Indiana today so his email response time may lag.

Drudge Whoring

“I love Drudge headline right now… can we just bask in Matt Drudge’s genius?” — The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle in a memorable tweet from last week.

It’s not Love Story but it’s something…“I love Reagan National airport so much that we need a Constitutional amendment prohibiting me from marrying it.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Journo wants Obama to stop being such a p—y

“Obama is being a coward on issue of gay marriage. Stand for what you believe in, there’s no shame in that.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jason Howerton.

Shots fired by Mr. Scarry

“Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields is a big girl. Doesn’t need to be kid gloved like she just was by O’Reilly.” — FBDC and The Blaze‘s Eddie Scarry. A note to “AnonymASS” who always flips out, sometimes with physical threats, when we write about your beloved Michelle: Deal with it.

Reporter gets in touch with himself

“I feel in touch with my Oregon roots every time I pull my bicycle up to a valet parking stand. #putabirdonit” — NPR White House Correspondent Ari Shapiro.

Kidney stones still on their way out

“Welcome new followers. I’ll be back next week fully engaged with my tweeps. I’m convalescing All Tweets pre-set via @hootsuite xo.” — a message from NBC theGrio’s Sophia Nelson this morning. Sophia tweeted about her kidney stone issues over the weekend intermingled with inspirational thoughts on connecting with God.

PBS’ Gwen Ifill asks: “Honest question. When is the last time we’ve seen a series of such delayed, grudging endorsements?” (She’s of course referring to Rick Santorum‘s 11 p.m. lackluster email endorsement of Mitt Romney.)


The Black Snob Leaves TheLoop21

Many of you know her as “The Black Snob.” On Friday Danielle Belton left her job as Managing Editor of theLoop21, a website focusing on African American issues that seeks to advance Black economic progress by discussing politics, finance and culture. The publisher, Darrell Williams, is an economist and former prof at UCLA.

But something smells fishy. Belton cites “changes in editorial direction” as to why she left, but says little more. Then she details all the many, many ways in which she helped the site succeed. Why state that the largest story in the site’s entire three-year history was hers? Indeed, that story was a whopper. It was her interview with close friend Yesha Callahan, the woman to whom ex-Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) sent the infamous photograph of his bare chest via Craigslist.

Belton ultimately wished the publication well in its relaunch later this month. She told FishbowlDC: “The nicest thing I can say is that it just didn’t work out. We had different ideas on what my role should be with the site.”

We wish Belton well on her upcoming book.

In the meantime, read the letter…

Read more

‘Dating in D.C. sucks’

D.C.’s “Black Snob” and freelancer Danielle Belton got the exclusive interview with the woman at the heart of the scandal with fallen Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.), who resigned Wednesday after a story appeared on Gawker. Lee had sent the woman a shirtless picture of himself. Somehow it wasn’t the way to her heart.

“Dating in D.C. sucks,” she told Belton as they chatted by phone late Wednesday night, mere hours after Lee’s resignation.

Belton posted on Thursday morning on at 1:18 a.m. She told FishbowlDC this morning, “She’s a really cool person. We know a lot of the same folks. Very nice. Very funny. We met a few times at events. Have mutual friends.”

Read Belton’s post here.

Update #1: We’ve sought a description of the woman. Says Belton: “African American. Tall. Pretty. Trendy. Long-legged. Great shoes.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC


Grandma to blogger: You should’ve snagged Pres. Obama

“I mean, I CAN both fry catfish and bake a mean peach cobbler. My family thinks that’s worth at least a Senator or a billionaire.” – Danielle Belton (a.k.a. @blacksnob) in a weekend tweet. The D.C.-based freelancer writes the politics/pop culture blog The Black Snob. On Sunday she was on a tweeting rampage, relaying stories of her grandmother insisting she should have landed President Barack Obama. She wrote, “Once my grandmother yelled at me for 15 minutes demanding to know why I didn’t snag Pres. Obama.”

Amazed journo

“On Friday, I haf a Georgetown Cupcake for the first time. And you know what? I get it.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein in a Sunday tweet. The only reason this doesn’t fall into the “unnecessary” category below is because Klein sparingly moonlights for a food blog when he isn’t liberal blogging.

Scribe copes with surprise sewage

“Our first uninvited guest: raw sewage. Can’t flush, can’t shower.” – Agence France-Presse‘s Olivier Knox, who covers Congress and politics, in a weekend tweet.

Disappearing reverend

“You’re disappearing right before me. Every time I see you I feel like you get thinner.” — HBO “Real Time” Host Bill Maher on his show Friday night to the Rev. Al Sharpton in what appeared to be genuine concern over Sharpton’s thin frame.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Catching up on Mad Men episodes I missed while I was away in preparation for tonight’s finale.” – The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes in a Sunday night tweet.