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WaPo Screws Up ‘Natural’ Resources Defense Council (Again and Again and Again)

WaPo seems to have an odd tic when it comes to the name of the organization flacked by former Bloomberg reporter Edwin Chen. Don’t they know they can’t get a major error past a former journalist?

In a nutshell: They keep writing “National Resources Defense Council” despite its real name being: “Natural Resources Defense Council.”

A staffer based in California who worked on the report mentioned in the story emailed the author of the WaPo at 3 a.m. EDT regarding the error. The mistake appeared in a story on wasted food Tuesday. As of this posting, the organization has been restored to its accurate name.

Noteworthy: This is the third time WaPo has bumbled the name. The most recent occurrence came in March of this year. Before that, in 2011.

(We feel your pain WaPo. NPR David Folkenflik‘s surname is a pain in our ass.)


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Organization Wants Name As Is, Naturally

Former Bloomberg scribe Edwin Chen doesn’t have soaring expectations or disdain when it comes to Washington media. After all, he once walked among them as a former White House Correspondent.

But since leaving journalism, he has been appalled over seeing media outlets butcher the name of the organization for which he works. It’s the Natural Resources Defense Council, not the National Resources Defense Council. What the f&@k is so hard about that?

In October 2011 he blasted for WaPo for getting the name wrong — twice — in one story. This morning Chen was once again miffed to see that both the front page of the print version as well as the online story got it wrong. “Deja vu all over again…except worse,” he remarked over email, accentuating the mistake’s PAGE ONE status.

The error was first noticed last night around 10 p.m. by a National Resources Defense Council employee — oh we’re just kidding. It’s, of course, the NATURAL Resources Defense Council.

Chen told FishbowlDC: Read more

The Fishbowl Interview With WHCA Prez Edwin Chen

obama and ed.jpg Bloomberg’s White House Correspondent Edwin Chen has got to be one of the nicest journalists in this town. He stands in some very big shoes this weekend as president of the White House Correspondents’ Association — in other words, the man who has had to deal with so much ego &*))$#!# over the last several months it would make your head spin. He deserves a big round of applause. (Note to readers: We’ve amended our regular interview this week to make it relevant to the weekend.)

What is your favorite moment from all White House Correspondents’ Dinners Past? My most memorable moment was during the 2008 dinner, when Laura Bush turned the tables on me during our discussion about the pros and cons of President Bush attending the Summer Olympics in Beijing — when she asked ME whether he should go.

What dress color ought a woman wear to the dinner? Best dress color — the one my wife wears.

Which party is typically the most fun? Most fun party — As we like to say at Bloomberg… Let’s party!

Aside from Jay Leno, who is your idea of a dream entertainer? Conan O’Brien.

Which star at the event has made you star struck? The same one every year: Meredith Ferguson Chen, my darling wife.

Trouble Brewing in Prom Paradise: WorldNetDaily Suing WHCA

> Update: WHCA President Edwin Chen now commenting:”The association has seen countless and creative efforts to improve one’s circumstances at the dinner; all of them have been futile. This latest ploy will end with the same result.”

WorldNetDaily has filed a lawsuit in Washington accusing the White House Correspondents’ Association of “doing the bidding of the Obama administration in trying to belittle, exclude and irreparably harm” the Internet news outlet, which has carried negative commentary on the President.

The dispute involves WND’s request to purchase three tables at the dinner. They claim they were offered three seats and ultimately one table. FishbowlDC sources say ultimately WND received two seats only. “They don’t have their facts right,” a source close to the dinner explained.

Read the story on WorldNetDaily here. It’s ultra-bias but gives readers a basic sense of the suit.

WHCA President Ed Chen, senior White House correspondent for Bloomberg News, declined to comment. He suggested we call WHCA’s lawyer, George Lehner, a partner with Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Stay tuned…

Chen to Keith K: ‘Where Art Thou?’

angels-picture-angel-prayer.jpgIt’s a nasty, snarly morning over at Bloomberg. Edwin Chen,of Bloomberg News, calls out Roll Call’s White House correspondent Keith Koffler for not showing up.

Pool Report #1
Feb. 4, 2010

Roll Call’s no-show this morning (but who noticed?) forced this rusty, one-time pool-report writer back into action. Herewith, a first-draft of history on the president’s 2d appearance as POTUS at the National Prayer Breakfast.

The motorcade rolled at 7:48 a.m., as the morning sun rose over the Commerce Building. Within minutes, we arrived at the Washington Hilton and entered the gigantic ballroom, a venue most of you know well.

Program available upon request. Headtable guests include VP Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, Sens. Orrin Hatch, Ron Wyden, Johnny Isakson and Amy Klobuchar; Rep. Charlie Wilson and Todd Akin. Of course also Tim Tebow.

In audience at a front-row table (but way off to the side): Gov. Mark Sanford of S.C.

more TK — Keith K. — where art thou? (or a sub ?????)

Edwin Chen
Senior White House correspondent
Bloomberg News

> Update: Koffler no longer works at Roll Call. Check out our next post for more details.