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David Muir to Replace Diane Sawyer in ‘World News’ Chair, ‘This Week’ Host Takes New Role


David Muir, George Stephanopoulos, Diane Sawyer and ABC News president James Goldston.

ABC News this morning announced that ABC “World News’” Diane Sawyer is set to step down from the anchor chair and is to be replaced by the program’s weekend anchor David Muir starting September 2.

“For many years to come Diane will be a driving force at ABC News with her exceptional storytelling genius,” wrote ABC News President James Goldston in a note to staff this morning. “She will create innovative television specials and events, and, of course, continue to conduct the biggest interviews with the most important and extraordinary people in the world. Starting this summer she will begin to develop these new stories, working closely with me, David Sloan, Almin Karamehmedovic, Jeanmarie Condon, Claire Weinraub and Michael Corn. And, of course, Ben will continue to be a part of this creative process as Diane’s long time editorial partner.” Read more

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CNN’s Amanpour says YES to ABC

CNN_ChristianeAmanpour.jpg This just in…

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour will be the new host of ABC’s “This Week”.

From ABC’s David Westin:
I am delighted to announce that Christiane Amanpour will join ABC News as the new anchor of “This Week.” A highly respected journalist recognized around the world for her reporting, she brings to her new position a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as a deep commitment to bringing news of the world to the American people. She will also appear on all other ABC News programs and platforms to provide international analysis of the important issues of the day. And, she will be anchoring primetime documentaries on international subjects.

Christiane will join us from CNN where, for two decades she has reported from the worldÂ’s major conflicts, including those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Rwanda, and the Balkans. She has received every major broadcast journalism award. A formidable interviewer, she has sat down in global exclusives with many of the worldÂ’s leaders and military chiefs from the Middle East, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan to Africa, Europe and the United States.

More than once over the years we’ve talked with Christiane about her joining us in one position or another. Until now, it wasn’t the right time or the right fit. We are fortunate that this time it worked for Christiane and for us.

With Christiane we have the opportunity to provide our audiences with something different on Sunday mornings. We will continue to provide the best in interviews and analysis about domestic politics and policies. But now we will add to that an international perspective. All of us know how much the international and the domestic have come to affect one another – whether it’s global conflict, terrorism, humanitarian crises, or the economy. And our international reporting has long been a hallmark of ABC News, part of the legacy Peter Jennings left for us. Christiane will bring the international and the domestic together, in the interviews she does and in the roundtable over which she presides. Our audience has come to us for years to see differing points of views expressed in intelligent and compelling ways; now the different points of view will be expanded beyond partisan politics alone.

Christiane will be joining ABC News in August. Until then, Jake Tapper has agreed to become the regular, interim anchor of “This Week.” Ian Cameron will continue as executive producer. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to him and to Jake, Terry Moran, Jonathan Karl, Barbara Walters, Elizabeth Vargas, and Matthew Dowd for taking up the reins of the program during this transition. Thanks to their hard work and dedication we’ve maintained the high standards set by George Stephanopoulos before he left the program for “Good Morning America.”

Please join me in welcoming Christiane to ABC News.

ABC’s “This Week” (American Idol Style)

pols_feature10-1.jpg ABC’s “This Week’s” guest host this past Sunday was Matt Dowd, chief strategist for Bush-Cheney ’04. Here’s what our judges had to say to him. This week HuffPost’s Jason Linkins was out of pocket. Don’t fret. He’ll be back with us next week when ABC’s Jake Tapper (in some corners of D.C. a front-runner for the job) will again return to the host chair for another tryout.

Washington Examiner “Yeas & Nays” Columnists Tara Palmeri and Nikki Schwab: Oh Matthew, we know you’re the new guy on the block. And, well, it shows. You started out rocky, using hokey cliches and long-winded questions in your interview with Sec. Sebelius. Did you really just say: ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore?’ Why yes, you did. You seemed to gain confidence as you went along, and you covered all the relevant health care reform-related questions — cost, abortion, etc. But you seemed too nervous to get punchy answers from your guest.

You picked up steam when prodding a guy on your own team — Sen. Mitch McConnell. When you asked why Republican poll numbers on health care were lower than both Democrats’ and the President’s and got back some silly answer about the health care debate being between the Democrats and their constituents (which still doesn’t explain the GOP’s low numbers…) you bucked up and tried again. You reminded us that the reason we liked last week’s host, Elizabeth Vargas, was because she was great at calling out the crap.

You were best at dealing with the roundtable, though often let the panel members take turns by themselves, without much interference. It’s good these folks were pros, and nobody hogged the discussion.

On a final note: “Avatar,” Donna Brazile? Really? We’re glad that was a prediction you didn’t get right.

Carol Joynt (former “This Week” producer; writer for New York Social Diary): Live TV can be a bitch. I’m sure you would agree, Matt. Its so much easier to be the guest/passenger rather than host/driver. So many technical details to deal with while also trying to hear your own thoughts and be at ease. Like riding a bike, over time it becomes easier. Next time, and I hope there is a next time, will be more comfortable. The roundtable showed real promise.

ABC’s ‘This Week’ (American Idol Style)

84-elizabeth-vargas-2.jpg We continue our American Idol-esque critiques of ABC ‘This Week’ hosts. Our panel of judges now includes Anonymous Judge, who is a political journalist in D.C. — we’ll leave it at that (the person wants to keep his/her day job). The fill-in host this week is Elizabeth Vargas, who regularly appears on 20/20.

HuffPost’s Jason Linkins (editor of “Eat the Press”): Hi, Elizabeth Vargas! I understand that you are not really vying for host of ‘This Week’. You should ask yourself why that is. I mean, why not you? Can you tell me that? But look, I guess it’s really hard to get too invested, knowing this isn’t going anywhere. On the actual “American Idol”, everyone is asked why they are doing it, they all say, “Oh, because I am going to be the next American Idol, most definitely, so prepare for maximum swooning!” They do not say, “Oh, I am here because I hear you all have a really great craft services table!” You sort of feel like that.

So, you interviewed Nancy Pelosi! How nice for you! And it was really good up until the end. And then, the end came, and it was not good. “How would you grade yourself?” You realize that this is ABC News interviewing the Speaker of the House. This is not you giving a performance review to the fresh faced college kid who’s been serving as the office manager of your west side branch. And then you let Pelosi end things with one of her monologues of bromides! ABC won’t get that time back.

(Read more Linkins after the jump…)

Examiner’s Yeas & Nays Columnists Tara Palmeri and Nikki Schwab: Elizabeth Vargas, you’re a firecracker on the Sunday spot. You bring the drama of a nightly newsmagazine with your hard-hitting questions and quick follow-ups. You controlled the anchor spot like a ping-pong champ, and your news babe charm adds flair to the stodgy mix. During the first segment, you handled Pelosi’s non-answers pretty well. You were quick with followups and at least you didn’t get bulldozed. Thankfully Pelosi is no Ahhhnold.

On a down note, you lost control of the panel. Panelists controlled the conversation and you often chimed in as a panelist not as a moderator. All in all, we’re not convinced that you dazzled on ‘This Week’, ’20/20′ seems more your style.

Carol Joynt (New York Social Diary and former producer of ‘This Week’): Elizabeth, you were experienced, polished and affable and clearly did your homework. But whenever an interview is produced on a “set,” artifice is part of the equation. Add political agenda and it’s more than half. Rather than buff up with hair, make-up and serious suits in a staged Hill office, I wanted you to drag Pelosi out of the office and get down. Imagine if you two dressed casual, walked the C&O Canal or the Mall, maybe sat on a park bench. One camera. Intimacy. “Nancy, are you enjoying this job?” “Nancy, do you feel like a hamster on a wheel?” “Nancy, what keeps you awake at night?” I was eager for you to make the interview your own, to cut through Pelosi’s palaver.

(Read more Joynt after the jump…)

Anonymous Judge: Longtime fan. First-time reviewer. First off, I think it would be great to have a woman calling the shots on “This Week.” You didn’t close the deal on Sunday, but you didn’t blow it, either. Your interview with Pelosi had its ups and downs. The good news: Your questions triggered answers that made headlines, such as Pelosi saying the Tea Party has some things in common with Democrats. You also got her to say that Rep. Charles Rangel’s ethics admonishment was “not good.”

Bad news: You spent too much time pressing Pelosi on whether she is going to have the votes to pass health reform. What did you expect her to say? “Between you and me, Elizabeth, I’m down about 50 votes and I think this is going to be complete catastrophe.”

(More Anonymous Judge after the jump…)

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Vargas on ‘This Week’ (American Idol-Style)

0000035701_20061110160327.jpgOur judges are sure to have some fun this Sunday for ABC’s ‘This Week’ when host Elizabeth Vargas takes to the ‘This Week’ stage for her tryout.

> Update: We’ve learned that Vargas is not officially in the running to ultimately be host of ‘This Week’. Like some
of the other hosts we’ve watched in recent weeks, an ABC spokesperson said, many are pitching in until someone is finally chosen. Our critiques, however, continue on until the host is revealed.

ABC News Announces Steph as “GMA” Host

George Stephanopoulos has been named the new anchor of “Good Morning America,” ABC News President David Westin announced today.

Stephanopoulos will anchor the broadcast with Robin Roberts and replaces Diane Sawyer, who will become the new anchor of “World News” beginning Dec. 21. Juju Chang has been named the news anchor for “Good Morning America” and Chris Cuomo has been promoted to co-anchor of “20/20″ alongside Elizabeth Vargas. Cuomo has also been named ABC News’ chief law and justice correspondent, reporting for all broadcasts and platforms across the news division. Sam Champion will remain the weather anchor on the morning show.

George will take on the role of chief political correspondent and continue to anchor “This Week” until a replacement is named.

TV Coverage Plans For Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Michael Jackson‘s memorial service is tomorrow at the Staples Center in LA. Here’s how the nets and cable will cover the service, via TVNewser:

• ABC: Charlie Gibson will anchor live coverage “Remembering Michael Jackson” at 1pmET, joined by “Nightline” anchor Martin Bashir. Some updates: Diane Sawyer, in NY, and Barbara Walters, at the Staples Center, will co-anchor a special edition of “20/20″ at 9pmET. Sawyer and Elizabeth Vargas will also co-anchor “Primetime: Family Secrets,” a report on Michael Jackson’s children at 10pmET. Cynthia McFadden will also anchor “Nightline” from the Staples Center.

• CBS: Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith will anchor the “Early Show” from the Staples Center tomorrow. Katie Couric will anchor special coverage of the memorial at 1pmET and the CBS “Evening News” from the Staples Center. Couric will also do “48 Hours” at 10pmET.

• NBC/MSNBC: NBC will televise the memorial service at 1pmET, anchored by Brian Williams. Chris Jansing will anchor MSNBC’s live coverage. Meredith Vieira will broadcast live tomorrow at the Staples Center for “Today” and Williams will anchor “Nightly News” from LA Tuesday.

• CNN: Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Don Lemon and Soledad O’Brien will host coverage live from LA, with Campbell Brown and Roland Martin anchoring live from New York, starting at NoonET on CNN and simulcast on CNN International.

• HLN: Robin Meade, A.J. Hammer and Jane Velez-Mitchell will anchor live coverage for HLN.

• Fox: Shepard Smith will anchor live coverage of the memorial service on Fox News starting at 1pmET. Megyn Kelly will anchor live coverage of the memorial on FOX broadcast also beginning at 1pmET. Greta Van Susteren will also be in LA on Tuesday, and will host her show from there Tuesday night.

Taking Out The Trash, 01.23.07

  • Bolo tie wins. Just goes to show there is a difference between should wear and will wear.

  • Jack Shafer on words journalists should not use.

  • Cheney, media to take stand in Libby perjury case

  • An ABC release announced that Charles Gibson will anchor ABC’s coverage of the State of the Union from Capitol Hill. “He will be joined by George Stephanopoulos, Martha Raddatz, Jake Tapper, and Kate Snow in Washington and Dan Harris in Baghdad.” Gibson will also interview Sen. Barack Obama after the Democratic response.

  • Washingtonian remembers Art Buchwald, by showcasing a column of his he wrote for publication over 40 years ago.

  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell highlights readers’ concerns about recent “omissions” in throughout the publication.

  • Elizabeth Vargas is on today’s Oprah Show discussing her “excruciating decision” between her job and her child.

  • Washington Business Journal reported that the Washington Post Co. added Thomas Gayner, the executive vice president and chief investment officer of Markel Corp., to its board.

  • Julie Mason blogs about President Bush‘s preferred nickname for USA Today’s David Jackson: “Action Jackson”

  • New York Times’ Neil Lewis explores the effects of the Scooter Libby trial on the relationship reporters have with government officials and how “news organizations reconsider the pledges their journalists may make.”

  • Wonkette discusses David Bradley’s feelings for Andrew Sullivan. Somebody sounds smitten.

  • A reader asks, “What is with the National Press Club and the luncheons and speeches it sponsors. Seems as if they are sponsoring only liberal democrats which only gives fodder to those crazed charges of a liberal media from Rush Limbaugh and his like.” The first few weeks of January included George McGovern, Sens. Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid, and Reps. Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi.

  • Finally, a real list of Washington area happy hours.

  • The Des Moines Register offers a local look at the C-SPAN Campaign 2008 bus which launched in Des Moines.

  • Eric Boehlert on “the media’s Clinton-Obama obsession.”

  • “NPR News will offer a live broadcast and audio streaming of President Bush’s State of the Union Address and the Democratic response on Tuesday, January 23 starting at 9pm ET. Michele Norris, host of All Things Considered, anchors the special news coverage with NPR correspondents, political analysts and members of Congress providing analysis of a number of key themes in the President’s address. This will be the first State of the Union Address to a Democratic Congress in 12 years. The following morning, Steve Inskeep, host of Morning Edition will offer additional coverage with post-address analysis and up-to-the-minute news generating from the nation’s Capitol. In addition to offering a live audio stream of NPR’s complete coverage, will also provide a comprehensive look at the President’s address, analysis and reaction from key members of Congress, and additional audio clips.”