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All A-Twitter: Journos Weigh In On Sam Youngman’s Take Down of “This Town”

It seems most journos aren’t buying Sam Youngman‘s Politico story. Here’s a sampling of some of the best tweets out there right now:




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WaPo Beefing Up Tech Policy Coverage

WaPo says it plans to launch a new tech policy blog called The Switch at the end of the month.

Considering lawmakers move slower than dialup when it comes to tackling the intersection of public policy and tech, more coverage in this area probably isn’t a bad thing, though WaPo is a little late to the game. They’ll be competing with the more established Hillicon Valley blog in addition to a swath of tech reporters at Politico (not to mention that Roll Call’s Gautham Nagesh does a pretty good job with tech reporting, too).

From the announcement this morning: “Post tech writer Tim Lee will anchor the blog with support from new hires Andrea Peterson and Brian Fung,” the paper said. The three regular bloggers will also be joined by occasional contributions from Cecilia Kang, Craig Timberg and Hayley TsukayamaWaPo’s current tech reporters.

More from Poynter on the new blog.

CQ Roll Call Memo Causes Eyes to Glaze Over

That music you hear is from a game of musical chairs happening at CQ/Roll Call. The staff is in the process of reorganizing, reconfiguring and re-trying to figure out what the hell they’re going to do next.

First off, they’re hiring. Or, more correctly, they’ve hired. From the all-editorial staff email:

“We are bringing a new editor aboard to handle technology, labor and education. I’m excited to announce that it will be Jill Smallen, a former editor with National Journal. Jill will oversee Ambreen Ali on the tech beat, tech EB editor Gautham Nagesh, labor and immigration reporter David Harrison and education reporter Lauren Smith. Up until about a year and a half ago, Jill worked at NJ for two decades, most recently as a managing editor at National Journal magazine, where she handled congressional coverage. Before that she was senior managing editor at Congress Daily. She’ll join us on April 9.”

So congratulations to Jill and those she will oversee for getting mentions in the memo.

There are a bunch of other staff shake-ups, but all just rearranging and reorganizing.

The email opens:

“I’m happy to announce some changes in our policy teams, with a slightly different configuration and a couple of personnel shifts, all of which we expect will strengthen our coverage and better position us for the future.

The new lineup will take us from four policy domains to five so that the assignment editors can specialize more intensively in their respective areas, and better coordinate news coverage with our specialty publications and Executive Briefings. In this structure, the vertical and EB editors will report to the domain editors while Anne Hoy will continue to oversee the verticals and EBs from a product-suite standpoint. She’ll work with the business side and with editorial operations to make sure the products run smoothly, set publication schedules and generally monitor the progress and success of this growing product line. Anne will also continue to oversee the CQ leadership team (Alan Ota and Rich Cohen) as well as our new legal affairs/judiciary reporter, John Gramlich, who started today.”

Yeah, I know, my eyes glazed over too.

Congratulations to everyone at CQ/Roll Call, or I’m sorry. Not sure which applies to you, but whichever it is, there you go. At least you all still have chairs now that the music stopped. At least in this round.

CQ Roll Call Hires Nagesh from The Hill

CQ Roll Call has hired Gautham Nagesh from The Hill, where he has worked for the last 20 months as a tech blogger. Before that, he worked at The Daily Caller. Nagesh will be editor of the forthcoming Executive Briefing on Technology, a new specialty publication.

He begins on Feb. 21.

See the internal memo…

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Outed Journolister Leaves Country for Family Emergency

profile.jpg You never wish for something bad to happen. But when the spotlight is shining so bright, getting out of the glare can be a relief.

The Hill‘s Gautham Nagesh, who was outed as a Journolister last week by WaPo‘s baby blogger powerhouse Ezra Klein and later written about by HuffPost‘s Sam Stein, has temporarily left the country.

No, Nagesh hasn’t pulled a fast one like actor Mel Gibson, who’s contemplating a move to his birthplace of Australia after another bout of outlandish remarks. Nagesh has gone to India to visit an ailing relative.

Read the e-mail in which Nagesh asks colleagues to fill in for him in his absence. “I will be forever in your debt,” he says to anyone willing to trade weekends with him…

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WaPo’s Parker Puckers Up to Ezra, Post and Other Journolisters

396014220_fc8bd9496f.jpg WaPo conservative columnist and soon-to-be right-wing CNN talk show host Kathleen Parker took time over the weekend to kiss up to WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein and anyone who believes the contents of the Journolist ought not go public.

As Parker acknowledges in her column, there were “mean quotes” on Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on the Journolist, she dismisses their importance. “Scandalous? Sure, if you want it to be,” she writes.

She paints D.C. journalism as an atmosphere in which one day you’re hunting, and one day, you’re hunted. “Do we resign ourselves to the new reality — that no one is ever to be trusted — and keep our thoughts to ourselves?” she asks. “The answer implied by the events here described suggests a country in which few of us would want to live.”

Parker, who calls Klein a “prodigal blogger,” and “ripened” journalist who has become “high level,” fails to mention Klein’s own leaky behavior regarding Journolist.

As we reported last week, Klein (just last week) outed The Hill‘s Gautham Nagesh as a former Journalister while at The Daily Caller.” In a separate post, Klein revealed presumed private e-mails from The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson. Klein wrote that the exchange with Carlson was not private — but the e-mails between Klein and Carlson were presumed to be private.

(Is this that so-called world in which Parker does not want to live?)

To get the real take on what the Journolist controversy even is, Parker puckers up to yet another WaPo colleague, Howard Kurtz in a story entitled, “Getting the message on Journolist’s controversial postings.”

Tucker & Ezra: The End?


Just three weeks ago, we reported that WaPo blogger and Journolist founder Ezra Klein was spotted dining with The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson.

It was an unlikely pairing at best considering The Daily Caller had just one week earlier published supposedly secret e-mails from Klein’s Journolist. The pair dined at a quaint Italian eatery in downtown Washington and made it through the meal without decking each other.

But their friendship may have reached a serious bump in the road (try a boulder). In this “one more post” that Klein published on Carlson late Thursday, he reveals what were understood to be private e-mails from Carlson as he shredded the publication’s Journolist series. As Klein told The Hill‘s (and former Daily Caller reporter) Gautham Nagesh earlier this week, “None of us has any privacy at this point.” This was after Klein, without warning, outed Nagesh on Wednesday morning as a Journolister. Nagesh was a reporter at The Daily Caller until April.

Carlson told FishbowlDC: “I’m not embarrassed by my e-mails to Ezra. But then I’m not the one who pretended to be a journalist while doing the bidding of politicians.”

After his post, Klein continued the tongue lashing at Carlson over Twitter: “Tucker Carlson definitely sounds different when he e-mails me than when he goes on Fox News,” he wrote Thursday.

> Update: Funniest reaction tweet so far comes from freelance video producer and former TWT gossip scribe Liz Glover, who wrote, “Maybe Ezra and Tucker should just Jello-wrestle.”

The Journolist Bloodbath Continues; HuffPost Strikes Out at Daily Caller

dirt cheap.jpg

Dirt is flying over The Daily Caller’s revealing stories on the contents of the Journolist listserv. HuffPost, which has ex-Journolisters in its midst and has employees who have been staunch defenders of the list’s privacy (the harshest defenders have included Jason Linkins and Arthur Delaney who have never said they were members of the listserv), is striking back against The Daily Caller, saying it should have disclosed having one of its own on Journolist.

After WaPo‘s Ezra Klein outed former Daily Caller reporter Gautham Nagesh in a story this morning, Sam Stein, a political reporter for HuffPost, admits that he, too, was on Journolist. He describes Nagesh’s personality on the listserv as “wonkish.” Nagesh left The Daily Caller in April and now works at The Hill. The first wave of the Journolist story broke on FishbowlDC on June 24 and then on The Daily Caller on June 25.

Stein wrote, “What the Daily Caller never mentioned is that they were part of it too. At least for a short period of time.” (Note: Nagesh was on Journolist, not The Daily Caller as a publication.)

Nagesh told Stein: “I joined Journolist after [it was exposed in a Politico article] hoping to get an inside view of the left wing media conspiracy,” he told the Huffington Post. “And unfortunately all I found was a wonkish listserv of like-minded people discussing topics that interested them. I found it extremely useful for putting me in contact with sources and exposing me to a side of the blogosphere I wasn’t well connected with.” (Read the full post here.)

Nagesh spoke with FishbowlDC just moments ago and said he was surprised, but not upset that Klein outed him for being on the list.”I wouldn’t say upset,” he said. “It was an interesting way to start the morning. I don’t think it was out of bounds.”

On Klein: “He mentioned that I was on Journolist while working for The Daily Caller,” he said. “I knew Sam was going to write an article. Ezra did not write me. I have since spoken to him. He basically said that none of us has any privacy at this point and to be honest, that’s probably correct.”

Nagesh says he keeps his politics private. “Most of the time I was on Journolist I was covering technology — it’s not exactly a partisan issue,” he said. “I don’t associate myself with any political interest…I consider myself one of those old fashioned reporters.”

When asked for his opinion on whether The Daily Caller should have informed its readers that he was on the listerv while working there, he had none. “I honestly don’t know,” he said. “I don’t talk to anyone there about the work that they are doing.”

FishbowlDC asked Nagesh if he was the original leaker of Journolist’s e-mails. He said, “No, I did not give the e-mails to FishbowlDC or The Daily Caller.”

Note: Comment from Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson has been requested on this matter. The Daily Caller’s Publisher Neil Patel has declined to comment.

The Hill Finds ‘Hillicon Valley’ Replacement, hires a Copy Editor and Promotes Intern

There are new hires at The Hill says this internal memo just sent out this morning by Editor Hugo Gurdon. He says there are more on the way.

The memo:

I am pleased to be able to tell you of three more newsroom hires.

Gautham Nagesh, of The Daily Caller and previously of Government Executive, is joining us as a blogger/reporter on Hillicon Valley. Gautham, who starts work next Monday (May 10) brings an impressive understanding of policy and a strong instinct for competitive news reporting. I am confident that with him and Tony Romm working together, the blog will go from strength to strength.

We are being joined, too, by Cathryn Kulat, who will start work here as a copy editor on May 13. Cathryn, who previously worked at The Washington Times, brings our copy desk up to strength as The Hill’s output grows in volume and variety.

Finally, Jordan Fabian, who has been working at The Hill for nearly a year whilst on a Collegiate Network internship, will join the newsroom staff in June. He’ll continue to blog at the Briefing Room, which he has helped build into one of the most-visited political news sites in Washington.

More hires are on the way; I’ll let you know about them as soon as possible.

Labash Blowout Book Party: Marion Barry Has Arrived!

IMG_0217.jpgThe Weekly Standard/Daily Caller Matt Labash’s book, Fly Fishing With Darth Vader: And Other Adventures With Evangelical Wrestlers, Political Hitmen, And Jewish Cowboys came to life Thursday night as characters from his anthology filed in one by one to the beautiful home of Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susie. The evening was one of fun, frolic and, of course, drinking, as the Distilled Spirits Council sponsored the party with a well-stocked Scotch-filled bar.

Characters from the book who showed up to the festivities included Democratic political strategist and former campaign aide to Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) David “Mudcat” Saunders, Vanity Fair’s Christopher Hitchens and GOP consultant Roger Stone, who famously taught Labash how to properly tie a tie (he claims Labash still needs help). Stone (in photograph above with Labash) explained that he was leaving later to catch a train to Manhattan – his policy is to never stay overnight in D.C. as the town is too awful a place to remain too long. “I hate it,” he said. “People are phony.” (Stone splits his time between New York City and Miami.)

Soon the party turned into a roast.

“Nice house, not waspy enough,” Stone cracked. “I appreciate the enormous role I have played in making Matt Labash.” Stone joked that people always ask of Labash: ‘What’s with all the Hitler memorabilia?’

Saunders, to whom Labash devoted an entire chapter, said the author was much more than a writer but a life confidant whom he still phones for advice. “He knows enough about me to get me arrested,” he said. Initially, Saunders said, he feared a story about him appearing in The Weekly Standard: “I’m a Democrat. The Weekly Standard ain’t a damn Democrat publication.”

The party was the scene of scenes for D.C. journalists. Faces in the crowd included conservative radio personality Laura Ingraham, The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes and Andy Ferguson, Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins, Patrick Gavin, Kiki Ryan, Michael Calderone and Pia Catton. Politico’s Jonathan Martin and NBC “Meet the Press” Executive Producer Betsy Fischer arrived simultaneously. The Daily Caller was represented well with opinion editor Moira Bagley, publisher Neil Patel, V.P. of sales Alex Treadway and congressional reporter Gautham Nagesh as well as Sean “Jim Treacher” Medlock on crutches. Others in attendance: The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard, the New York Post’s Charlie Hurt, Reason’s Michael Moynihan, Edelman’s Exec. V.P. Tony Blankley, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, D.C. media consultant David Bass, former Time scribe Tim Burger and Slate’s Editor David Plotz. The Atlantic’s Josh Green was there and spoke of the story he has been living as of late – that of Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) and the old Navy buddies who told him, among other sordid details, about the ex-congressman’s infamous Massa massage and now compelling “snorkeling”. Green joked, “I feel dirty talking about it.” More seriously, he called Massa the “Andy Dick of Congress.”

Lightening struck when former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry arrived. Late and decked out in a suit and cherry-colored tie, Barry stole the show. And for a good while, it was all guests could do but stare and snap cell phone pictures.

“It took me an hour to find this place,” Barry told the awed crowd, explaining his tardiness. “I wandered here and there and everywhere.”

Initially Labash had no idea that Barry that arrived. “No, no, I don’t publicly speak!” the author was imploring guests, unaware that his most striking character was about to weigh in.

Carlson explained to guests that The Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol was sorry he couldn’t attend – he was in Manhattan hanging out with former N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer and Massa (everyone laughed). Carlson read a note from Kristol that said, in part, “When we hired Labash, we had hoped he’d become a star – we’re still hoping.”

Carlson, who wrote the introduction to Labash’s book, had solemn praise for Labash with a twist. “Matt doesn’t simply write about people,” said Carlson. “He takes them as lifelong friends – almost in a proctological way.” He said when subjects first read the stories Labash has written about them their first response is “horror.”

Then they realize that what Labash has written is true, that the author has maybe captured them more deeply than anyone ever has.


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