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Afternoon Reading List 09.03.13.

WaPo Wonkbook: Briefing on Syria: In case you were wondering, Syria is a pretty big issue right now.  According to Washington Post reporters Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas‘ morning policy news primer, Wonkbook, the importance of Syria weighs more on the way the President and Congress deal with each other rather than how they handle the situation.

Why you should read this article: Instead of focusing on what should have been done by the President or what breakdowns in communications led to the current state of affairs in Syria, Wonkbook catches the reader up on where we’re at in terms of diplomacy, or, more likely, imminent aggressive military action.

Co-ed blows .341, becomes internet sensation: Sarah Hoffman of The Daily Caller reports/perpetuates a growing viral legend about a drunk girl trying to bum-rush a college football game this weekend at the University of Iowa.  Upon her arrest, 22-year-old Samantha Goudie of UI bragged about her exploits on Twitter with tweets like “Just went to jail #yolo” and “Blew a .341 in jail.”

Why you should read this article: While some parts of the world are on the brink of war, its always refreshing to read about how some sorority girls are still managing to live the #yolo lifestyle.

Dennis Rodman in the news…..

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Townhall Deems Ezra Klein ‘an Idiot’, the conservative news outlet, blasted WaPo‘s Ezra Klein this week in a headline that left no room for confusion as to how they feel about the boy wonder Washington reporter.

“Ezra Klein is an Idiot: Obama is the Jobs Problem,” the headline blared.

Since they used Klein to be their punching bag and to draw page views for conservatives who’d easily recognize the JournoLister’s liberal views, we thought for sure that the story’s author, Townhall Finance Editor John Ransom, would offer a lengthy, reasoned explanation as to why Klein is “an idiot.” Prior to Townhall Ransom was — no big surprise — a political activist and consultant in Western states.

But no. Ransom waits 13 graphs to even mention Klein. Read more

10 Original Reactions to NYT Shutdown

The Washington and New York media worlds tipped over on their heads today as the NYT shutdown due to technical issues. So we mined Twitter for the best of and — lets face it — endless and some terrible reactionary comments to the temporary interruption. Even crazy bearded Dave Hughes of DCRTV noticed something unusual was happening today: “Journos in a f*ckin’ panic today with the NY Times’ website down. Sheesh…” he remarked.

So who actually had something interesting to say?

Wishful Thinking?

10. “What, you thought Jeff Bezos was going to buy the Post and play defense?” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein.

The Pseudo-Intellectual

9. “Due to an epistemology error, every single sentence and image in the Times was wrong. All the news has been retracted. We regret the error.” Salon‘s Alex Pareene.

The Emotional

8. “I haven’t read Maureen Dowd yet. #PanickingOverHere” — CQ Roll Call‘s Abby Livingston.

7. “Going to grow a mustache & ask cabbies what they think about grand bargains to fill the void in my life #NYTDown” — Matt O’Brien, Associate Editor at The Atlantic.

And the overly helpful…

6. “NYT reporters: b/c im a good dude i will gladly post ur scoops on buzzfeed dot com if you’d like under my byline. you know, b/c i care.” — Charlie Warzel, deputy tech editor, BuzzFeed.

See the remaining five…

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Carlos Dangerously-Named Journos

Anthony Weiner admitted yesterday to using the online alias Carlos Danger to carry on a strange Internet affair with a 22-year-old woman. If you’re anything like us, that got you wondering how Weiner came up with such a great alias. Already having graced the news media by having the last name Weiner, he’s provided another amazing name to fill headlines and Twitter jokes.

But lets face it, sometimes we all need an alias, whether it’s to ghost-write a book or set up a Swedish bank account to hold mounds of embezzled money. And if you haven’t found your inner-Carlos Danger yet, don’t worry, it’s not hard at all. Yesterday afternoon, Chris Kirk of Slate posted a Carlos Danger Name Generator that figures it out for you. We of course had to figure out the alter-egos of the FBDC staff, as well as a few journos around D.C. Enjoy.

Silvestre Sly: Betsy Rothstein, FBDC

José Jeopardy: Peter Ogburn, FBDC

Pascual Death: Justin McLachlin, FBDC

Lorenzo Distress: Austin Price, FBDC

Now see the rest…

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National Journal‘s Inevitable Powerful Women List

Washington is so flooded with powerful, important people lists it doesn’t know what to do with itself. So what’s one more such list that bears about as much importance as another story on why George Zimmerman has gotten so fat and what, if anything, it means.

Two female reporters made National Journal‘s 25 Most Influential Women in Washington Under 35 list that no doubt reached the zeitgeist early this morning in the pub’s magazine. They are Bloomberg White House reporter Julianna Goldman (at right) and NYT economic policy reporter Annie Lowry (at left). No offense to either woman — were sure they’re each fabulous in their own way. But what’s a little baffling is why they were chosen among the sea of female reporters in Washington. There’s no rhyme or reason for the pick and no heartfelt testimonials as they list boring, bland bios for each woman without ever explaining how or why they are “influential” enough to hit the Top 25. They do mention that Lowry is “one-half of a Washington journalism power couple” since she’s married to WaPo‘s Ezra Klein.

They also conceded in the introduction, “Lists like these are highly unscientific, so this year, in addition to soliciting suggestions from our staff, we asked members and readers—through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter—to nominate young women who had already made a difference. We were flooded with responses.”


Separated at Birth: WaPo’s Ezra Klein

With Ezra Klein‘s new old man facial hair look comes a brand new doppelganger for the MSNBC Contributor who writes for WaPo and Bloomberg View.

Here we pair him with outgoing Iranian Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Have a look. Focus on the bottom portions of their faces. Compare and contrast this to a previous Separated at Birth pairing we did for Ezzy in March, 2012.


Ezra Klein: Better With or Without Facial Hair?

WaPo‘s Ezra Klein has finally reached puberty!

The evidence came last night as we caught a glimpse of him on MNSBC’s “Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” program hosted by Alex Wagner.

Is he going for a seasoned look? Is he trying to grow up too fast?

We know our preferences where Ezra’s facial hair is concerned, but what are yours? Let us know what you think at

Should he shave it off or keep going?


WaPo Editor Has Rough Day

WaPo Book World Editor Ron Charles was having a pretty tough morning. Not only is it dark and dreary out there, but he couldn’t get onto WaPo‘s website. That’s right, before 8:28 a.m., he was locked out of his own paper’s website. Whoever the genius is that makes WaPo‘s technical calls deserves a prize, or at least a free meal at Chop’t with the restaurant’s favorite consumer, Ezra Klein, for achieving this. Although we’re guessing Ezzy may have been able to help Charles out had he been in the neighborhood.

And then the day got worse.

WaPo’s Klein Writes on Wife’s Running

As journalists were scrambling to get their piece of the bombing story last night, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein, who usually goes wonky and chart-obsessed on most matters, kept his thoughts close to home. He wrote about his wife, NYT‘s Annie Lowrey, waking early each morning to train for a marathon.

CBS Political Director John Dickerson called it a “lovely story.” And indeed, it was.

An excerpt:

“My wife has been training for a marathon. She leaves the house early in the morning and runs for hours and hours. She comes home tired and sore. And then she does it again. And again. And again.There’s no reason for her to do it. There’s no competition or payoff or award. It’s just a quiet, solitary triumph over the idea that she couldn’t do it, and it all happens before I even wake up.”

Read the full piece.

Newseum: Where Diners Eat Like Pigs

In the D.C. dining scene, Graffiato’s Mike Isabella‘s porcine cuisine reigns supreme. Sunday night, DC diners had the opportunity to stuff their faces with pork at Cochon 555. The  competition-style event gives 5 chefs 5 different breeds of heritage pigs and let them create a pork-centric menu for diners willing to pay for the all-you-can-eat event. Diners grazed throughout the evening, which took place at the Newseum, and vote for their favorite chef at the end of the night.

Not only did diners get a chance to eat like maniacs, there were cocktails, wine and beer at every turn to make sure every attendee could wake up the next day with a nasty mix of hangover and meat sweats. The competing chefs, Mike Isabella, Jeff Buben, Kyle Bailey, Haidar Karoum, and Bryan Voltaggio each rolled out several dishes, including desserts that had people rolling out of the Newseum in a food coma. Some highlights included Voltaggio’s chocolate truffles with lard caramel and crushed pretzels, Buben’s Porky Sticky Buns, Bailey’s “Pigs in a Blanket,” Karoum’s “Thing-a-ma-Pig” candy bar, and Isabella’s “Fat Arancini,” a porky rice ball that was breaded and fried.

In the end, Isabella’s table, which had been transformed into “Isabella and Sons” meat shop, complete with little butcher hats, was crowned the winner. A picture of his entire menu is after the jump…

Food porn and party pics, anyone? Read more