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Bonjean Holiday Party Welcomes Erik Estrada and Partygoers Peeing on the Neighbors’ Lawns

By Betsy Rothstein, Eddie Scarry and Peter Ogburn

We don’t know how Communications Consultant Ron Bonjean and his wife, Sara, do it. But each year they manage to invite the most unexpected washed up D-lister imaginable to their holiday party. This year that was Erik Estrada, who played a cop on the late 70s series “CHIPS” and himself on “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.” People once named him one of the “10 Sexiest Bachelors in the World.” Some other standout roles: In 2009 he appeared in the blockbuster Husband for Hire starring Mario Lopez; in that same year he began showing up in Burger King commercials. Other regular staples at the Bonjean party: A drunken, homeless elf who does balloon tricks, lasagna, a vodka-laced ice luge and some kind of animal — this year it was a giant bunny mingling among guests. The drink of the evening was the “Fiscal Cliff.” As Bonjean described it, “It starts out smooth and then you get smashed.” If anyone smelled an overabundance of Drakkar Noir cologne, that was not the mime trailing NRSC Spokesman Brian Walsh around the party. That was actually Walsh, who was being followed all night by the mime and a second partygoer assigned to spraying him with cologne. House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor‘s Dep. Chief of Staff Doug Heye, who was tasked with the picking Estrada up from the airport, wasn’t likely responsible.


9:54 p.m. Undisclosed journo urinates in neighbor’s yard.

Hollywood on the Potomac blogger and publicist Janet Donovan spotted taking pictures of Estrada just inside the door. Party host Ron Bonjean, meanwhile, was decked out in a flamboyant purple blazer with large flowers that his wife had tailor made for him for the party.

10:18 p.m. Peter threatens that he and Eddie are going to rip some chunks out of the gingerbread house.

10:20 p.m. Partygoer: “Last time I saw this many ladies wearing sparkly clothes, I was at a strip club.”

10:25 p.m. Guy is seen wearing a sweater adorned with actual Christmas stockings. Peter: “Eddie has dared me to put a meatball in one. Challenge accepted.”

10:30 p.m. Partygoer Nick Massella is overheard discussing Sunday brunch. “The lemon pancakes are fucking amazing!”

10:30 p.m. CNN’s Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist is here. So is NYT‘s Jeff Zeleny.

10:54 p.m. There are a lot of ugly festive frocks — we won’t lie. We ask one male partygoer in holiday pants, “What’s on your pants?” He snipped, “Santas.” Then when we asked where he purchased them, he snapped that he bought them online. Clearly he wanted someone to ask about his pants and when they do, he acts like a bitch.

11:15 p.m. A drunken elf with white foam in the right hand corner of his mouth gives Peter, Eddie and I a semi-private show involving balloon toys. Eddie makes an obligatory condom joke. A drunken guest walks by and mentions Sean Spicer, the RNC Spokesman who is at the party. The elf eventually slurs, “I was just running my mouth. Who is Sean Spicer?” We explain as best as we can.

11:32 p.m. Former Washington Examiner reporter J.P. Freire is here with his girlfriend, Cat. He tells us he’s now self-employed. “So I’m not eating cat food,” he jokes. “I mean, I’m eating Cat’s food.” Sounds vaguely naughty.

11:40 p.m.: Overheard. Male partygoer with dark hair and scrunched face asks, “Who’s that guy on CNN who has the show and wears the stupid Ascot?” Actually, that would be CNN Contributor Roland Martin, who actually doesn’t have his own show on CNN but hosts “Washington Watch.”

11:45 p.m. Guy with palpable Cheetos breath walks by.

11:50 p.m. Man with hair that a partygoer has dubbed “the penis hairdo” is chatting up Estrada in the foyer. We ask, “Where did you get your hairdo?” He replies, “Why, should I give it back?”

11:55 p.m. Male guest tells Estrada he once dressed up as him for Halloween. He notes, “I think he was a little skeeved out.”

Midnight: Eddie takes picture of a gaggle of women. Woman asks, “Do I look thin?”

FNC’s Doug McElway is floating around. He says he likes covering national politics for Fox News. “Beats covering buckling children into car seats,” he says. McElway was fired by the ABC affiliate, WJLA-TV for insubordination and misconduct in Sept. 2010. (We try not to upset him.)

12: 21 a.m. Guy in bright, eyesore salmon blazer says he purchased it in Las Vegas. He shows off his matching orange socks. Turns out he’s Chad Barth, a “political events evangelist” for Eventbrite. “I like to represent the company,” he says, explaining that the company color is salmon. “You’re not going to say I’m drunk are you?”

12:30 a.m. RNC aide Tim Miller, former spokesman to Jon Huntsman, seen stuffing a near-empty cigarette pack with free cigarettes by the door. By the way, we love Miller and more importantly, he LOVES FishbowlDC even though his friends can’t stand it.

12:45 a.m. A different undisclosed partygoer reveals that he urinated on a neighbor’s lawn.

(Pictured above: On left: CNN’s Matt Dornic embracing Estrada. Note his newly purchased holiday sweater from Urban Outfitters. At right: Bonjean in purple flower-bombed blazer.)

See who showed up to the party as well as our lunatic picture gallery…

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NYP Names Washington Bureau Chief

Geoff Earle has been named the new Washington Bureau Chief of the New York Post.  He succeeds Charles Hurt, who succeeded Deborah Orin.

Earle did tours at CQ, CongressDaily, and The Hill before joining the Post in 2005.

Congratulations to Earle!

What in the Wu is Going on?

For starters, no one is wooed by Rep. David Wu‘s (D-Ore.) behavior as of late. Before it was tiger costumes and rantings about Klingons. Now the congressman’s strange behavior has turned sexually scandalous. And she’s 18. He’s 56.

Comments on Twitter range from the absurd to the bizarre. “Is Wu pulling a Weiner?” one reader asked. (We do hope Wu is not pulling anyone’s weiner.) Another questioned Wu’s potential antics on Capitol Hill: “When should a young DC intern hit the panic button? In the Cannon bldg if she sees man in tiger suit saying ‘Wu do you love?’”

The Media Coverage

While we won’t likely be treated to New York Post covers on Wu for days on end as we were in WeinerGate, the publication is by no means ignoring Wu. Geoff Earle in the D.C. bureau has been on top of the story. The publication has two Wu offerings today. In one, Earle credits Politico for reporting last night that Wu has no plans to resign from Congress. That was graph two. In graph three comes credit for The Oregonian, which broke the story in the first place. Late Friday night Politico’s John Bresnahan and Jonathan Allen, meanwhile, takes one graph to credit The Oregonian. Late Sunday night the same reporter duo broke the news that Wu is refusing to quit. An excerpt: “He isn’t going to be running for reelection,” a Wu adviser, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told POLITICO late Sunday night. “But he hasn’t done anything that rises to the level of requiring him to resign.” The NYP story plays the whole thing straight except for a caption in their second picture of Wu in the tiger costume today. It reads: “David Wu: Teen-sex furor.” A posting on conservative columnist Michelle Malkin‘s website has that same Wu in a tiger costume photograph. That caption reads: “Wu-hoo! Hey, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Nancy Pelosi, I’m over here!”

Roll Call‘s HOH offers a Top 5 Weird Wu moments this afternoon to fill in the uninformed on just how weird Wu has been acting. The Hill offers generic coverage of the scandal with a blog story that credits “media outlets” as breaking the news of Wu refusing to stop down as opposed to Politico. The Daily Caller is having a little fun with the scandal with a headline that reads: “Wu-nergate: Pelosi calls for ethics probe into Rep. Wu sex scandal.” TWT is also having a Weiner flashback with this Wu-zy on Kerry Picket‘s Water Cooler blog. Her headline: “Deja Wu- Dem congressman’s sex scandal brings back memories of Weiner.”


MetroWeekly White House Reporter Gets Wish

This morning we reported that MetroWeekly Senior Political Writer Chris Geidner raised his hand in vain at the last White House briefing. Well, we wished and wished for it and today Carney called on Geidner in his new, more random style of calling on scribes.

So we think we’re something of a good luck charm (at least for him). If you want our wishes on this front, let us know at or We’ll start the crusade.

By the way, we don’t know how Geidner got called on with the above disgruntled look, but we won’t question his tactics — whatever works works. Also notice NYP‘s Geoff Earle (in the glasses) just in front of him.

Read Geidner’s story here. Take note of graph four.

Who’s Front Row at Obama Presser?

(There’s actually three “front rows”…left, front, center)

…and Nedra Pickler will get the first question, we hear…

A FishbowlDC spy sends in a rough roster:

Ken Bazinet (NY Daily News), Christina Bellantoni (WaTimes), CBS, NBC, Shalaigh Murray (WaPo), Jonathan Weisman (WSJ), Kristen Jensen (Bloomberg), Nedra Pickler (AP), Geoff Earle (NYPost), Reuters, Candy Crowley (CNN), Jake Tapper (ABC), Fox News

The Obama Plane: The Victims

So which reporters were denied a seat on the Obama plane (the story is all the rage today)?

From the Washington Times, it was Christina Bellantoni.

From the New York Post, it was Geoff Earle (random side note: Earlier Charlie Hurt was booted from the plane after the campaign objected to a column of his).

From the Dallas Morning News, it was Todd J. Gillman.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s political” says one reporter familiar with the Obama campaign’s recent reporter manuevers. “This is like what the Bushies do..”

>UPDATE: The Dallas Morning News is up with its own reaction.

This Week In Pool Reports

Ummm… does Martin Sieff have a crush on Condi, or is it just us?

  • “President Bush and Salvadoran President Antonio Saca wore dark suits andblue ties as they made statements to the press pool in the Oval Office, although they took no questions. Mr. Bush, who also wore black cowboy boots, glanced occasionally at some Sharpie scrawlings on the back of a white cardon an end table. He seemed in high spirits. The fireplace behind the two leaders was festooned with pine roping, gold ornaments and pine cones the size of footballs. Elsewhere in the Oval, a Christmas tree was decorated with elaborately frosted cookies shaped like squirrels, bears and moose. In the shadow of the tree sat Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Press Secretary Dana Perino stood behind the president’s desk.” — Bill Sammon, Washington Examiner

  • “A radiant and beaming secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hosted the dinner, attended by a galaxy of Middle East diplomats, notables, and American experts.” — Martin Sieff, UPI

  • “Dana Perino took time away from her turkey to brief a few lucky poolersabout President Bush’s Thanksgiving plans. The President telephoned 12 U.S. servicemen and women from Camp David towish ‘happy thanks’ to them and their families, Perino said, telling them ‘how proud he is of them.’ She said he asked for God’s blessing on the
    members of the military he called. Bush is spending the holiday with the First Lady, Barbara and Jenna, who celebrated a birthday this weekend, and Sec. Rice, plus Henry Hager and members of his family. ‘It’s a great sacrifice to be away from your children and if it wasn’t anoble cause he would not ask them to do it,’ she said. ‘He knows that it’s
    tough work but it’s necessary work and he is proud of them.’ She said Bush told them: ‘When you tell your parents you’ve been talkingwith the president, half of them will think you’re fibbing, but you can tell them its true.’” — Geoff Earle, New York Post

  • “The motorcade snaked along Main Street, past gawkers and a furniture store with a sign out front that said, ‘Welcome President Bush — 10% Off Sale Today.’ Alas, bargain-hunter that he is, POTUS did not stop to peruse the credenzas.” — Peter Baker, The Washington Post

  • Retter Leaves The Hill For The NY Post

    Daphne Retter, who joined The Hill five months ago to pen its “Under the Dome” column, is leaving the Capitol Hill newspaper to join the New York Post as a congressional correspondent, FishbowlDC has learned. The slot is available largely because the Post’s Geoff Earle has been focusing on the Hillary beat.

    This quick in/out is similar to Emily Heil’s situation, who joined “Under the Dome” in 2006, but left for Roll Call five months later.

    Hotline Profiles Earle

    From their Friday Feature:

      Geoff Earle is an investigative reporter for the New York Post. He’s been a Washington reporter for 13 years, covering government and politics for The Hill, National Journal, and Congressional Quarterly. But today he’s our Friday Feature:

      If you could interview any deceased person, who would it be and why?

      Does Elvis count? If not, Stalin…

      If you could cover any past political story, which one would it be and why?

      Tammany Hall graft and greed. Makes Abramoff look like an amateur….

      What’s your favorite political book and why

      Parting the Waters. It reveals King plotting strategy and fretting over compromises, not just being a saint.

      What reality TV show could you win?

      Survivor: the Rayburn building.

    This Week In Pool Reports

    Someone please give Mark Silva a vacation day! Pool reports from abroad read like a comedy of errors. Oh, and Bush has big plans to “do something” with earmarks. Hmm…

  • “Alighting from the aircraft, and looking tired, POTUS walked to the White House without saying anything to the waiting media. As he approached the building entrance, the sound of a barking, welcoming dog could be heard but the animal remained out of view. A cold and damp evening. A steady rain, which started about an hour before the president’s arrival had stopped when Marine One touched down. Your pooler is too wet and grumpy to muse about that.” — Rick Tomkins, UPI

  • “We were able to stand outside in a covered breezeway of the mess hall, and watch the vice president step out of the mess, fully dressed in suit and tie, and walk through the breezeway toward us speaking with a two-star general, Maj. Gen. David Rodriguez, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, in camouflage-uniform. They walked toward us speaking cheerfully, but the VP did not appear inclined to even recognize us standing there at the end taking pictures and waiting for crumbs, so we asked, how was the mess? ‘Breakfast was excellent,’ said Cheney, passing on with a smile, at 7:37 am Bagram base time.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “That said, our friendly base bus driver couldn’t find these Koele Barracks last night, after our planned brief stop at Bagram turned into a sleep-over. After we nearly had a collision on the tarmac with a fuel tanker, our bus wandered around the base in search of someone who knew where the barracks were. They were in a large section of the base where all these B-Huts are arranged chock-a-block in aisles filled with rainwater and mud and lined with soggy sandbags. This is the housing where most of the base soldiers live. ‘It’s like summer camp,’ one senior officer told us, ‘except you have to stay for a year.’ — Silva

  • “Bush said the economy was ‘cooking’ — an apparent up-tick from this morning, when it was ‘good.’ He also said he intended to ‘do something’ about earmarks in appropriations bills, and touched on education and health care. — Geoff Earle, New York Post

  • “The Monday morning Oman rush-hour paid a serious price for the passage of this motorcade — which lost one of its formal limousines en route to mechanical failure, with the motorcade stopping to rearrange passengers, and this was not long before the non-English speaking driver of the press pool van started receiving incoming cell phone calls with a musical ring.” — Silva

  • “The pool has had no words with the vice president on this day, which makes it no different, so far, from any other day of the weeklong tour of the Pacific Ocean that Cheney made last week. But poolers persist in requesting some interviews. He looks pretty chipper, near the end of a week-long odyssey.” — Silva

  • “He was wearing a blazer and slacks — looked like a greyish blazer to me, but then I’m somewhat color blind.” — Tomkins

  • “AF Two stopped for refueling in Singapore after experiencing some
    electrical problems following our departure from Sydney. Described as a power surge on the airplane, it had the effect of rendering our cabin electrical outlets inoperative, shutting down the galley – crackers and cheese were circulated in consolation – and cancelling the inflight film festival, though the film menu already had been limited by an airborne censor’s determination that “Idiocracy” contains sexually inappropriate content. And I always thought it was just a bad title.” — Silva

  • “Obviously, in the pool report on Kabul, the reference to the attack at Bagram being aimed at shaking the Pakistani govt should say the Afgan government. Been in both places and slept in barracks.” — Silva