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Morning Reading List, 01.07.08


Good morning Washington.

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We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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Morning Reading List, 11.04.08

1102 002.JPG

Good morning Washington. Enjoy the day, win or lose. You deserve it.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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Morning Reading List, 10.28.08


Good morning Washington.

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We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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It’s Like Katie Couric’s Version of Tim Russert’s White Board

FishbowlDC has obtained this screen grab of “Primary Chaos,” a game to be played by Jeff Greenfield and Katie Couric on tonight’s “Evening News.”


>UPDATE: Writers a tipster, “On the ‘Primary Chaos’ board, why are the arrows going backward in time?”

Morning Reading List, 05.21.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • PEJ Talk Show Index for the week of May 6-11 shows, “The Fort Dix terror plot, the Attorney General’s Congressional appearance, French presidential elections, and the Iraq debate all seized top space in the universe of talk media last week.”

  • PR Newswire reports, “300 World Leaders Call for Peace and Interfaith Respect on Eve of Washington Times’ 25th Anniversary”

  • Deb Howell isn’t a fan of the Post’s “half pages.”

  • Regarding this, a reader writes, “actually, a substantial number of guests left the building during the fire alarm and never returned to their seats, missing Rev. Moon’s message.”

  • An NPR release announced, “NPR and Iowa Public Radio, which previously announced they will partner to produce two live national presidential debates in Des Moines for public radio on January 9-10, 2008, will make the recordings of these debates fully accessible to all media outlets and individuals, without license restrictions, following each of the original broadcasts/webcasts.”

  • The Examiner launched a local event calendar on Friday. Check out the new feature here.

  • Bloomberg announced, “Clear Channel Communications Inc.’s directors accepted a revised $19.5 billion buyout offer from two private equity firms after two big shareholders indicated support for the bid.”

  • On this, a reader comments, “Interesting how Politico’s map doesn’t include any WaPo blogs.”

  • Fortune reports, “As audacious as Rupert Murdoch’s $5 billion offer for Dow Jones was, News Corporation’s internal plans to launch Fox Business Channel to go head-to-head with CNBC are surprisingly cautious.”

  • Sen. Kerry was unable to make the Washington Times’ 25th Bash.

  • The AP reports, New York Times Co. “said Thursday its April sales dropped 2.2 percent on weakness in all of its print media groups.”

  • Women’s Wear Daily reports that Jeff Bridges will play Vanity Fair editor in chief Graydon Carter in the movie adaptation of onetime Vanity Fair contributor Toby Young ‘s book, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.”

  • From our cousin, GalleyCat: “Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is reported to be in the Penguin Group headquarters on Hudson Street, taking a meeting.” Hmm…

  • The Gazette of Politics and Business announced that they have promoted two employees to publisher positions. Cliff Chiet, Vice President of Sales for The Gazette and General Manager for The Gazette publications in Montgomery County, will take on the role of Publisher. Mary McAndrew, who served as the Director of Advertising for The Gazette of Politics and Business, has been named Associate Publisher.

  • In his chat, David Broder responded “yes” when asked if “staff cutbacks at major newspapers impacted their ability to cover this administration?”

  • Columbia Journalism grads were treated to some advice from Washington Post vice president at large Benjamin Bradlee, “urging students to be active as alumni and retain community bonds to bolster the future of their field.”

  • In a chat with Public Eye, Jeff Greenfield said media bias does not lie in politics, but it in culture.

  • CJR reports, “Newspapers are killing cartoonists — another brilliant business move”

  • The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal give Luke Mullins a shout out for his piece in the May-June issue of the American magazine.

  • Former Lieberman staffer, Dan Gerstein announced on his blog that he “signed on as a regular columnist for The Politico.”

  • A TVNewser reader questions the exclusivity of some television “exclusives.”

  • The AP reports, “The media’s recent legal and competitive challenges to Internet video pioneer YouTube haven’t fazed co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who have diligently sought to make money for new owner Google Inc., as well as the creators of the content that fuels their Web site’s whirlwind growth.”

  • WebProNews reports, “Lawsuit magnet YouTube is partnering with CNN to be a co-sponsor for the first of six Democratic Party debates for the 2008 race.” Well, the first sanctioned by the DNC anyway.

  • A release announced that The Magazine Group president and founder Jane Ottenberg “is a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2007 Award in the Greater Washington region.”

  • A reader sends us this link for a complete look at the local Emmy nominees.

  • Still debating a potential David Gregory move, on reader has this to say: ” On Gregory — no one in the general audience knew he’d be on…no real promotion. Numbers now are meaningless.”


  • The Chronicle of Higher Education is looking for a reporter to cover teaching and curriculum issues for the Faculty section.

  • The American Prospect Online is looking for an Associate Editor.

  • Atlantic Media is looking for a Market Research Manager.

  • John Hopkins University is looking for a Communications Coordinator for SAIS.

  • is looking for a Web content producer.

  • A national PR firm is looking for a Senior Account Executive/Account Manager.

  • Hanley Wood, LLC is looking for an Associate Editor for Architectural Lighting

  • National Geographic Society is looking for a Group Direct Mail Specialist.

  • The Associated Press is looking for a reporter for the North America desk.

  • Agra Informa Inc. is searching for an Assistant Editor for the highly respected weekly publication Food Chemical News.

  • Patuxent Publishing Co. is looking for and Assistant News Editor.

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext

  • Morning Reading List, 04.11.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • You think journalists like Tim Russert, Jeff Greenfield, etc. should not continue to appear on Don Imus’ radio program.

  • An ABC release announced that “World News with Charles Gibson” “was the #1 evening newscast among Total Viewers, Households and Adults 25-54 for the week of April 2. Averaging 8.08 million Total Viewers and a 2.0/8 among Adults 25-54, ‘World News’ outperformed NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ by 440,000 Total Viewers and 60,000 key demo viewers. This marks ABC’s greatest Total Viewing advantage over NBC in nearly nineteen months.”

  • A Facebook page supporting Tony Snow has been created.

  • A sneak peak at some of the VIPs expected during WHCA weekend.

  • The PEJ News Coverage Index for the week of April 1-6 shows, “The now-resolved hostage crisis with Iran attracted the most media coverage last week while the investigation into the fired U.S. attorneys went on temporary hiatus. But even with the voting 19 months away, the 2008 race for the White House continues to fascinate the press, the second story only behind the debate over the war in Iraq.”

  • The AP reports, “The Bush administration and the Defense Department are among the winners of the 2007 Jefferson Muzzle awards, given Tuesday by a free-speech group to those it considers the most egregious First Amendment violators in the past year.”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “In the battle for control of the Democratic Party, the George crowd is used to getting its way. So it’s revealing to watch the consternation in those precincts to the Congressional Black Caucus decision to co-sponsor a pair of Presidential primary debates this year with
    Fox News.”

  • From a reader, “I was trying to figure out why ABC is sending out so many breaking news updates on Imus: It’s because they’re the only network not involved. The show is for CBS Radio and NBC broadcasts it on MSNBC, so ABC must be loving dirtying everyone else’s sandbox….”

  • IMAO’s response to the New York Times article on making a blogger code of conduct: “Yawn.”

  • Atlantic Information Services, Inc. is looking for a Health Care Reporter/Editor.

  • The Associated Press is looking for an Editorial Assistant.
  • “Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones is said to be in advanced talks to buy Financial News, the London-based investment banking newspaper. A deal could be announced within days. Financial News is published every week and has its own real-time Web site with 40,000 subscribers.”

  • Newsday reports, “America’s newspapers are facing unprecedented challenges, say industry experts. No longer will publishers enjoy 20% to 40% profits. Today, large urban newspapers often produce profit margins in the teens, which many Wall Street investors find unsatisfying.”

  • Wall Street Journal tells us, “How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job.”

  • Variety reports that in addition to John Edwards, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are passing on the Fox debate with the CBC. “A spokesman for Clinton told Daily Variety that she was only committing to debates sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee, which the Fox debate with the CBC is not.”

  • The Charlotte Observer opines, “The uproar over a racist insult by broadcaster Don Imus offers some interesting insights into the American entertainment machine.”

  • Ana Marie Cox: Apparently not a big fan of Mark Halperin.

  • From the Politico: Speaking of journos, White House reporters are apparently grumbling about the number of presidential hopefuls they have to cover, considering the election has started so early. There’s the Democratic field, the Republican field and, of course, Bush. This, we hear, has led to a whole new low: the Vacation Vote. Some journalists have apparently begun joking that they will vote for the candidate with the best vacation home — and after spending eight years watching Bush cutting down brush in Crawford, Texas, who can blame them?”

  • As the former Los Angeles Times bureau chief in Baghdad, Borzou Daragahi witnessed the tumultuous events of the Iraq war unfold during the 4 1/2 years he spent in Mesopotamia. Check out his personal narrative here.

  • Jonathan Martin notes, “What is most shocking to me, as a longtime Imus listener, is not so much that he eventually found himself in hot water, but that it took him so long to get there.”

  • Blah blah black sheep has a question “Only Washingtonians Would Ask: Do you think David Gregory has ever eaten at David Greggory?”

  • A reader asks, “Sign of the apocalypse?,, and all wasted the time and energy of their own staff writers to write stories on the Birkhead DNA test — OFF THE TV? Really, guys? *This* is what you want to spend your newsrooms’ precious time and resources doing, when wire copy would plenty suffice?”

  • A reader wrote in to say Jesse Jackson was “on Washington Post Radio (WTWP) at 6:00pm to weigh in on the Imus debate. He will be joined by guests, April Ryan & Michael Harrison.”

  • A reader says, “I wish they would bring Network (CNN) down to Washington dc.”

  • Morning Reading List, 04.04.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • It’s close, but most of you would not encourage your kids to go into journalism.

  • See the First Quarter Program Rankings.

  • An ABC release announced that “World News with Charles Gibson” “averaged 7.93 million Total Viewers and a 2.0/9 among Adults 25-54, placing first in the key demo rating for the week” for the week of March 26-30″ for the 7th time in 9 weeks.

  • An NBC release announced that “NBC Nightly News with Brian
    Williams” was “the No. 1 network evening newscast, winning the week of March 26-30, 2007 in total viewers, homes and in the key demographic adults 25-54.” “Nightly News” also won all categories in the first quarter of 2007.

  • NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre and Arthur Delaney spar over gun rights.
  • The NY Post reports, that The Carmel Group will release a new report “that outlines the strongest arguments yet against merging satellite radio companies Sirius and XM.”

  • TVNewser tells us, “CNN’s Lou Dobbs Becomes Weekly Contributor To The Early Show On CBS”
  • Government Executive is looking for a Homeland Security Reporter.

  • Public Welfare Foundation is looking for a Communications Officer.

  • National Association of Manufacturers is looking for a Corporate Communications Specialist.

  • Spitfire Strategies is looking for a Senior Account Executive.

  • DC Magazine is looking for a Senior Account Director.

  • U.S. House of Representatives is looking for a Media Gallery Director.

  • SNL Financial LC is looking for someone to join its energy news team in its Arlington, Va. office.

  • Bristol Herald Courier is looking for a Watchdog reporter.

  • Alert Global Media is seeking an experienced reporter.

  • Reuters reports, “The U.S. newspaper industry is pressing hard to show advertisers that its products are worth every dollar despite bleak financial forecasts, with data released on Monday showing a rise in Web site visitors.”

  • TVNewser tells us that Jeff Greenfield defended his new colleague Katie Couric in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday, “saying that ‘some people bring a tougher set of expectations’ when a woman is on TV.”

  • reports, “Unlike its media rivals, News Corp. has plunged into new types of media as well as into new markets worldwide, and that contrarian approach has paid off handsomely for the company’s shareholders.”

  • Advertising Age calls Time “Hottest Media Property That’s Not for Sale?”

  • PEJ News Coverage Index for the week of March 25-30 shows that British hostages drive the Top U.S. Story.

  • A tipster tells us, “Phillip Thompson, the ex-Marine arrested in the Webb gun flap, was a former reporter and editor at Army Times Publishing Co. out in Springfield.”

  • A reader tells us, “Check out WaPo’s Book World spring preview to see how many books by WaPo writers are listed. The Post loves its own.”

  • A tip from last week: “okay Mark Plotkin is annoying enough on his show, but today he bombarded Hoyer’s weekly briefing. Look how long this question he asked is! ‘Q I listened to the debate on D.C. obviously very closely, and there is a sort of supposition that real people don’t live here, that we’re sort of vessels of the Federal Government. Early on, Nancy Pelosi wrote Speaker Hastert a letter saying that there are no statutes in Statuary Hall that represents District residents. The District Government has now funded that, said wait until Democrats get into control, and that will be a visible signal that actual people live here and are celebrated in some way. Why hasn’t that bill moved in Congresswoman Millender — McDonald’s House administration committee. Are you favoring that and can’t that be done very quickly?’”