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Lest anyone forget about former CNNer Eric Kuhn, who fled Washington for Hollywood’s United Talent Agency last year, he’s having his 25th birthday party in Manhattan in early June. We’ve blocked out some of the details so intruders don’t ruin his party. Happy Birthday Kuhn!

Writer’s life threatened

“Both @MichaelEDyson & I have received threats on our person since last Friday. Americans we can do better than this. Truly. #EPluribusUnum” — NBC theGrio columnist Sophia Nelson, who isn’t permitted to talk to the media about this for the time being.

Stress as a weight-loss plan

“#2012WorkoutPlan – Romney just told reporters ‘high stress’ keeps him in shape on the road.” — FNC Correspondent Peter Doocy.

Funniest Hate Mail

“Dave Weigel keep drinking that kool-aid, you ignorant baboon.” — said by @iamstainaverse (who is now — ouch! — suspended).

Breitbart editor threatens to cut off birthers

“Honest to G-D, Birthers. I will BLOCK you if you don’t cease with the stupid. Say what u want but not with a @ in front of my name.” —‘s John Nolte.

Question to Ponder: “Is there anything to explain today’s traffic jackassery in DC?” — ReutersSam Youngman.

Be VERY afraid

“Tomorrow, I will introduce the Weigel Plan to destroy my enemies. If you guys don’t like it, I’ll denounce the plan and deny it exists.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Journo is down on politics

“There are days when I look around at the political landscape and detest the fact that I’m standing knee-deep in a cesspool.” — NYT‘s Charles Blow.

What’s Driving the Day: “Just go ahead and click on that GOP butt plugs story now and get it over with.” — Reason Magazine’s Peter Suderman, who links to this story.

Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.



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Why Not Leave Politico’s Mike Allen Alone?

This weekend former CNNer Eric Kuhn, now a digital media agent for United Talent Agency in LA, could not leave Mike Allen alone to his work while the Playbook writer tapped away on his handheld device during a hike in Aspen. Like paparazzi, Kuhn treated Allen like a star and snapped this picture of Allen in the woods, which (small apologies to Allen) we could not resist running.

Kuhn’s caption on Twitter: “Mike Allen is always working, even on a hike in Aspen.”

We thank the former CNNer for tipping us off on the matter.

UPDATE: The whole event unfolded on Twitter. Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong was also on the hike and organized it by sending out a tweet. Billed as an Aspen Ideas Festival Twitter hike, hikers braved the UTE trail, considered one of Aspen’s more difficult hikes, while live tweeting the geeked out event. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and wife, Kathleen, were among the hikers as was LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. #OnlyinAspen


CNN’s Kuhn Invites Partygoers to Lunch in LA

CNN’s Eric Kuhn and Peter Hamby at The Mayflower Hotel

Partygoers: CNN’s Ed Hornick and QGA and FBDC’s Matt Dornic

Outgoing CNNer Eric Kuhn turned out a good bunch last night at elegant Mayflower Hotel to send him off  with good vibes for his star quest out to Los Angeles, where he has taken a job with United Talent Agency. CNN’s Eliot Spitzer did not make a cameo at the party — many were deeply saddened as Spitzer has fond memories of the hotel.

Media mogul David All, who played party host along with Maegan Caberry, warmly greeted FishbowlDC upon arrival but quickly yanked my co-writer Matt Dornic aside for a little talking to about an item he had written. I was going to stick around and rough up the former press sec to Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) if need be, but I had to get Dornic back because at a previous party my Fishbowl Husband told some guy in a camouflage jacket that my role at the party was to hit on the male guests. (So I left him on his own for that one. He came away from All virtually unscathed.)

Kuhn was in good spirits. He said he had already gone out to LA to find new digs, and accomplished the task in three days — it was the last apartment he viewed, but he said he knew immediately that it was the one. One aspect to the trip he wasn’t anticipating: driving. A native New Yorker, Kuhn – no kidding – doesn’t really know how to drive and hasn’t since he was 16. While in LA, some woman in a neighboring car pointed out that his car was smoking. Kuhn had forgotten about the hand break.

Throughout the evening, Kuhn continuously invited guests to come out to LA to lunch with him — to haunts where movie stars like Matt Damon might convene like the Ivy and such. The Ivy was immediately dismissed as trash.

CNNers who turned out for the party included political producer Peter Hamby, CNN Situation Room producer Eric Weisbrod and political reporter Ed Hornick.

Find out who else showed up after the jump…

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Party for the Last Time With CNN’s Eric Kuhn

The goodbye party for CNN’s Eric Kuhn is getting close. Next Tuesday friends and colleagues will bid farewell to the Hollywood-bound Audience Interaction Producer who’s leaving the network for United Talent Agency. “If you need a Hollywood agent or a place to crash in Los Angeles to keep up your bicoastal image, Tuesday is the day to act!” reads the invitation from Maegan Carberry, David All and Lesley Sanchez.

The party is at The Mayflower’s Hotel’s Town & Country Lounge from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. No word on whether CNN’s Eliot Spitzer (who has spent a little time at the hotel) will attend.

CNNer is Hollywood Bound

Hello J-Lo. Goodbye Wolf, John, Dana and the gang. CNN’s Eric Kuhn announced today that he is leaving the network to go work in digital media for the United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He’s apparently ready to go – he has already changed his Twitter name (from KuhnCNN to just Kuhn). His goodbye party is pizza in the Red Conference Room today in 10 minutes.

To give you a sense, along with J-Lo, the company reps Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe. Congratulations to Kuhn.

Read the announcement from CNN’s Alex Wellen after the jump…

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TLC’s “DC Cupcakes” Premiered at Party


Georgetown Cupcake had a premiere party for Sophie & Katherine’s
new TLC reality show “DC Cupcakes” at the Georgetown Ritz Carlton last night.

In attendance were Pamela’s Punch blogger Pamela Sorensen, Politico’s Kiki Ryan (with little sister Kate), CBS News’ Christine Delargy, CNN’s Eric Kuhn, half of Yeas & Nays Nikki Schwab (who claims she has no idea who her new partner in crime will be), Janet Donovan and WUSA’s Angie Goff.

Wearing pink sparkly Christian Louboutin heels, the Georgetown Cupcake gals took in their new show for the first time with friends and family on hand.

The Week in Birthday Wishes

FishbowlDC wishes you all a very happy birthday.


Elizabeth Thorp:’s D.C. correspondent and PR executive (Monday)
Eric Kuhn: CNN’s Audience Interaction Producer (Tuesday)
Joe Curl: former TWT White House reporter and our favorite Silver Fox (Wednesday)
Jeff Zeleny: NYT White House correspondent (Thursday)

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Quote(s) of the Day

Journo comes across old clips

“Sort of a riot to uncover old clips and the like while packing. I saved EVERYTHING.” — a Sunday tweet by Christina Bellantoni, a senior reporter for Talking Points Memo. (Later she tweets: “Still embarrassed I wrote a TERRIBLE serial ‘soap opera’ for high school paper.” Read it here.)

To tweet – or not

“I think saying ‘Don’t tweet this’ is the new off the record.”
–CNN’s Eric Kuhn, CNN’s Audience Interaction Coordinator, in a Sunday tweet.

Chuck E. Cheese: not quite Dave & Busters

“So Chuck E. Cheese? Terrifying. And unlike Dave and Busters, no full bar.” — Political Correspondent Olivier Knox of Agence France-Presse tweets Sunday.

Blogger catches nose picker in act

“Gross. Man in car in pkg lot next to me pulled over to pick his nose.” — Angie Goff, a traffic anchor for WUSA9/CBS who writes the Oh My Goff blog, in a Sunday tweet.

John King, USA: After the Show…

After the first “John King, USA” aired, John King sat down with executive producer Michelle Jaconi, senior executive producer of integrated programing Alex Wellen, and audience interaction producer Eric Kuhn to chat about viewer feedback from Facebook and Twitter. See what they had to say…

Morning Reading List, 07.18.08

Russert and Carville XM.jpg

Good morning Washington. Above, Luke Russert and James Carville spearhead XM radio’s coverage of the MLB All-Star Game.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

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