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Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think you Ought to Know…)

Come Set Sail on the USS Annoying – All this week, The Weekly Standard Cruise has been out at sea.  It’s a chance for people to buy an opportunity to vacation with their favorite Weekly Standard pundits. Because nothing sounds more fun than being in the vast expanse of the ocean with political pundits like FNC’s Juan Williams, who also writes a column for The Hill. Or being around reporters who have sea sickness, as revealed in the Standard‘s own dispatches from the boat that they’re calling “Cruise News.” Could it be Matthew Continetti or Stephen Hayes? This sounds about as much fun as my 5th grade trip to a slaughterhouse. Guests had the opportunity to pass through the Bahamas, Honduras and a few other tropical locales.  (HELLOOO Gitmo!)  The cruise arrives back in to port this weekend.  If you missed out, have no fear.  Another Weekly Standard Cruise is in the planning stages for summer of next year.  So, if you absolutely must see Bill Kristol in a speedo, visit their website for details.  Just make sure you steer clear of Fred Barnes at the midnight buffet.  You’re likely to lose an eye.

Newt Should Have the District of Columbia Primary Locked Up -With the Iowa caucuses weeks ago, the GOP candidates have crammed their schedules with as many local appearances as possible. Politico has the lineup of what all the GOP candidates have in store today. Every candidate makes an appearance in Iowa, with some scheduling multiple events throughout the day. With the exception of Newt Gingrich.  He’ll be signing copies of his book at Hudson News bookstore at Gate A in Union Station.

No, BlitzMediaite brings us the video of a confused and/or out of touch Wolf Blitzer on CNN.  When Jack Cafferty reveals that half of American workers have less than 25,000 dollars in saving, Blitzer responds, “Homeless shelters, get ready.” Homeless shelters, get ready?!?! Yeah, Wolf, we’ve all heard those anguished conversations from struggling families:

HUSBAND – “Darling, how’s our savings account looking?”

WIFE – “Only 18,000 dollars.”

HUSBAND – “Oh no!  Dog food for dinner again?”

WIFE – “Please call it hobo chili so the kids don’t know!”

HUSBAND – “I’ll make a fire in an oil drum to heat it up”

Check out the video below

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Wolf Discusses SNL Impersonation

This afternoon CNN’s Rick Sanchez brought D.C. anchor Wolf Blitzer onto the show to discuss the resignation of Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.). At the end of the interview, Sanchez sneaked in a question to Blitzer about the SNL impersonation that aired of the bearded correspondent this weekend. Impersonators of CNN’s Jack Cafferty and Gloria Borger also appeared in the skit.

Here’s the awkward exchange:

Blitzer: It’s not the first time he’s done me.
You got the clip?
Sanchez: What? Got the what?
Blitzer: The clip.
Sanchez: No.
Blitzer: Do I really mumble like that?
Sanchez: No, you’re fine. You’re a good sport. That’s why I love you like a brother.

Within a minute, guess what happened? The clip showed up.

Writer Prefers Blitzer, Cafferty to Sanchez

rick-sanchez-01.jpg Doug Clawson of Real Clear Politics is clearly not president of CNN Rick Sanchez’s fan club. In a story today Clawson sees Sanchez as something that’s inflicted upon him in place of his preferred combo of Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty.

Clawson wants his Blitzer “The Situation Room” back!

Nielsen ratings for February report that “Rick’s List” (3-5PM EST) averaged 560,000 viewers – down a whopping 43 percent over last year. In the 25-54 demographic, the program lost more than half of its audience and was down 52 percent, averaging 111,000. The show, a month and a half old, launched January 18th and took over for Blitzer’s show.

Jon Stewart also went all anti-Sanchez Monday night. Watch his comments here. Stewart remarked, “Like a guy at a party who’s doing a lot of coke, who traps you in a corner, who explains really intensely how an ant is the strongest animal on earth.”

An excerpt of the RCP story:
“On a scale of 1-to-10, grading the myriad cable-news programs out there, Blitzer’s show was a solid four. That would be at least three notches ahead of whatever it is this Sanchez guy is doing on the air.”

…”So when I was clicking through the news channels on Saturday afternoon to get an update on the earthquake in Chile, there was Sanchez effortlessly, but unwittingly turning this very serious news story into a complete joke.”

Then Clawson pulls out his claws: “Since I first saw him on the screen, I have tried to understand why he is in front of the camera peddling news, and not behind it keeping his big mouth shut.”

Read the full story here.

Birthday “Blitz!” CNN’s Situation Room Celebrates 4 Years

birthday4.jpg Happy 4th birthday to CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer! Wolf toasted his anniversary on air today…only to get jabbed by fellow CNN anchor Jack Cafferty who said to Blitzer, “You know what I find remarkable? I look pretty much the same, but you’ve aged a lot.”

Blitzer teased, “I know I have. That’s what The Situation Room has done to me. Time flies when you’re having fun.”

And fun he’s having. Last week, thousands of callers got a chance to weigh-in on the President’s performance via “Wolfline,” Blitzer’s pre-recorded CNN telephone poll and tomorrow, the CNN star will hit the phone again.

This time, Wolf will be dishing, not taking the feedback as helpline “expert” for The View’s Sherri Shepherd, one celebrity contestant from the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” 10th Anniversary special two-week event.

But Blitzer’s not alone on the “Millionaire” circuit. Recent ratings victor, George Stephanopoulos is on-call for Vanessa Williams tonight, CNN’s Candy Crowley will be Olympian Shawn Johnson‘s lifeline on Thursday and Gwen Ifill will back up country music star Wynonna on the 18th.

Morning Media Menu: CNN’s Jack Cafferty

The Morning Media Menu was joined by CNN’s Jack Cafferty today. He has a new book out, “Now or Never: Getting Down to the Business of Saving Our American Dream.”

TVNewser: He says he decided to write the book as a response to the Bush administration. “I just felt like the country was badly damaged following the eight years of George W. Bush and that collection of morons that he had around him running this country into a ditch, so without the recession we were in enough trouble,” he says.

Cafferty thinks those who are already criticizing President Barack Obama are jumping the gun. “That’s convenient for everybody to say, ‘Oh it’s the media,’” he says. “But the fact of the matter is the American public is an impatient group of people and always has been.”

As for the Cafferty Files, he says the viewer interaction is good. “I hear from thousands of people every day, so I’ve got a pretty good ongoing sense of the mood of people. So that’s helpful,” he says.

Also discussed: how Obama did in Tuesday’s news conference, what it means for the President to appear at the Univision awards tonight and NCAA brackets.

Taking Out the Trash

What we almost missed today…

Is Newt Gingrich coming around to the NYT? First line of his most recent column from Human Events: “I’m beginning this week by doing something I don’t usually do: thanking the New York Times.”

CNN’s Jack Cafferty admits a crush on First Lady Michelle Obama here, calling her “utterly fascinating.”

President Obama named Julius Genachowski as his nominee for Federal Communications Commission chairman today.

Washingtonian has a timeline of the Chandra Levy news story, culminating today in the arrest of Ingmar Guandique.

Morning Reading List, 09.09.08


Good morning Washington.

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Morning Reading List, 09.26.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Most of you read newspapers at work.

  • An ABC release announced, “For the just-completed 2006-07 season, ABC’s ‘World News with Charles Gibson’ was the #1 evening newscast among Adults 25-54. This marks ABC’s first seasonal demo win since 1995-96. For the season, ‘World News’ averaged a 2.1/9 and 2.62 million among Adults 25-54, outperforming NBC by 30,000 demo viewers. Among Total Viewers, ABC averaged 8.36 million and was the only evening newscast to grow its Total Viewing audience for the season (+3%). NBC finished the season down 7% among Total Viewers, while CBS dropped 9%.”

  • A NBC release announced, “According to Nielsen Media Research data, ‘NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams’ narrowed the gap with ‘ABC World News with Charles Gibson’ last week to a mere 36,000 separating the two broadcasts. For the week of September 17-21, 2007, ‘Nightly News’ attracted 7.655 million total viewers, ABC averaged 7.691 million, and CBS ‘Evening News’ had 6.052 million.”

  • “Simpson’s Sept. 16 arrest in a strange case involving a dispute over sports memorabilia was the top story last week, filling 13% of the newshole according to PEJ’s News Coverage Index for Sept. 16-21.”

  • Comcast Drops the Ball in Snyder Interview

  • “Chris Matthews: Not always such a big talker.”

  • In a release, The Parents Television Council “announced the launch of a new website,, that allows consumers to see for themselves just how much they are paying for cable networks they don’t want or don’t watch. The new website also allows visitors to calculate what their cable bills should be if they were allowed to ‘vote with their wallet’ by selecting only the cable networks they wanted.”

  • N.Y. Times creates more bestsellers

  • Katie Gill is leaving her job on The Washington Times copy desk to join Army Times. The copy desk has two new hires: Amanda Johnson and Jonathan Kelly

  • Al Jazeera English may not be available on cable, but it is now available on You Tube. Tune into

  • The Washington Post reports, “Radio One, the country’s largest radio broadcasting company targeting black listeners, may be returning its headquarters to the District from Lanham in a proposed deal that would require the city to provide $22 million in public financing, according to city officials.”

  • NPR Rebuffs White House On Bush Talk

  • Poynter Online reports, “Does news have a future? Author Michael Wolff writes in the October Vanity Fair ponders a couple of intriguing possibilities: creating a personalized news site, or that someday there may be ‘a world without any of this. One without the news.’”

  • A release announced, “The George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs’ Center for Innovative Media presents reporters James O’Byrne, features editor for the Pulitzer-Prize winning New Orleans Times Picayune; Susan Feeney, senior producer at National Public Radio (NPR); and Mark Schleifstein, environmental reporter at the New Orleans Times Picayune, in a powerful discussion about what it’s like to be on the front lines of disaster” at ” Disaster! In the Eye of the Storm: Katrina, Catastrophe, and the Media Amid the Wreckage,” to be held Oct. 8, 2007.

  • “Will major media conglomerates soon unload some of their biggest assets? Executives from top media firms were asked about possible spin-offs and/or division sales during two high profile media conferences last week.” Learn more here.

  • WSJ reports, “Microsoft is in talks to buy a minority stake in the popular social-networking Web site Facebook Inc., a sign of a new urgency by the software giant to jump-start its online business at a time when Google is widening its lead in the fast-growing Internet-advertising business. As part of its catch-up program, Microsoft also has quietly granted broad powers to an executive recently hired from outside the company, who is expected to help shake up the software giant’s online business.”

  • “Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and invite you to join a lively discussion, moderated by Politico’s Jim VandeHei and Ben Smith alongside communications professionals from the top presidential campaigns from both political parties. Panelists will showcase some of the tools, best practices, and innovative strategies they have found effective in connecting with voters during this busy primary season.” Check it out this morning 9-11 at the National Press Club.

  • Media Matter’s Eric Boehlert: “Dan Rather is right”

  • The New York Post reports, “Microsoft Corp. needs to do a deal – the question the software giant is currently contemplating is whether it should do one with Facebook or Yahoo!, The Post has learned.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “ValueClick Inc., the second-biggest U.S. Internet advertising broker, rose 7.4 percent in Nasdaq Stock Market trading on speculation the company may be bought.”

  • AP reports, “Clear Channel Communications Inc . shareholders approved on Tuesday a $19.5 billion buyout of the nation’s biggest radio station operator, more than 10 months after the deal was proposed.”

  • Reuters reports, “ Inc launched an early version of its highly anticipated digital music download store, which is seen as a potential rival to Apple Inc’s dominant iTunes system.”

  • Washington Post reports, “The Republican CNN/YouTube debate may still be on — but so far two of the biggest names in the GOP field have yet to sign up for the Nov. 28 event.”

  • New York Time’s TVDecoder reports, “Readers of The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times have seen some unusual pages in their papers recently: ads for various NBC properties that wrapped partially around various parts of the paper, partially obscuring the section fronts.”

  • Reuters reports that the New York Times “said on Monday that it will let readers receive and send property listings on their mobile devices, “regardless of whether their property search began in print, online or on The Times mobile real estate site.”

  • E&P reports, “In a nod to the morphing world of media and technology, The Wall Street Journal is combining its New York tech bureau with the Media & Marketing group. Rich Turner, who heads Media & Marketing, will oversee the merged bureaus. Almar Latour, the former New York technology chief, has been appointed’s managing editor.”

  • The Hollywood Reporter reports, “The Nielsen Co. announced Monday it has opened up its new social networking Web site irreverently called Hey! Nielsen ( to the public.”

  • Mr. Magazine reports, “Details does not want you to buy Details…”

  • Media Life reports, “England may no longer be an empire in the classic sense, with colonies about the world, but it’s still very much an empire in the new virtual world, truly a global media empire to which the rest of the world still turns.”

  • Listen to Jack Cafferty on NPR talk about life as an alcoholic.

  • Slate’s Bruce Reed’s video gets snubbed by Mitt! Details here.


  • Politico & is looking for a National Internet Account Executive.

  • Hanley Wood, LLC is looking for an Art Director- Architect /Architectural Lighting.

  • Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive is looking for an Editorial Assistant.

  • The (Annapolis) Capital has openings for page designer, copy editor.

  • The County Times is seeking a Full Time Reporter

  • Southern Maryland Newspapers is looking for an Editor.

  • The Gazette is looking for a Sports reporter.

  • The Daily Progress is looking for a Sports designer.

  • is looking for a Web Application Developer.

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