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Morning Reading List, 08.30.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • You’re completely torn on the journalists dating journalists issue.

  • The Pew Weekly News Interest Index shows, “Michael Vick’s legal troubles attracted a large news audience last week. … While 69% of whites say the press has been fair in the way it has covered this story, only 38% of blacks agree. A narrow majority of blacks (51%) say Vick has been treated unfairly by the media.”

  • A release announced, “All three broadcast network morning shows are dramatically tilting their presidential campaign coverage in favor of the Democrats, a new study from the Media Research Center has documented. MRC’s analysts found the morning shows are offering nearly twice as much coverage of the Democrats, are three times more likely to have a Democratic candidate appear as an on-air guest, and are confronting both parties with an overwhelmingly liberal agenda.” For full results, click here.

  • YouTuber James Kotecki is freelancing for The Politico. Check out his latest video here.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “An XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. director made the largest insider purchase ever at the company amid optimism that legal rulings in favor of another merger could help clear the path for XM’s proposed combination with Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.”

  • E&P’s Steve Outing explores, “The industry still has a lot of power to influence people. How about if newspapers abandon their old way of doing things when it comes to the issue of global warming, and turn their influence to good?”

  • New York Times reports, “The Wall Street Journal will rechristen Pursuits, its Saturday leisure section, as Weekend Journal, the same name as the Friday section, according to several people familiar with the paper’s decision.”

  • Eric Alterman strikes back. “I suppose I should be grateful to’s Jeff Bercovici for saying I’m ‘not stupid,’ here, but his saying that I’m ‘playing stupid’ is in some ways worse, since it implies dishonesty.”

  • USA Today’s Peter Johnson writes, “Ask ABC World News anchor Charles Gibson why he has become the nation’s most-watched TV news anchor, and he grins. ‘Unbridled sex appeal,’ he says. Gibson is kidding, of course. But after the tumultuous year since the Tom Brokaw/Peter Jennings/Dan Rather era ended, his reason might be as good as any as to why the race among him, NBC’s Brian Williams and CBS’ Katie Couric has played out the way it has.”

  • The Neiman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard released a new study on the news aftermath of Katrina. “For the fall issue of Nieman Reports we asked reporters, editors and photojournalists to describe what it’s been like to tell a story that has no end in sight.”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “When Philadelphia Media Holdings LLC acquired the Philadelphia Inquirer last year, borrowing $375 million for the purchase, the company began looking at ways to pay off its debt. One option: Sell the landmark 18-story building on North Broad Street that has been home to the newspaper since 1924.”

  • CNet reports, “In a move that further shapes its image as an MTV-like pop-culture hub as well as a social network, News Corp.’s has announced that it will be sponsoring a concert tour this fall. Appropriately called the MySpace Music Tour, the series of shows will kick off October 16 in Seattle and will host more than 30 performances before winding down in Las Vegas around Thanksgiving.”

  • reports, “Social networking sites including MySpace and Facebook have not yet realised their full potential as advertising media, experts report.”

  • reports, “‘Welcome to the new Boing Boing!’ Mark Frauenfelder wrote on the popular blog. Boing Boing has been one of the Internet’s most widely read blogs, as they add new items regularly to their ‘directory of wonderful things.’”

  • Variety reports, “Women in Film and General Motors have launched a free online magazine titled Traction, aimed at empowering and nurturing women in the media biz. Mag ( will include feature stories on industry-relevant topics as well as a virtual mentor, featuring how-to pieces on everything from shooting in a foreign country to securing an agent.”

  • News and Tech reports, “Newspapers targeting smartphone users as consumers demand more content aimed at portable devices.”


  • A leading journalism organization is looking for a Webmaster.

  • Brijit, Inc. is looking for a Business editor.

  • The American Prospect is looking for a Deputy Editor.

  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for a Social Policy Reporter.

  • AARP is looking for an Associate Editor.

  • A Full Service Advertising Agency in Washington DC is looking for a
    Graphic Designer/Art Director.

  • The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life is looking for an Assistant Web Editor.

  • Internet Archive is looking for a Scanning Center Production Manager

  • The Weekly Standard is looking for an Advertising and Marketing Assistant.

  • The Rand Corporation is looking for a Media Relations Coordinator.

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  • Alterman v. Peretz


    Someone else isn’t being liberal enough. That can only mean one thing: It’s time for…


    Yes, that’s right: Eric Alterman, who clearly has no problem whatsoever causing static, takes on The New Republic’s Marty Peretz:

      What’s more, during his reign, Peretz has also done lasting damage to the cause of American liberalism. By turning TNR into a kind of ideological police dog, Peretz enjoyed the ability — at least for a while — to play a key role in defining the borders of “responsible” liberal discourse, thereby tarring anyone who disagreed as irresponsible or untrustworthy. But he did so on the basis of a politics simultaneously so narrow and idiosyncratic — in thrall almost entirely to an Israel-centric neoconservatism — that it’s difficult to understand how the magazine’s politics might be considered liberal anymore.

    Read the rest here.

    Cox v. Alterman: The Showdown, Part II (“Enter the Husband”)


    >UPDATE: A reader writes in, “Wonder if AMC and Alterman could do a bloggingheads and put this to rest…?”

    On Romenesko’s letters board, the tiff we mentioned earlier between Ana Marie Cox and Eric Alterman continues…

    First from Eric Alterman:

      “I had no intention of speaking to her and had I known that what I was saying would be inaccurately passed along to a website that cared nothing for accuracy, I would never have done so.”

      “I told her, I’m fine with what she does. My issue with Time is that they hired a ‘liberal’ gossip writer who specializes in articles about ‘ass-fucking’ to offset their conservative heavy-hitters who regularly abuse liberals. If she, or any one else wishes to spend their lives as gossip writers, all I ask is that they try to be accurate when it’s about me — which I see turns out to be far too much to ask.”

      “Ana apologized for her behavior towards me, which ought to tell you something.”

      “So again, to sum up. I did not ask to have this conversation. I did not ask to have it reported on or taped. I did not demand anything of Ms. Cox or anyone else. I simply responded as best I could to her myriad accusations against me–accusations that strike me as rather hostile and hypocritical given her own position at Time. She later apologized and I accepted.”

    Then, enter CQ’s Chris Lehmann (Ana Marie’s husband):

      “I am writing in response to Eric Alterman’s droll 8-point clarification of the conversation he had with my wife about her role at Time, and his quite personal attacks on her writing as a means of pretending to decry a conservative bias at the news weekly. (Normally I let Ana fight her own battles, but she’s off in New Hampshire — I hope you’re sitting down Eric — reporting a political story for Time.)”

      “Oh, and one other thing: Ana assures me that when she spoke to Alterman subsequently, she did not apologize for the content of her remarks–let alone her ‘behavior’ as Alterman has it here. She apologized for the _tone_ of her remarks, largely on the basis of Alterman’s disengenuously puzzled-sounding claim that she seemed ‘hostile.’”

    But, best of all: We finally get to the heart of the “ass-fucking” example:

      “Consider the well-worn plaint that my coarse, perverse spouse somehow ‘specialized’ in producing an unending stream of blogposts about ‘ass-fucking.’ In reality, Wonkette–always more of a satire outlet than a ‘gossip’ site on her watch in the first place–first employed the ‘ass-fucking’ phrasing to ridicule the Bush administration’s proposed consitutional ban on gay marriage. The idea at the time was to call out the thing that the administration actually wanted to outlaw by its true name–’the federal no-ass-fucking amendment.’ … So forgive me, marital rooting interests aside, for failing to follow the reasoning that this one fateful phrase is somehow a grievous betrayal of the liberal faith–and to wonder a bit at how comfortable a putative liberal pundit feels in casually reducing a female writer’s career to a description of a sexual practice.”

    Cox v. Alterman: The Showdown


    Only in Washington would “fights” take place on the rooftop of a fancy hotel where they’re serving fresh orange juice and omelets made to order. Still, we’ll take what we can get…

    At John McLaughlin’s Sunday brunch,’s Ana Marie Cox and The Nation’s Eric Alterman “went at it” (and by “went at it” I mean discussed such things as whether or not Peter Beinart is a neocon or not…Oh no you didn’t!!!).

    Anyway, it turns out that Dana Milbank wasn’t the only one who had a secret tape recorder handy all weekend. The Observer’s Michael Calderone also had one and recorded (and transcribed) the “fight” between Cox and Alterman.

    The “real” juicy part?

      ERIC ALTERMAN: That’s your job. You’re paid by Time to–

      ANA MARIE COX: Actually, I would love to hear my job description from you. Yes, what is my job at Time?

      ERIC ALTERMAN: Why are you being so hostile to me?

      ANA MARIE COX: I’m not being hostile, am I?


      ERIC ALTERMAN: If Time were paying me, I would feel a responsibility to the institution to try and improve it. Then I might talk to Rick about it. But Time is not paying me, so my only job is to say what I think is the truth. And that’s what I do.

      ANA MARIE COX: Rather than engage with someone that you have a relationship with?

      ERIC ALTERMAN: He knows what I think. I wrote a column for The Nation called “Time Is on Their Side.” Rick read it. I made my point.

      ANA MARIE COX: And you talked to him yesterday.

      ERIC ALTERMAN: About you.


    Like a kitten.

    Morning Reading List, 04.24.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • What do Tony Kornheiser and Scooter Libby have in common? Admittedly not much, but they did both make The Phoenix’s List of 100 Unsexiest Men, 2007.

  • Reuters reports, “The Huffington Post political blog has signed on Web media company Yahoo Inc. and online news site Slate to help host two debates among presidential hopefuls ahead of the 2008 election.”

  • The Washingtonian has more coverage from the WHCA parties here .

  • Lawmakers Urge Bush to Reconsider Broadcasting Cuts

  • Magazines, Online And Off

  • Helena Andrews reviews the fashion from the WHCA Dinner and says, “The original Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, wore an emerald green reflective ensemble that might have looked better on the set of ‘Wicked.’” Then again, Andrews thinks Los Angeles is a great city so we’re suspicious of her judgment…

  • Rem Rieder writes, “I have two major objections to the dinner. The first is that it suggests a coziness between newsmakers and the people who cover them that just isn’t healthy. … The other problem is the carnival aspect, the competition for the get, the parade of (sort of) celebs, the coveted after-party tickets.”

  • Today, American University’s School of Communication is hosting its Finale Reception for its Mentoring Program and they are expecting a few big-name alumni/DC media including CBS News’ 48 Hours Investigates producer Susan Zirinsky, NBC 4 anchor Wendy Rieger and XM Satellite Radio’s Bob Edwards.

  • Julie Mason shows us just why the stakeout can sometimes be a bit anti-climatic.

  • A reader tells us, “If we were to follo Bruce Johnson’s well-meaning criterion, there would be no day for celebration. Each festivity would be canceled on a daily basis, based on Darfur alone. Let us remember the victims, but let us also go on living. The victims would want us to, while remembering them. It is people like Cho who would want to rob us of even these perhaps frivolous but joyful celebrations.”

  • Ralph Hanson points out that the Post “crossed a new diversity barrier” last week — “not interracial dating, they’ve done that a time or two; not gay dating — no lesbians yet, but one male-male date. No, this time they had a man in a wheelchair and a woman who was not.”

  • In one reader’s opinion, “The redesign is awesome — the new features are full of great info and it’s much easier to navigate through the stories.” Vandi — is that you?

  • Gawker reports that near “catfight” broke out at John McLaughlin’s post-White House Correspondent’s Dinner brunch between Ana Marie Cox and Eric Alterman. “Cox confronted Alterman about recent comments he had made concerning Time’s recent hirings, specifically, the hiring of Cox.”

  • Reason Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie talked with National Journal’s Jonathan Rauch “about the 2008 presidential race, the Iraq War, the state of contemporary journalism, and more.”

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext