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Morning Chatter


A lawmaker uses the word “sux?”

“Member txts from inside mtg: ‘this sux’ I respond: ‘why?’ Member doesn’t respond.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Robert Costa.

Just wondering…

“Seriously – who are these people getting Capitol tour at 11pm??” — CNN’s Deirdre Walsh.

imagesJourno encounters alcohol-scented pols 

“About every other House lawmaker I just talked to smelled like booze. It’s only 9pm. Wheeee!” — HuffPost‘s Jennifer Bendery.

Reporter breaks the rules

“Almost got kicked out of speakers lobby for taking photo of a piece of paper #rookiemistake.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

Place to be during the shutdown: C-SPAN

“Exciting late night TV: House rules committee on @CSpan” — PBS’ Judy Woodruff.

Ezzy is old enough damn it!

“I’m old enough to remember when House GOP refused to go to conference committee  with Senate Democrats.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein. To which’s Benjy Sarlin remarked, “You’re a day old?”

tea-finalImportant information gathering

Politico‘s Donovan Slack: “Can anyone tell what Obama’s drinking tonight in this pic?”

BloombergBNA’s Cheryl Bolen: “It’s Honest Tea, can’t tell what flavor.

Late-night observers

  • “Chuck Todd is fucking tired, man.” – BuzzFeed‘s TV-obsessed Dorsey Shaw.
  • “One day we’ll all tell our grandkids about the night the motion to go to conference on a short-term stopgap…nevermind.” — USA Today‘s Susan Davis.
  • Unknown-1“Pete Sessions seems sooooo annoyed to be there right now – and tired – I sympathize” — CQ Roll Call‘s Emily Pierce.
  • “On the upside, Clinton and Lewinsky got together during the last shutdown.” — National Journal‘s Matt Cooper.
  • “House GOP looks just plain desperate. #pathetic #yourfault #GOPshutdown” — Brad Woodhouse, President of Americans United for Change and former Communications Director for the Democratic Party.
  • “@louiseslaughter you just made the most idiotic point ever…” — Elizabeth Lauten, a.k.a. “DC GOP Girl.”
  • “At midnight Speaker John Boehner becomes a pumpkin. An orange faced, drunken, failure of a pumpkin. #GOPShutdown” — Syndicated liberal columnist Karl Frisch.
  • “All the gallows humor very much appreciated (and fun!) but Jesus Christ THIS IS FUCKED UP. Let’s just not forget that.” — The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

Important question to ponder: Which Washington journo pulled his back?

NPR reporter gets a sign from beyond?

“My TV just quit on me while watching CSPAN. Obviously a sign.” –  NPR’s Arnie Seipel at  10:15 p.m.

Eatery to lawmakers: No free pulled pork for you!

@PBBBQDelRay: “Free pulled pork sandwich for any gov employee if there is a shutdown. EXCLUDES CONGRESSMEN.”

Pre-emptive media strike

“No doubt OBJECTIVE @ABurnsPolitico, @maggiepolitico are working on piece asking y Hillary hasn’t ‘Soulja’d’ Obama for refusal to negotiate.” — editor John Nolte.

 greenstripecoverfishWords to live by…

“Know what keeps me sane living in the DC area? Boasting an outsider mindset in the Beltway. Resist urge for power and remember your roots.” — conservative blogger Gabriella Hoffman. Just moments before this whopper of wisdom, she wrote, “My page is 8 likes away from 1,100. Connect with me on FB if you haven’t already.”

Editor’s brain shuts down

“You know what else has shut down? My brain. Time for bed. Will be up bright and early to cover the ongoing CR voterama. Night all.”– Red Alert Politics Editor-in-Chief Francesca Chambers at 12:10 a.m.


“My Dad lost a whole college trimester when the Pennsylvania government shut down and didn’t make his financial aid payments to the school.” — HuffPost‘s Jeffrey Young.

Where are Julia’s feelings? “Am I supposed to feel something right now? #shutdown” — TNR‘s Julia Ioffe at 12:06 a.m.

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The FishbowlDC Interview With Politico’s Irascible Morning Money Man Ben White

Say hello to Politico‘s Ben White, who writes the “Morning Money” column covering the nexus of finance and public policy. Before Politico, he covered Wall Street for the NYT. Other publications he has worked for include WaPo and the Financial Times. He lives in New York City. As some of you may have noticed, Ben has something of a temper problem. Of course not remotely to the degree of Politico Pro Editor Tim Grieve, who was recently voted FishbowlDC’s “Worst Temper in Washington” in our Summer Superlatives. But Ben has his moments, like a recent rash of irritation he felt during a trip to Washington at the Madison Hotel where he had made a reservation. When he arrived, they wouldn’t honor his reservation. Suffice it to say, Ben wasn’t pleased and felt Twitter shaming might do the trick. One other important thing about him? He appears to have a man crush on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as you’ll see below. In all sincerity, the finance reporter has a self-deprecating wit we’ve grown to appreciate in recent weeks, so we wanted to find out a little more about what makes him tick, or rather, what ticks him off.

Have a look.

If you were a carbonated beverage which would you be?  Soda Stream version of diet coke. I drink so much of it I have to make my own.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to an editor (or vice versa)? Worst thing I’ve said: “Do you have any idea at all how financial markets actually work?” The answer: “No, I really don’t.”

Who is your favorite working journalist and why? I don’t have one favorite. I love tons of reporters. Right now I’m in special awe of Maggie Haberman for her tenacity and productivity. It’s astounding and frankly I think she must be on steroids.

Do you have a favorite word? I have three. Jacob and Rafi, my two boys, and Jenna, my love.

Who would you rather have dinner with – CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, FNC’s Juan Williams or NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Tell us why. Blitzer. Because everywhere he goes is the Situation Room and that’s where I want to be. And his silvery beard mesmerizes me and has all the answers.

What is the most interesting conversation you’ve had while on the campaign trail and who was it with? My favorite was Karen from Arkansas with the huge hair and sequined blue dress who was most looking forward to her delegation’s party for Bill Clinton.

The population is dying out and you are required to save civilization as we know it. You have a romantic evening ahead of you (to save the planet) and you have three possible dates. Pick one. 1. Wolf Blitzer, Juan Williams or Candy Crowley. Just joking. Your real three options: 1. Lindsay Lohan 2. A much younger Madeleine Albright or 3. Chelsea Clinton. If I can’t have Blitzer, I’d go with Madeleine Albright because her story is so incredible and she is so breathtakingly smart.

Tell us a funny story from the road. Can be long or short. In 2000, my man job seemed to be carrying legendary Washington Post columnist Mary McGrory‘s bags around New Hampshire. I think its my best memory from the trail and probably the most useful thing I’ve done in journalism.

What’s the most revolting thing you’ve eaten in your campaign travels? And the best? I ate most of my dinners in Tampa from a vending machine. But best meal was also there, original Cuban sandwich at Colombia Restaurant in Ybor City with former Sen. Mel Martinez.

What annoys you most about campaign coverage? And what gratifies you about it? … 

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When POTUS Flies, Who Buys?

When POTUS makes a lunch run, Washington pays attention. We got word yesterday that he grabbed grub at a local chain, Taylor Gourmet, for meetings at the White House. We first learned of this “news” from Politico‘s Donovan Slack, who was giving us pool reports throughout the day. We perked up when her dispatch came through at 12:05 p.m. ET with the subject line: “yes, they’re having hoagies.” This immediately began the conversation around Fishbowl Headquarters over whether they’re called “hoagies”, “grinders”, or “subs.” (The issue still isn’t resolved.)

POTUS picked up an “an assortment of sandwiches”, but we were not given the crucial details of what he ordered.  Some 20 minutes later, Slack picked up where she left off by sending her next report with a subject line that made us choke with laughter: “Sandwich Facts.” It’s your one stop shop for all things between two slices of bread. As it turns out, POTUS ordered a sandwich with “roast turkey, prosciutto, roasted red peppers and sharp provolone.”

You’d think that if the leader of the free world made a lunch run, he’d come back with something a LITTLE more impressive than a turkey sub. POTUS paid for the pack of sandwiches at a cost of $62.79.

Who Will be Your New Nerd Prom Prez?

From L to R: Christi Parsons, Donovan Slack and Margaret Talev.

Now the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is blissfully receding from most people’s memory and the hangovers have subsided, that can only mean one thing: the campaign is on for three seats on the association’s board. This year’s races could be especially contentious: Christi Parsons (Chicago Tribune/LAT) v. Donovan Slack (Politico) for President. Also, Bloomberg is trying (for the third straight year!) for a seat on the board with their candidate, Margaret Talev.

Balloting is by mail, over many weeks. First, a signup sheet gets posted in the White House briefing room. Candidates sign up and declare their candidacies. Then they send statements to membership. Trust us, the campaigning is already well under way!

Let the contentiousness begin.

A note of explanation to readers: It’s a crazy system: FNC’s Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry becomes president and will honcho the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. So if you want good tables or many tables, he’s the guy whose ass you want to kiss for the next year. It takes TWO YEARS upon one’s election as WHCA president before he/she actually takes office. So after these elections are decided, you could have a full two years head start to suck up and as we know, the turtle tends gets ahead by going slow. Longest transition in the western world.

In further annoyingly technical explanation: There are nine seats total on the board. Typically, there are three open seats per annual election. The three elected in the coming weeks/months all take office shortly after election. To be elected president, one has to win both election to a specific seat AND the race for president.

Separated at Birth: Politico’s Donovan Slack

Today, we take a look at Politico’s Donovan Slack. Her recent Twitter avatar change reminded us of actress Laura Linney. Uncanny, right?


WH Pooler Throws Colleague Under Bus


Politico‘s new White House reporter Donovan Slack issued the following Pool Reports this weekend. She also had a correction in which she placed blame where it was due, but was it necessary?

“Thanks to fellow pooler Alan Fram of AP, also spotted in audience: Sen Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Rep Tom Price (R-GA). And for Brady Bunch fans, Florence Henderson was also there.”

Exactly 14 minutes later came a correction. Couldn’t she have just written … In the previous Pool Report? Apparently not: “WH says info from AP’s Alan Fram was incorrect: Rep Tom Price was NOT at the reception.”

Politico Hires Globe Reporter to Pick Up the Slack

Politico has hired Boston Globe‘s Donovan Slack to be a senior reporter on their 44 page, which chronicles President Obama. She replaces Julie Mason, who worked on the White House team and recently left for Sirius XM Radio. As one reporter put it, “Donovan is a chick. Cool name!”

Indeed, welcome Donovan to Politico and to the Fishbowl.

In an internal memo, Politico‘s Bill Hamilton lays out plans for a new and improved 44 page. The highlight will be a White House blog that focuses on news and personalities. While the entire White House team will write for the blog, two reporters will anchor it — namely Donovan and Byron Tau, who has been hopping around as of late. For a year he worked for Ben Smith and then moved over to Mike Allen‘s team. Tau replaces Matt Negrin, who just left Politico for ABC News.

Congratulations to the new duo on anchoring the page.

See the memo…
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